Posted by: VENT | 2013/02/14

iTS OVER!!!!!!!! (POST 133)

Yesterday I went to my now ex place, when I got there I found the (she)friend within a minute she left, the brother came in and left as well. I was alone in the flat he then came later.

We talk about the whole thing, what I don''t understand is was I wrong to have wanted to support him, was I wrong to have told him that the fact that he took his friends with and left me behind didn''t sit well with me. Anyway I decided that I''m not going to beg him to make it work. I''m going to leave with my dignity intact.
Yes I love him but I''m not going to let him walk all over me!

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Posted by: Temba | 2013/02/14

Well said Woman, i couldn''t agree with you more on your comment.

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Posted by: Petty | 2013/02/14

Good for you girl!!! If he loves you he will come back and make sure its on your terms.

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Posted by: Woman | 2013/02/14

I am afraid to say it but the are lots of men out there who value their friendships with other women more than their relationships with GF''s. As to why they cant get thir priorities right I cant tell you. I have only one male friend in my life and I have no doubt that he actually enjoy spending more time with me than with his girl...its very clear through his actions. Why is that...i dont know

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Posted by: Namthi | 2013/02/14

Vent I like your attitude especialy refusing to compromise your dignity thats one of my principles everything, work, love,friendship, social etc,etc i will NEVER compromise my dignity.

My sisterly advice for you for the future: never leave a boyfriend for another woman without fighting you must make sure you have done enough to fight for him especially if you love him.

If you love a man never leave him unless it compromise your dignity and cannot fight anymore. drop that attitude " im still young, i will find another man who will love me, i dont beg,im wanted/im hot.

I dont say beg when its not worth it!!! firstly what i gather here is that the " friend"  doesnt like you and you giving her the satisfication and she will go runing to your boyfriend (ex) that see I told you.

Give your boyfriend time dont be loud you wont win quitely fight for him show him love, support, dont argue with him about the friend(she). one of the commentors said that the friend probaly have influence on him and less is more i agree with them. you have the right to know aht is going on between " friend"  and your boyfriend (ex) otherwise you wont be at peace , the reason for breaking up with him its not clear and it still remains unresolved. if there is another woman in his life well that is a valid reason for breaking up with him until then i think you havent done enough for your sake.

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Posted by: @Wine2003 | 2013/02/14

I tend to disagree with you dear you cant judge a guy by where he stays or what car he drives .sometimes man that live in big houses with smart cars have ego''s so i say not all man are the same.

Good luck dear and hope you find your Mr right

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Posted by: Wine2003 | 2013/02/14

Love is not enough on its own. The man should respect and honour you. Great men are out there and one day your soul mate will come along.

Sisterly advice, stop dating guys who stays in flats driving VW Golf or BMW 1series or Audi A3. These boys think they are invincible and God''s gifts to earth. Get yourself a man and a preschooler in a man''s body

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