Posted by: Echelle | 2007/05/21

I'm FED UP and MAD AS HELL!!!!

This is it!!!! I can't take this shitty peanut of a salary anymore! I want to be independent and able to care for me and my son without borrowing money from my parents! I want to be able to pay for a medical aid without worrying, but noooooooooo, this selfish bastards only think and care about themselves!! I mean, I've worked here for 5 years already and still I get out R3800,00!!! You can't even call that money!! The first 4 years I gave my best for this company, I worked overtime until 12 at night and even when I was 7/8 months pregnant I still worked overtime for them until 1am! They didn't appreciate it and now I will NOT give my best anymore, for what? Not for me, because it didn't get me anymore did it? Now I decided to study through Intec for a Quantity Surveying Assistant (they are Quantity Surveyors) and then they'll have to pay me more! And the father of my son just refuses to pay more, petrol prices have gone up, food prices, my son's daymother and what? I have to keep up with everything while he just refuses!! He asked me the other day when he can take my son on weekends and I said OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!! How can he expect me to give my boy to him on weekends if he doesn't even want to pay more? I've tried Herbalife, I've tried Kindersafe products, it helps a bit, but not enough to just survive! I want to drop them at the busiest time of the year when they need me the most! My bosses each got R100 000,00 this month for no reason at all, not even R1,00 for us who also work hard (in my case - workED hard). Can you imagine how mad it makes me to write those cheques?? I just hate them for giving me such a lousy salary after 5 years! But what the hell - what comes around goes around right?

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Wouldn't it be worth visiting the Maintenance COurt to check whether they could not require the father to pay more maintenance, depending on how the amount was calculated ?
C is certainly being highly creative here ! Hmm, 51 things you can do with tomato ketchup.....

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Posted by: Echelle | 2007/05/22

I don't mind working hard and to give my best and to do 3 people's jobs, but then they must show appreciation and give me the salary I deserve!

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Posted by: Cece | 2007/05/22


I dont earn a bad salary go home with about 12500 a month, but what pisses me of is that a secretary got promoted to the same position as mine, doesnt do half of what I do but goes home with 15000, this is absolute bullshit. Currently the secretaries are on training and I have to do their jobs as well. At the moment I'm doing work for 3 people and yesterday when I took off because my back was killing me I got told by the boss that he thought I went AWOL but I informed the supervisor of the section. I was on maternity leave last year and got told that I cant get leave again. When I applied for leave it got rejected and I was told that I can have leave in 2008. So even if the salary is good the people are shitty, but I wont leave because the money pays the bills.

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Posted by: Echelle | 2007/05/22

LOL!! I'll have to think twice before doing that! LOL!!

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Posted by: C. | 2007/05/22


Get the boss's home phone number, then pester his wife. Simply ask to speak to him, be sure his not at home, and when she asks who this is or what you want, quickly hang up. Or pretend to be the girl he got pregnant and promised to marry.

Put an add in the paper advertising your boss's services as a male prostitute. You can also give his wife / gf's phone number. Be sure to give his name and surname.

Sent him a fax (accidentily fax it to the girl with the biggest mouth in the office) an account for his 'Lolita's on the Net' membership. Otherwise, fax his HIV status, explaining what he should do now that he's positive.

Steal a cellphone or something expensive from someone in the office then put it in his suitcase before calling the police.

Start a rumour that he have piles, then one day put a ketchup filled balloon on his chair. I tried it and it worked wonders. Hehe.

Put a devastating virus on your mail, then forward it to everyone in the office. Try doing this from his computer, or anyone else you don't like.

Accidentily format his hard drive. Now there's a real stinker.

I can go on and on, let me know if you need more.

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Posted by: Echelle | 2007/05/22

Pp - yes, I'm just doing the same as you :-) And for the record - I always gave my best, and like I said - I always cancelled meetings with my friends to work overtime, but was never paid overtime, so why bother working hard?

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Posted by: CP MOM | 2007/05/22

www dot pnet dot is 'n waste van tyd so ook careerjunction ect. Gaan na www dot iol dot elke dag is daar die advertensies wat in die local koerante is jy kan selfs kies watter koerante watter are ext. Gaan doen dit dadelik. Ek het albei my laaste 2 werke so gekry.

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Posted by: pp | 2007/05/22

They obviously pay you for what you and the position deserve.
R3800 sounds OK if most of the day is spent Bitching in chat rooms,and not doing what you are supposed to do.

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Posted by: CP MOM | 2007/05/22

As die kind oor die ouderdom van 5 is het hy die volste reg om hom vir 'n hele naweek te vat of jy dit nou laaik of nie.....Ek baklei nie ek se net.

As ek jy is begin en by die begin gaan hof toe of en kry ordentlike onderhoud - as jy enigsins minder as R1000 per kind kry is jy besig om jouself en jou kind te na te kom.

Verder gaan soek dadelik werk en indien hulle jou vra oor jou salaris se vir hulle wat dit is en se dat jy 'n ordentlike salaris soek en nie ingedoen wil wees nie en ook nie oor 6 maande ander werk wil soek nie daarom vra jy nou 'n ordentlike salaris.

Reply to CP MOM
Posted by: Echelle | 2007/05/22

C - give me those ideas :-)

CPMOM - Dis moeilik dat hy weier, maar dis eintlik beter so, want hy sal dit nie waag om my hof toe te vat nie juis oor daai rede. So hy sal nooit my kind op 'n naweek kry nie, hy kan my seun sien, maar net as ek by is. Hy sal my nie hof toe vat nie, want hy weet hy sal verloor :-)

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Posted by: Echelle | 2007/05/22

You know what's even worse? In March when they gave me R400 raise they asked me "for interest sake" if I am coping with my salary - I said to be honest NO, and they just said, sorry, but we can't afford to give you more!!! Assholes!

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Posted by: Echelle | 2007/05/22

Thank you all! Whenever I apply for another job they ask me what my current salary is and if they know what my salary is after 5 years then the new people won't feel bad to also give me a shitty salary?

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Posted by: CP MOM | 2007/05/22

Hoe kan die pa WEIER om meer te betaal ? Vat hom onderhoudshof toe.

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Posted by: Gracie | 2007/05/22

My complaint is not about the bosses as such - about another staff member in my office who comes to work late, has her breakfast and reads her weekly dose of Huisgenoot until 9:30 in the morning!!! When increase and bonus time comes around, the lazy cow gets an increase and every year she gets her bonus - the other staff in our office have often asked me why she only works on one file a day and then throws a hissy fit when the boss shouts at her for not doing her work (we work for attorneys). She takes an extended lunch time, goes shopping, comes in at 14h15 and then paints her nails and has her lunch whilst the rest of us are already back at work! So it's not only the bosses that piss us off by taking us for granted! She seems to have the knack for getting away with all of this as she is never caught out - she hides her huisgenoot in or under a file and when someone leaves the office she starts reading again. If I ever had to try that they would probably catch me red-handed!! There are also people in senior positions in our company who earn the huge salaries, but sit at their desks with their ciggies in their hands puffing away merrily while the rest do all the work and then still take the credit for it too! I previously worked for a firm of attorneys who paid me R5500 (before deductions) after 18 years' service!! When I eventually plucked up the courage to move on, they treated me like dirt, the place where I work now is just as bad in other ways, but at least I can survive on the salary I earn. Echelle, maybe you should start looking for another position - if they will offer you an increase when you want to leave, then you must know that they are only doing it 'cos you want to go, not 'cos they want to! My previous employer offered to match or better my present employer's offer and I told him "no thanks, you should've paid me a living wge while I worked here!! Good luck, I hope you manage to sort something out!! You must remember that if they pay you a decent salary, they will have less for themselves!!

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Posted by: Patricia | 2007/05/22

Hi Echelle,

You have my sympathies. Really. Have you tried applying for other jobs? Talking to the Powers that Be? I know it's the scariest idea, but sometimes you have to take a leap of faith.
Surely your bosses can't be that callous?? If you tell them what your responsibilities are vs your income and your expenditure, they MUST see there's a problem?? That's not even a market-related salary...

If they can't pay you what you're worth, get out. Re the father of your son, take legal steps. (Legal Aid). He can get ugly about visitation and that will only disrupt your life even more. Be proactive and take the first step.

Don't know if that helps. I am probably only echoing what you already know. Good luck. Exhale.

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Posted by: RMC | 2007/05/22

Same here Echelle.

My boss looked at kiddie porn all day, stole money and they knew but did nothing.

the other office they promoted the girl with the same position as me to second in command. and her assistant got her old possie.

my assistant and i got nothing but punished for our old boss not performing - even though we did our jobs 140% and worked long hours (boss did no overtime)

totally rubbish. I would love to get a fantastic job and then just fax all the dirt to carte blanche or something.

Reply to RMC
Posted by: C. | 2007/05/21

Before you go you should do something that'll cost the company millions. Or at least do something that will embarass the crap out of them. If you need ideas, I'm willing to share.

Reply to C.
Posted by: rose | 2007/05/21

email them the link to your posting..:)

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