Posted by: hubby | 2010/08/10

Info to all WOMEN

That’ s what happens in marriage after few years of it, sex becomes obsolete, maybe once a week or two or 3 , and only one style, don’ t even mention anything else, its funny how when you first get married you are getting it from all angles , but has the years progress all that vanishes, women don’ t realise that’ s why they lose their husbands to other women. This saying a way to a man’ s heart is thru his stomach is a big FAT lie. Women need to realise at 80% to a man’ s heart is thru his Penis. Give a man when he needs it and then you will see how much more he will love and adore you. And ladies, BJ are the best they will soften any heart. <br>

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very Narcissistic; what about what pleases your wife

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Posted by: Shame | 2010/08/12

Man, if you are married then i feel sorry for your wife.. You should go get it from someone else outside and she will run to a divorce court and you can now happly sleep with any woman you like and see where that will get you.

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Posted by: Woman | 2010/08/12

Jarred, if you are having trouble communicating in your relationship, maybe it is time for you and your other half to see someone who can help the two of you hear each other. Sometimes it''s hard, especially if you start pressing those buttons (you know, the ones you press that turns a simple discussion or talk into a fight).

Do you remember when you used to date. How much you laughed, played... and could get enough of each other? What changed? Do you still laugh together? Have fun together? Start having fun together again (without the expectation of sex to start with) and the rest will come back.

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Posted by: Jarred | 2010/08/12

Hubby is right, woman you have some good point too, however I tried helping around the house etc. It had no affect so I gave it up, and honestly if things dont change I will end up getting it somewhere else. Its not nice but its true.

And another man please dont comment because Im not even sure your realy a man

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Posted by: Woman | 2010/08/11

Another man, from the later post I realise that the poor man is just frustrated because he''s not getting any. I can understand that any man would go stir crazy when he needs some and his wife doesn''t. I always say to that you should be having great sex. If you''re not, something''s wrong, and if you need to involve a professional to get there again,do it! Too many people just give up because they have trouble feeling heard and also speaking about things. If you keep sweeping things under the rug, eventually you''ll trip!

I also don''t believe that age should be a problem, but I absolutely believe that you should live a healthy lifestyle. Purposely letting yourself go, is a no-no. It shows disrespect. We only have one life and it''s this one. It''s always going tobe as good as you make it!

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Posted by: Another man | 2010/08/11

Well said Woman, there is little to be done to stop the breast sag, age takes it''s toll on both men &  women in the sagging and boep department, I personally have no problem with either, as long as it''s all natural and no artificial attempts to cover the aging process. I always tell my lady I will love her no matter that her body may look like, we men are not so called perfect either so cannot expect that from our women. MAN sound like one of the many MCP''s we have in this country.

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Posted by: Woman | 2010/08/11

Man - Our breast went south because we breastfed YOUR children. There is *nothing* short of surgery that can correct that. Your beer boep and nose hairs has nothing to do with babies and everything to do with not having respect for yourself or your own health. But hey, if a nerve was hit,I apologise!

Steve, My comments weren''t meant as negative,I wanted to illustrate that there are always two sides of a coin. I understand what he said and it''s wonderful that a man could be open and honest. Read my post as well. I was also open and honest, in the same way as hubby. It''s called discussion,not competition. :)

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Posted by: sexologist | 2010/08/11

very Narcissistic; what about what pleases your wife

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Posted by: steve | 2010/08/10

I can''t believe how negative everyoen is to Hubby. Read it again ... and again. This is the truth that I am sure he himsel does not want to believe.

Ladies - It does not take much to put a bit of effort in to some variation. As much as we love our wives, men are built differently, and generally have higher sexual appertites.

This is something a wife can so easily assist with. It is not the mans fault he is like this. I don''t like being like this - but a bit more attention from my loving wife would make all teh otehr things at home so easy.

Put stress on teh sex and you have recipie for disaster

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Posted by: MAN | 2010/08/10

and then you complain when other women give your men pleasure. get over yourselves and give your men sex and stop using ur punas as a trophy coz men can get it anywhere. you speaking about slobs, what about your breasts that are facing south, do we have to tolerate that? immature..

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Posted by: Woman | 2010/08/10

Thanks another man. I totally agree. I think that there are way too many couples who don''t communicate properly though. The partner you choose should be someone who you can talk about anything to - including unsavoury things like hygiene, cleanliness, weight etc. Also talk about fantasy and sex. If you can''t share these intimacies, who will you share it with - and then the question is raised - if you can''t speak about these things - why are you married to someone who is only good enough?

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Posted by: Another man | 2010/08/10

I agree with what you say Woman, as usual you are correct. It is very important that a man does his share around the house, too many men seem to think the woman in the house is there to cater to his needs which is totally incorrect. Woman are much more receptive to intimacy to a man who helps her with the household chores than one who sit around and does nothing. A relationship is a two way street and takes hard work from both parties to keep it alive &  interesting.

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Posted by: Woman | 2010/08/10

When men stop bringing flowers, saying thank you, taking us on dates. Become fat slobs who think we exist to please and pleasure them, we get turned off. Lying every night next to a fat slob who snores and farts and picks his nose is a turn off. Living with a man who never lifts a finger to help with the housework or cooking is a turn off. Always picking up dirty clothes and socks and cleaning a toilet after a man who doesn''t even know you''re doing it is a turn off. Living with a man who thinks you should adore him and do it every which way when you see him ogling the younger women in front of you, is a turn off.

Look to yourself before you judge us. Are you really so perfect that you can cast the first stone, hubby?

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Posted by: Another man | 2010/08/10

As much as women may not want to hear it, there is a lot of truth in what Hubby said. I know a relationship is not based on sex alone, but if the sex is gone the relationship is pretty much doomed, whether it''s the wife or the husband who is withholding sex, the result will be the same. Very few relationships survive if there is no intimacy.

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Posted by: Mommy | 2010/08/10

You are right my angel, they can say whatever they want. You are telling them the truth.

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Posted by: Lady Man | 2010/08/10


I am a male. Woman are not sex slave. I think you are not respecting your wife at the moment that is way you say what you say. There are more to a relationship than sex alone. So stop thinking with your male member.

Reply to Lady Man
Posted by: Me | 2010/08/10

Get over yourself.

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