Posted by: Unhappy mother | 2013/01/29

I rather go to jail .....

I know there is organsations like justice for fathers etc and that all cases involved has merit but no one will ever force me ever again to send my son to his bio dad, He was molested and now we have a damaged child, I rather go to jail then expose my son ever again to that inviroment ever again.
He needs to go for extensive therapy and he is 11 years old. The bio dad never made contact again with his son after the incident and my son is covering up and will not disclose how what and when, I raised him since he was a infant on my own and his bio dad never was interested all of a sudden he made contact and want''s to see him and that is were all our problems started. i will protect my boy with my life and will never ever trust someone else like that , no way , I promise you guys , I feel ill because I have sent him in to the wolfs arms, why o why did I listen to legal people. The forensic test came back positive and we are struggling coming to terms, each case has merit but look at where we ended up. His step dad is so over protective of him now and myself that we are fighting for justice for him, bad things happen to good people I Suppose, my beautifull son is having a hard time at the moment. the bio dad does not pay maintenance and we were not married I am changing my son''s surname to mine and I dont care what people say about my son not seeing his real dad because he got hurt.

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Posted by: unhappy mother | 2013/02/01

Hi All,
The forensic phsycologist has refer him to the therapy he must get at the teddy bear clinic , he does not disclose much and it is a process, it has been reported and the case is lodge,
Read what I am saying, I will rather go to jail then sending my son back in the wolfs arms.
In order to get proper evidence the therapy is required.
I am supporting my boy all the way and we are fighting for justice, this mommy will keep going!

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Posted by: FIO | 2013/01/31

If you are aware of child abuse, and do not report it, you are guilty of an offence. By law you HAVE to report it to the police or social welfare. If you do not, you arew failing your child and the systems efforts to combat child abuse. Be a part of the solution, not th eproblem, so fulfil your legal obligation to report it before you get yourself into trouble one day for not reporting it.

Trust me, there are cases where children have turned against thgeir parents later in life fro not protecting them standing up fore them etc, and whats to say your son, or someone else, will report you for not fulfilling your legal obligation. Bio dad is getting away with it because you are doing nothing about it. How isyour son going to feel one day when he understadns or realises that you did nothing about it.

Yes, you are sending him for therapy etc, but he could easily say you were protecting dad, the man who damaged his life, by not reporting him.

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Posted by: GT | 2013/01/31

I went through hell during that year as I could not go near my son as he would through tantrims if I walked into his bedroom /or bathroom while dressing etc..
Some people can just be evil in attempt to get what they want,no matter the consequences.

They do not realise the wheel turns

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Posted by: GT | 2013/01/31


Plse get evidence and have the pig loc ked up.
I am sorry this has happened to your son and how many other kids has this person molested.

I agree with ANOn as I was in that situation that the EX tried to convince my 5 year old son that I was molesting him
After 1 year he told me what her and her adulterous partner was saying to him.
Now 4 years later I can see it has effected him.

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Posted by: I rather go to jail | 2013/01/29

We are busy with the case and he is going for therapy so that he can disclose believe me I am going to through the book at him, since it happened he never made contact again. I am calm at the moment and we are working hard with my son to get him back on track with the emotional side of life.

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Posted by: Whena | 2013/01/29

Please go and lay charges - it will do your son more good than harm to see that his step dad and mother believes him. By keeping quiet you MIGHT be sending a message that you do not fully support and believe him

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Posted by: Henry | 2013/01/29

I agree with anon - you must bring criminal charges or you are actually enabling this beast to carry out more attacks on other vulnerable kids. I appreciate that you have concerns about further traumatising your child but I think more positives can come out of this if get the full weight of the law thrown at him. The police have specially trained officers to deal with these cases.

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Posted by: Anon | 2013/01/29

Unhappy mother,

I am sorry to hear about your experience.

The only way to stop bio dad from seeing your son, is to take the evidence and lay a charge against him. Only then can he be prevented from having contact.

It is he that should be behind bars and not you.

Take the action now before it is too late.

Unfortunately the world is filled with lots of mothers that make malicious claims against fathers, in the hope of seeking revenge. Without you laying a charge, this is all the courts will see.

If you have evidence and the opportunity, take the step. You really don''t want to be forced into sending your son again, only to come back even more traumatised than before.

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