Posted by: flower | 2007/06/11

it's too late.....

I had to put my beloved dog down this week-end. I am so sad, i cant think of anything else besides him. No one seems to understand the great amount of pain i have. I tried everthing, i took him to three vets, my bills are over R9000 but yet we still had to put him to sleep.

Everyone probably knows the story of my dog, he had megasophogus. We took him saturday morning to Wellingtom vet, which i must say is FANTASTIC, i trust those doctors 200% with my pet. They did X-Rays and scopes, but it seems like not only was his oesophagus damanged but in his stomach is a "klepie" but that was also broken, so no matter how i would feed him he would still not keep the food down and the whole was open to wide and no surgery could fix the extent of damage he has.

So we had to make that decision and it was awful. I miss him. I want to cry all day. The part i am battling to come to terms with was he wasn't sick in the sense that you could see his leg was broken or you could see he is having sezeires. Besides the fact that he was getting thinner and vomiting, he still had a smile, still wagged that tale. But my vet said he isn't having any quality of life.....

any advise on how i should move on.....

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Expert ImageCyberVet

I am very sorry to hear about your pet loss. It is always difficult to come to terms with the loss of a dear pet friend and what makes it worse is when we have to put them to sleep because of incurable disease. Sometimes, on the outside an animal may appear to be bright and healthy but because of what is going on inside their chances f survival or cure are negligible. I have followed your listings and have seen how you have followed avenues to try and find a cure for him but in the end I think you can console yourself in the fact that you tried to do the best for him and when you found there was no further treatment you were prepared to allow him to be put to sleep to end his suffering. It will take sometime to get over losing him specially since yu have put so much emotional energy into trying to get him cured. All the best!

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Posted by: KAZ | 2007/06/12

Flower, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I still miss JT and Shadow due to tragic circumstances. I still cry for them. I find talking to people about them to total strangers whether they care to listen or not helps heal the ache of losing a beloved pet. I'm sure the spirit of JT is in Scruff the kitten that our ex tenants left us. Well that is what I want to believe. Ok you got me crying again. See what I mean. Another pet may never replace your dog, it may never have the same personality as your dog but it may have some thing that may that little bit special.

My thoughts are with you and prays. When that right dog or puppy comes along you will know.

Please e-mail me karen dot bole at kzntransport dot gov dot za if you need to talk. You will see my magery (spelling oops) of cats and dogs and don't forget my parrot. I may rant and rave on the odd occassion like the other day. My being on switchboard slash receptionist was just plain crazy the regulars that I e-mailed know all about my letting off steam. It was quite humourous if I think about it now. Need a chuckle give me a call, oops e-mail.

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Posted by: Nip-nip | 2007/06/12

Flower a lot has been said,just be strong
deep down in his heart he saw how much you loved him.that wagging tale,that smile was all the appreciation he was trying to show you.Take care

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Posted by: Chill | 2007/06/11

Gee Flower, I'm so sorry - I know how much trouble, and heartache, you went to to try to help your dog. You did absolutely everything you possibly could, so you must never ever even think of feeling guilty about the decision you had to make. It's proof that you really loved him, that you were able to let him go when life was becoming too much of a burden - he is lucky to have had someone like you to have taken such good care of him.

A new dog will comfort you, but you are right - give it a little while just to come to terms with this. You'll see, you will learn to cope and accept what happened - and looking back, in spite of the grief you're going through now, you will know that it was 100% worth it.

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Posted by: Youls | 2007/06/11

I understand. You have the right to grieve over your pet, don't mind what people say. Life is short, love is forever.

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Posted by: Carol | 2007/06/11

Flower im so sorry for your loss .. he is at peace now,

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Posted by: flower | 2007/06/11

Thank you guys, i cried when i read your postings. It meant a lot to have you all say such wonderful things. I dont have any other pets. He was my all. I think you are right, i need to get another fury pet, but not now. I think i just want to adjust to this first and get over what i am feeling. He was my hero.

Once again, thank you for the support. It really made me feel a bit better.

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Posted by: JK | 2007/06/11

Sorry to hear about your little friend. Take comfort in the fact that he is not suffering anymore. The great thing about our little friends is that they love us like no other can...unconditionally.

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Posted by: Ruby | 2007/06/11

Oh my goodness I feel so sad for you. 3 years ago I got my first dog ever (was never a real animal lover) but since this dog came into my life I have realised what I've missed all those years (I'm 33). And sometimes I think of what the hell I'm going to do when he dies. I know that time will come and I just can't bare to think of it. As you say, people who does not have pets will not understand your heartache but believe me, there are lots of us who understands and feels for you.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

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Posted by: SUN | 2007/06/11

Dear Flower, I am so sorry... words cannot mend your broken heart but we are here for you and we have all walked that road before. I agree with Natasha and Joni, anther doggy will never replace yours but it does help - someone to care for - specially one that desperately needs a good home like only you can give.

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Posted by: Joni | 2007/06/11

Oh, Flower, I am soo soo sorry for your loss! May you find the strength and comfort in the fact you tried your everything to help your beloved baby live a good life and for having the strength and conviction for ending his suffering in a painless and dignified manner.

My thoughts and prayers for you and your family during this hard time!

Moving on and grieving take time, don't hide your emotions and cry when you need to/have to (we lost Jack 8months ago and I still cry for him). Many people won't understand and will make thoughtless comments about him only being a dog, ignore these people.

I agree getting another furkid (a rescue is a idea), is a good idea, not too replace your beloved but in honour of him.

Please shout if you need anything at all!

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Posted by: Natasha | 2007/06/11

I am so sorry for your loss. I know what you are going thru as I have had to make that decisions a number of times in my lifetime. It is an awful task. People who are not animal lovers will not understand your pain. But ignore them. I feel sorry for those people who do not understand, as I believe that a person does not know what unconditional love is until you have been loved by a dog.
All I can advise you is to cry whenever you need to, and take it one day at a time. Time heals all wounds, and if you have other furkids it will help you to know that there are others who still need your love, and still love you back. I have always got another animal when I have lost one, and it NEVER replaces the one you have lost, but it does help to have "someone" else to love.
My thoughts are with you in your grief :-(

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