Posted by: MC | 2013/01/23

Is my 9 year old son underweight

Hi all, I want to know if my 9 year old son is underweight, he weighs 27kg''s. My younger child that is almost 7 weighs 30kg''s.

What can I give the older one to gain weight but not expensive. He is eating everything I am giving him but not gaining.

This is what he would eat

Breakfast weetbix 3 with milk and a glass of milk

at school 2 slices of bread with ham and cheese, apple juice,
mini cheddars, yogurt, banana, cheese wedge

at aftercare 2 mini chocolates, packet of chips, 3-4 sweeties, oros

dinner 4 halfed potatoes, 4 tablespoons rice, a loin chop, 4 spoons carrots and another glass of milk

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Posted by: MC | 2013/01/23

Thanx so much, I am not sure about his length but he is shorter than
the average child in his class.

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Posted by: J. | 2013/01/23

how tall is he? You can check the acceptable range for his weight and compare it to other kids his age.

My daughter is turning 10, and she weighs about 30 kg. She is taller than most of her age, so even though her weight is normal, she appears skinnier than normal. The doctor constantly reassures me that a child will eat when he/she is hungry, but as a mother, you worry.

I have taught myself that I dont force her to eat if she is not hungry. I do however limit her sweets intake. She eats the food I give her, and as a bonus she gets a small choc or packet of chips - if she is nog hungry, I dont fight, BUT if she isnt hungry for food, then she isnt hungry for sweets either.

You can try giving him Vidaylin, its a multi vitamin that makes children hungry. My daughter does not like the taste so it doesnt work for her, but maybe you will have more luck.

Hope this help,

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