Posted by: Amused | 2008/05/28

Interesting article

Howdie good people, how's everyone doing today?
I'm a bi guy who works out The Point Virgin Active gym regularly and had to chuckle when I read an article called Steamy Quickies by the gay expert, check it out boys (I found it in the forum articles, on the link above).
A fun and cheeky take on cruising in the gym.

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Posted by: Gareth | 2008/05/29

Hehehe, I have thought of asking him if he wants to take a picture, but I really would not like to embarrass him in public like that. Hopefully the dirty look I gave him afterwards helped a bit. I told my boyfriend that maybe he should take a picture of me and next time I can give it to him and tell him to take it home and use it...hehehe...
Or maybe I should tell his girlfriend what he gets up to in the showers.
No, I'll never be that nasty...
Like I said, we all like it when we are being checked out, it is normally a huge ego boost when you notice somebody appreciating you, but this just freaked me out completely.

Reply to Gareth
Posted by: Apache_boy | 2008/05/29

Agreed Gareth, and unfortunatly i wouldnt have kept my cool like you did, i probably would have made some nasty comment...

But unfortunatly as well, you do get the guys that will walk naked from the shower swinging what ever nature has given him to show off... those guys and the ones that perv on you (like your shower-stalker) need to get a head check...

Hugs n love

Reply to Apache_boy
Posted by: Gareth | 2008/05/29

Apache_boy, I am also first to admit that I cannot resist stealing glances every now and again, we all do. Mooi bly mooi - and my bf and I have agreed on that, these days we point them out to each other and I don't mind him enjoying the view, in fact I wouldn't even mind him fantasizing about it, not that I know if he does or not. But honestly, we are all men, sexual beings. But yes, when it gets to shamelessly staring at someone taking a shower, even if he could obviously see I was uncomfortable with it, and I have not at all gave him any inclination that I want or enjoy the attention, it is not nice anymore. I don't mind you checking me out, but at least be decent and civilised about it.

Reply to Gareth
Posted by: Apache_boy | 2008/05/29


I agree it can be intimidating, thats why i NEVER speak to the people at my gym... but please also just remeber, its not only the gay guys that will suss you out, its the str8 guys as well, i think the article said that is the whole i am more manly than you kinda mindset... but a glance out of curiosity in my opinion isnt a problem its when it becomes more than just a glance... but i must also admit that i find it hard not to look if a hot guy comes walking naked out of the shower without even attempting to cover himself...

Reply to Apache_boy
Posted by: Thomas | 2008/05/29

THIS stuff is what makes the gym so intimidating for me, everyone is looking at everyone else and sizing you up and judging you purely on your body and what you look like and freaks me out completely and then I just can't go back there again.

Reply to Thomas
Posted by: Apache_boy | 2008/05/29

But Joe, doesnt it make you feel good about yourself that they will look at YOU!... ok sure, i also glance and there is a thing like gym etiquette as you guys say... i dont cruise at a gym, actually i only open my mouth to breath at the gym... But if a guy looks at you (smiling... liking what he sees...) then take it as a compliment... but when it gets to staring and then maybe stalking... thats a whole nother issue...

But for me alas... i am the one that glances not the one that gets looked at... BUT give me 6 months and i will show them!! LOL

Have a great day guys


Reply to Apache_boy
Posted by: Joe | 2008/05/29

I still beleive a gym is a place for physical excersicing and not getting your rocks off Mr Horner! I am gay and I just love telling other guys looking at me in the gym to f-off.

Reply to Joe
Posted by: interested | 2008/05/29

Geez! Where are THESE gyms! And what times? (Just interested in knowing... ;-)

Reply to interested
Posted by: Jack Horner | 2008/05/29

sometimes good, give's a bit of motivaiton to to work hard in the gym then have some fun in the steam room, (only if it happens, not actually rushing into the steam room looking for it) sometime's not good as is posted above get some guy who won't leave you alone.....then also entertaining to just observe from a distance..... have i said too much, am i digging myself in deep here......???? lol i am of course only a normal human being that happens to be gay.....

Reply to Jack Horner
Posted by: Anon | 2008/05/28

Jack Horner, is that good or bad - from your perspective?

Reply to Anon
Posted by: Jack Horner | 2008/05/28

loads of action at my gym....

Reply to Jack Horner
Posted by: Brad | 2008/05/28

Hey Gareth, I know what you mean - this kind of scenario really irritates me and I can understand that straight guys can get a bit freaked out. I have complained once to the management about a guy who never stopped cruising me and they promised to follow it up with him without mentioning my name. And yes, he stopped his nonsense immediately. I think that staring at anyone is really bad - a quick glance is ok (who doesn't notice things? I sure do) but there is also such a thing as gym etiquette.

Reply to Brad
Posted by: Gareth | 2008/05/28

Talking about gym, there is this guy at my gym, and we could never figure out if he is gay or not because he is always there with a girlfriend. But boy does he stare you out of your clothes, so much so that it makes you really uncomfortable. This morning, I went to shower after my gym session. And as I was soaping myself there he was, in the oposite stall, standing with folded arms, litrally staring at me. And he stood there watching me until I finished. I was SO uncomfortable, because even with my back turned, I could feel him stare. So I washed as quickly as I coulod and just ran for it. It sorta pisses me off, and maybe I should just be really nasty and tell him to take a picture next time. I am not shy about being naked in front of other guys, but really, even as a gay guy, I do not shamelessly stare at other men like that...

Reply to Gareth
Posted by: LONEWOLF | 2008/05/28

Yes very nice


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