Posted by: Echelle | 2007/04/02

I'm getting more&more afraid of insects

Hi CS,

How are you?

Well, it all started with this one little "gogga" at my house, well it was hard and say about 5mm x 5mm with 3 little red spots on its head - it attacked me can you believe it? I had to run through the whole house and it still followed me everywhere - it even sucked my blood a few times - REALLY!! I eventually killed the thing and it wasn't easy - I folded a small blanket with it inside and used my fist at first (still wasn't dead) closed the blanket again and used the back of my hairbrush and squeezed it dead (was still a bit alive after that but eventually died)!! Whenever I hear an insect I freak out and look around me and just sit there and stress about it! It's like the stupid goggas don't want to leave me alone! To make it worse - a bat flew into my house the other night - I pushed baby's dad out of the way (with his knee almost out of order after the accident) and screamed my way to the bathroom - I was shaking for about an hour afterwards - 10 minutes after it happened I went out to smoke a few sigarettes (yes a few!!) and a cricket FLEW (never thought it can fly) past me - it was huge!! It jumped towards me and again I had to ran!! It made the shaking even worse! At work I also look under my table every 10 minutes and under my chair and look around me to see if there's any spiders and stuff like that - there's a lot of spiders in this office - big fat ones and they're always here - I'm so freaked out about it! Yesterday there was a fly (didn't see it at first) but I jumped to the other side (thought it was the same type of gogga as the first one I told you about) and was shaking once again! I hate the fact that I'm afraid of this ugly creatures - I don't want to look over my shoulder and under my table every now and then! At night I go inside the house as quickly as possible - I don't even want to open the door for a bit of fresh air! I hope someone can hypnotise me??!!

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OK, after a frightening experience with an odd insect, you seem to have developed a phobia for insects --- this can be cleared up quickly and efficiently by --- you guessed it, CBT. Cognitive-bhavuiour Therapy is ideal for this sort of thing, and the earlier you start it the better. Much better than hypnosis --- and with results that last and which you can adapt to other circumstances, unlike hypnosis

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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Posted by: HomoeoPsych | 2007/04/03

Hi Echelle

I really wish CS would limit his comments to subjects he actually knows something about! Whilst it is quite clear he knows a whole lot about CBT, it is equally obvious that he knows remarkably little about modern clinical hypnosis.

For example, CS clearly does not know about a recent meta-analysis that clearly shows that CBT done in conjunction with hypnosis is significantly more effective that CBT alone. He apparently knows little about modern non-directive approaches that are specifically developed to be generative & generalizable to other circumstances. He also refuses to acknowledge that world-wide, hypnosis is one of the most widely used therapeutic interventions - all of the international psychology societies have divisions for clinical hypnosis that are often the largest & most active divisions of those societies.

Hypnosis, correctly & appropriately used, can often have dramatic effects in resolving phobias. This is partly because the emotional state you were in when you in were confronted by your insect, and which lead to the development of your phobic response, was hypnotic in nature - you were actually in a natural form of hypnosis at the time. This being the case, it makes logical sense that hypnosis is an appropriate state t reverse the proses, doesn't it?

If you do chose to go the hypnosis route, please ensure that you ONLY consider seeing a registered psychologist who is also appropriately trained in hypnosis & hypnotherapy. There are, unfortunately, many lay "hypnotherapists" out there who are not professionally registered (and are therefore professionally unaccountable for any - / - ups they make), who have no training in psychopathology (and are therefore not qualified to pick up when a condition such as this is actually related to more serious underlying conditions), and have no training in psychotherapy. Such so-called "hypnotherapists can cause a great deal of damage & should be avoided at all costs

Go well

Reply to HomoeoPsych
Posted by: Echelle | 2007/04/03

Yes... And your point is??

Reply to Echelle
Posted by: cathy | 2007/04/03

... and you are upset about a dog in pain etc. being shot????

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Posted by: lena | 2007/04/03

Its a mind over matter thing. Get your head wrapped around it and you won't be afraid anymore. My husband is out in the veld 365 days a year and he's never been attacked or bitten. I took those statistics with me when I started going out to the veld and, although I see many weird and scary looking creatures I am no longer afraid of them as they are actually far more afraid of me the giant. I now find them quite facinating and know that if they come close they really don't mean me any harm. Only thing I'm still afraid of is wasps - that phobia is taking a bit longer to solve and I still leave the room if they decide to enter. I've tried talking to them now, asking them to please leave or I'll have to doom them - this works sometimes. Got the tip from a bee keeper.

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Posted by: H25 | 2007/04/02

Was that a parktown prawn you're talking about? If so, you have every right to be terrified out of your wits!! My brother dealt with one once and burnt it and its body still came back to life! EEK! Those things are no joke! My worst are apart from those, crickets and those nasty hairy spiders! They belong outside and thats all there is to it. Fear not you are not alone in this! Maybe insects have a preference for womens scent!

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Posted by: Annelize | 2007/04/02

Toemaar Echelle, ek is ook so, dis 'n vroue ding. Gelukkig is dit amper winter dan is ons ontslae van die goed vir 'n paar maande!

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