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Hi, I am currently doing a program combined with n high protien dieet. I dont seam to be losing weight anmore and am picking up some. The boep is also not going anywhere. My lenght is 1,73m and I weigh 93kg and age 35. My program;

Monday: chest and shoulder
Bench 15 15 10
incline bech 15 15 10
decline bench 15 15 10
flys 15 15 10
milatry press 15 15 10
upright rows 15 15 10
latral raises 15 15 10
seated dunbel press 15 15 10

Tuesday: Bisep & tricep
alternat Bicep curls 15 15 10
preacher curls 15 15 10
consentration curls 15 15 10
21's 3 sets of
bench dips 15 15 10
seated trisep press 15 15 10
close grip bench 15 15 10
trisep extension 15 15 10

wednesday: legs & abs
Squats 15 15 15 10
leg press 15 15 15 10
leg extentions 15 15 15 10
leg culs 15 15 15 10
lunges 4 sets of 12
dead lifts 15 15 15 10
abs 500 reps

Thursday: back and calves:
seated rows 15 15 10
reverse fleys 15 15 10
pull ups 15 15 10
seated calves 15 15 15 10
donkey calves 15 15 15 10
standing calve raises 15 15 15 10
20 min cardio, 6 min running, 4 min step, 4 min bick, 6min orbitrack
abs 500 reps

Friday: traps and cardio and abs
shoulder shrugs 15 15 15 10
30 min cardio
abs 500 reps

my dieet is ver stable have lost 26 kg picked up 6 and the rest is constant for the last 6 months. it is as if i have hit a plato. Is there any thing i am doing wrong here? I just dont seam to be moving forward??? PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Hi Q

There are two things that jump out right away. The first is that you have basically no cardio training apart from the session of Fridays. The second is that you are overdoing the weight sets and reps, and I can find no justification for doing 500 situps per day.

The first problem, regarding the cardio, is perhaps the reason why you have reached a plateau in weight loss. The only way you will be able to lift your metabolic rate, and therefore burn more energy including fat, is by doing regular cardio training. Weight training has its place, as I will explain, but the cardio is the vital aspect that needs to be there to kickstart weight loss.

Cardio would include activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, aerobics, swimming etc. It is important to exercise between 4 and 5 times a week, for a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes each session. It is also ideal to work at a moderate to hard intensity, but for a longer duration. You should aim to do these sessions at an intensity that allows you to complete the session without feeling completely exhausted, but having worked up a good sweat and feeling that your breathing and metabolic rate are elevated. I think that you can very easily cut back on the weight training - instead of doing 3 sets of everything, do 2, and then that makes time for a nice 15 minute warmup on the bike, or running, or walking, whatever you enjoy. You can then do the normal weight session, and to end, do about 10 minutes to cooldown - running, walking, cycling, rowing, whatever. By adding these minutes of cardio, you should see some results in terms of weight loss.

now, with regards to weight training, it is important because lean muscle has a naturally higher metabolic rate than fat does. So, if you can increase your lean muscle mass (by weight training) then the idea is that you will also increase the metabolic rate, which means that you will, even at rest, be able to burn more energy. Hence, you will be able to keep weight off. You have already seen the benefits of this, having lost so much weight. So it is definitely working, so don't make drastic changes, but realise that the weight training must now compliment the cardio training, and all you may need is to just change your focus slightly.

Finally, you don't need to do 500 situps - this is really only making your abs incredibly fatigue resistant, but as for definition, if you can 500 of them, then you have to ask how good the quality of each one is. I think that you would be better off doing 3 sets of 15 reps per day, but maybe hold a weight to your chest to make the load a little higher, and then this way you get a better workout - 500 is really not doing anything - it's like trying to become a sprinter by just walking. The other thing is again the cardio - if you can get that into your programme, then start losing some fat around the stomach, then maybe the abdominal definition will come.

Hope this helps

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