Posted by: Bella | 2010/04/20

Immigration &  what to do about my pets

Hi Doc
I''m in such a dilemma about my pets. We have decided to immigrate but my husband and I cannot come to an agreement on what to do about our pets. I am a huge animal lover. I have 5 dogs and 2 cats and they are like children to me. I don''t think there are many people out there that feel this way about their pets, but I really can''t imagine my life without them. My oldest dogs are 6 years old. My cats are 10 yrs old. I really want to take them with us, but I realize this is not possible. We have too many pets and we couldn''t afford to take all of them. My husband says it''s not fair to keep them in quarantine for 6 months. His opinion is that they would''ve been dead if we didn''t take them in. We got them from the SPCA. So he says the best thing for them would be to put them down. I have been trying to put it all out of my mind because it''s something I cannot come to terms with and I''ve even considered not leaving the country for them, but my husband reminds me why we are doing it, for a better future for our child. I think we should rehome them, but my husband''s opinion is that we do not know how well they are being taken care of if we do, and I know there are not many people that would give them the amount of love and attention they get from us. I understand his point, but I just think I''d rather let them live then kill them. Who says they won''t find a loving home and live a full happy life somewhere else? To me putting them down is the worst thing you could ever do. There is nothing wrong with them and it''s just cruel and wrong. What do you think we should do?

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Dear Bella

If you put them down you will always feel quilty and your marriage will never be the same. Rehome them and they will be fine, if they get less attention they will adjust and fit in.

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Our users say:
Posted by: Kez | 2010/05/14

What I would like to know (as I have been fed horror stories about pets dying in quarantine) is what are the facts? If I fight to take my beautiful cat with me, is she just going to die in quarantine and I am left with a different type of what if?

Reply to Kez
Posted by: Cat Lady | 2010/04/27

Geez Kelli

I must say I wold have killed the family that came back to put down those dogs you had for 5 years. I was left with my sister''s 2 dogs and 1 cat and even though the GSD drives me insame with his chasing of elderly cats, I would not dream of putting him down. I love them with my own dogs as mine. On the other hand I have written in my Will that should both my husband and I die at the same time (God forbid) that all my animals be PTS''d. I couldn''t bear for any of them to sit sdaly at the SPCA for 6 weeks wondering what the hell is happening and then to be put down after all. Maybe wrong of me but that''s how I feel.

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Posted by: Chill | 2010/04/27

Must say, Kelli, that nobody would have prised those dogs away from me after 5 years, just to have them put down. After that length of time, they no longer have any say over them - just my tuppence-worth.

Reply to Chill
Posted by: Kelli | 2010/04/25

Please take them with you. Please. My family left their two dogs with us because they had that exact same ''its not fair to put them in quaranteen for 6 month'' story. We had no problem taking them in but when we wanted to move (5 years later- we were willing to take the dogs with us) then all of a sudden my family didn''t want to burden us and they came back just to put the dogs down. And guess what? They have dogs where they''re living now and they want to bring their dogs with when they move back here. I mean how unfair is that? So when you guys move, you are more than likely going to get new pets. And you are never going to feel the same way about them. Please get hubby to change his mind!

Reply to Kelli
Posted by: Debs | 2010/04/24

Bella, do not put your animals down. I had to put my darling, beloved cat of 7 years down on Thursday because she was very sick. I have not stopped crying. I keep thinking what if.... The vet said I did the right thing as she was in pain, but I don''t know when the hurt ever heals. Rather give your animals to someone you can screen, but DO NOT put them down. You will not get over it. That final injection is the worst. I feel like I am sinking into depression... and as I said, my cat was sick - your animals are healthy..

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Posted by: steph | 2010/04/23

i took my dogs abroad with me and had no problems with quarantine. the facilities are great. perhaps try to re home the pets that you can and see what you have left to deal with. try to take the pets that you can, but putting them down is not really an option. its just not fair to kill the animals because you are moving, that decision would appease your husbands conscience, but is not in the pets best interests. they will adapt to a new home environment.

good luck!

Reply to steph
Posted by: Bella | 2010/04/21

Thanks so much for all the advice! Chill, I am going to pass the note on to my husband, thanks!. You are so right, it will just destroy our relationship as I''ll resent him for it forever. Carol - good luck to you! I hope u find a loving home for your dogs. Tania - I''d like to take them all with me, but hopefully I could take a few of them and rehome the others. Putting them down is just a big no no in my eyes. They will adjust, and in time maybe even be happy with a loving family. Thanks again guys. x

Reply to Bella
Posted by: tania | 2010/04/21

Take as many as you can with you - they will be fine in quaranteen - even 6 months. Unless you find a good and known home for them, as Cybervet said, they may be diffeent to your home, but they will adjust - as long as it is a good home. If not satisfied that the basic needs and love will be given, I personally would put to sleep - than dump them into the unknown. Good luck, my thoughts are with you.

Reply to tania
Posted by: Chill | 2010/04/20

Hi, me again.

Here is a note for your husband, Bella:

Dear Husband

Please think VERY hard about the pet advice you are giving to your wife - at least, if you want your marriage to survive intact.

You are asking her to make an impossible decision. Your recommendation may seem perfectly logical to you, but if she follows your advice, or if you force the issue, there will never be a time in your future relationship when she won''t resent you for it.

You need to come up with a solution to this, together. One which is acceptable to both of you. This is not a mathematical question, it carries huge emotional implications, and you ignore that at your peril.


Reply to Chill
Posted by: Chill | 2010/04/20

Very sad indeed. One thing, though - the 6 months quarantine isn''t cruel - most of the kennels are wonderful, and the animals are fine.

Also, Carol, don''t give up on your boxers. There are people who like to take on old dogs - I''m one of them. Regrettably I''m full up, though...

Reply to Chill
Posted by: Carol | 2010/04/20

Im in exactly the same boat.

I have two beloved old boxers, 17 cats and 5 parrots.

I have already been in contact with our spca, local cat people and the vet , ill be making posters this weekend for the cats. They are all young and healthy.

Its my dogs that are breaking my heart, they are too old. And my only option with them is to have them PTS.

I think if you reasearched families enough you should find good homes, the only thin g is , so many pople like us are immigrating that the shelters are full.

Having pets PTS isnt cruel , its sad and heartbreaking , but in the absence of loving homes much kinder.:(

Its all to sad isnt it:(

Reply to Carol
Posted by: Cybervet | 2010/04/20

Dear Bella

If you put them down you will always feel quilty and your marriage will never be the same. Rehome them and they will be fine, if they get less attention they will adjust and fit in.

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