Posted by: soon to be x | 2013/01/14

I''m walking away

I moved out of our house. I couldn''t take a second more in my miserable marriage. Lack of sex &  emotional availability amongst many things. I got tired of keeping up with appearances and crying myself to sleep for my husband to pay me any attention. I am convinced he doesn''t love me so we were just roomates who had sex occasionally when I beg &  initiated. You can imagine what this did to my self esteem.

Me and his family do not get along at all, I resent them for being 100% dependant on him financially as well as emotionally. Whenever they called " needing"  him, he would drop everything and run to their rescue.

We have never been on a date in over 2 years, so after countless talks I have made peace with the fact that this marriage is a failed one.

Despite of how miserable I have been a part of me is mourning the end of what I hoped was going to be my happily ever after.

My parents have been supportive and welcomed me back into their house. He now picks up his son on saturdays and our lives are pretty much moving on. All I need to do is start the divorce proceedings. Too much has happened &  love is a distant memory.

Ps I''m just venting.

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Posted by: GIO | 2013/01/22

i always say a woman can take alot .. but the day when she had enough .. she really had enough i like to thnk thres a reason why thngs happens ..maybe its to make u stronger in future .. so if ur hubby feels he dnt wana be in it thn let go if husbands dont wana change or show he wana be with u .. let go .. its wasting ur time whre u cudve found hapiness awredy .. love takes time to heal wen ur hurting so much .. but its not foreva .. u did the rite thng by moving out

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Posted by: Jennifer | 2013/01/14

i know what have u been through, i have been through the same with my man n i have moved out because of the sake of our new born baby, i love him n i always prayed n hoped for things will be better after the birth of the child. I was crying everyday n talked n talked to him but nothing helped, i''m lucky that we are not married so i have moved back home, we visit each other occationally n its fine with me because i can start to focus on me n my kids n stop stressing about another grown up. I love u sisi n be strong for other women out there can''t fight this.

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Posted by: ME | 2013/01/14

All da best darling. You still have a long way to go and may God guide you throughout the devorce process. " strongs" 

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