Posted by: Disappointed | 2007/12/09


Personally I feel Andriette was a more mature singer, she has an amazing soulful voice! Jody was off key and screechy....ouch, Think they should have an age limite of say 18 to enter. That age, they would have hopefully completed their matric before entering the competition.

Andriette, you are still my winner girl and you will go far!

Jody good luck to you, hope you find the time to complete your education.

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Our expert says:
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I utterly agree. Andriette is a class act, versatile and with mature feeling and skill in everything she sings. Jody is terribly immature to meet, and has a ruthless glint in her eye, and is indeed often screechy and off-key. I think the organizers are irresponsible in allowing such young contestants --- and agist in on the other hand setting an UPPER limit ( are they scared that older contestants won't last long enough to make megabucks for the company ? COnsidering the brief and unimpressive careers of Anke and Karen, even an 85 year-old could last longer and more profitably.
And "Go Jody", no need to be snotty about the comment made about this child --- I very much doubt that she will complete any Matric by home-schooling as she has now said, and will be amazed if her "career" lasts a day longer than the time Sony-BMG pours money into promoting it --- and then, lacking a matric, where will she be ? It is not spiteful to point out the very real risks such a child runs in this situation ( and she's being wildly over-praised by those who will exploit her and profit from her ). It is careless and uncaring NOT to be concerned about these likely outcomes to her "career".
Its rather YOUR attitude that disturbs me. This was a popularity contest between a group of people, and it's frankly SICK to see it as a "defeat" for people with actual good musical taste, that the main prize went to someone who can't consistently sing in tune. There is no criterion within the entire history of music by which Jody sings "better" than any of the other top 10. And what she won was a populaity contest, NOT one judges on singing ability as such. Jopdy is NOT a "crowd-pleaser" except for a very specific and distinct crowd, a small sub-section of the public.
This is a game, not "defeat" and "victory". Never mind being gracious in defeat, it's even more essential to be gracious in victory.
On BLondie's comment, the good thing is indeed to remember that Immaturity is a problem usually cured by time.

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Our users say:
Posted by: disappointed | 2007/12/11

Thanks CS, absolutely agree with you, Jody is awfully immature and she may indeed have some talent, but by far too young for the responsibilities that are going to be thrown at her. That last song they made them sing, it was much easier on the ear to listen to Andriette, than Jody, Jody did screetch a lot, perhaps its those teeny bobbers who enjoy the screetching......perhaps with time she will improve.

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Posted by: Zeet | 2007/12/11

Jody was chosen for att the "teeny bobbers" - the ones that download songs and copy CD's - so, I doubt it she will make much money.
Andriette( far more superior singer) and Munro (who shoukd have been second) appeals to the people that will actually go out and spend money on CD's. They will make money. I CANNOT WAIT to buy their CD's !! Jody will fade like Karen did last year.

Reply to Zeet
Posted by: Blondie.. | 2007/12/10

I was convinced that Andriette would win, but I have a feeling that Jody's debut CD is gonna be something to remember. Give the girl a fair chance - she does lack maturity, but that will change over the years/months. With such a title comes great responsibility.

Good luck to them both - they're both South African, so lets rather all be proudly south african..??

Reply to Blondie..
Posted by: Jody fan | 2007/12/10

I voted for Jody and I'm glad she won. She is more of a crowd pleaser than Andriette .and the Idols song was performed better by Jody! i also think that Andriette will get a record deal as Dave and Randall were very impressed with her from the start! So, she's a winner too!!

Reply to Jody fan
Posted by: Sg | 2007/12/10

Let's not fight over this folks,everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
In MY opinion,Andriette is far superior to Jody (who has a long way still to go).
At the end of the day ,the votes went the way of Jody and good luck to her.I'm convinced that provided Andriette gets the right team to back her,she will be a huge star (as hopefully Jody will).
Andriette summed it up last week already by saying that the teeny boppers tended to support Jody and the more mature audience her (Andriette).
The younger audience probably uses the cheaper MXIT format and hence many votes.
Good luck to both singers.

Reply to Sg
Posted by: Go Jody | 2007/12/10

Maybe no sour grapes but def cattish. Wow.

Andriette is a very good singer. Really she is, no doubt. Jody is young but sings, at the very least, equally well if not better. She won and this means something. In truth, Andriette does not have much stage personality, sweet as she is. She may have been Jody's equal when it came to signing but she was Jody's inferior when it came to performing. And thats the truth.

But to say that Jody has the same destiny as Karen is the sign of a weak mind and a spiteful heart. There is no evidence, let me repeat, zero indication that this will happen to Jody but you say it with spite and hope. What a sad person you are.

Case closed: Jody won. Andriette didn't. Suck it up, its over and done with.

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Posted by: Pleb | 2007/12/10

No sour grapes here - Andriette was the better performer by far and i'm sure will go on to better things.

Reply to Pleb
Posted by: !!!!!!!!!! | 2007/12/10

Get a Chat ROOM............. This site is for people with REAL issues!

Reply to !!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Go Jody!! | 2007/12/10

Build a bridge, get over it already.

Your last comment smacks of sour grapes. Some wise person said that one should try to be generous in victory and gracious in defeat. The 'defeat' part applies to you.

But perhaps Jody should finish her schooling and she may then be qualified to remove corns from people's feet and do their nails? Now, let me think, which of the idols did that for a lving after getting their matric? Hmmm.....

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