Posted by: Missie | 2007/04/09

I got too drunk...?

Yesterday I was at my sisters place with my b/friend and we all drank alot.But when me b/friend and I got home I started getting aggressive, swearing and stayiing really nasty things.

I also broke his expensive sunglasses and a few other things. We also had an agrument the day before so I dont know if i was just frustrated or what? He does not like it when I get drunk and now I go and pull a stupid thing like this. Not too mentioned what the neighbours might think? I have said sorry and feel really bad now? I hope he does not leave me because of this?

I said some really nasty things like he is boring. I was angry because he wanted to leave my sisters place and I wanted to stay. Why did I behave like this? I am pre menstrual do you think that has something to do with this so is it just the booze?

Doc help I am so stupid!!

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Our expert says:
Expert ImageCyberShrink

Who would like it , when ANYONE got drunk, broke things and said horrible things ? Being premenstrual might have played a small part in this, but surely the major, overwhelming factor, is that you were DRUNK. Alcohol very often enables people to do stupid things which they later regret. The solution is simple but many people refuse to use it --- stop drinking. One drink now and then may not be a problem, but far too many people nowadays both drink much more often than people used to do, and always drink until they get drunk.
Alcohol is a medicine designed to make us stupid. If you want to avoid acting stupid, avoid alcohol.

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Our users say:
Posted by: jenny | 2007/04/10

I'd like to offer you some advice. I'm the real expert on getting too drunk and doing things which I have regretted. I don't classify myself as an alcoholic but I do have a serious drinking problem. Over the years I have done so many terrible things while under the influence. I fall under the category of people who go through a total personality change when drinking and oh boy - how I still have a family who loves me quite amazes me and I thank God for this as it could have been so different. I came to believe that there was a devil just waiting for me to take a drink and then to pounce into my skin and take over (tazmanian devil comes to mind). I tried so many times not to overindulge but things would go well and then just one incident would end in disaster and I would swear never to touch the stuff again. Then the whole cycle would start again - in control, in control, then I loose it. Well, eventually I decided - girl you just cannot drink - other people can and lucky for them, but I just cannot. I've stopped now for a year and a half - tricky at first, especially at festive times and people ask questions - but now its totally accepted and I can enjoy myself just as well without it - I thank God for this all the time and I actually feel so sorry for the ones that drink too much and start making asses of themselves. At times I think that I could control it, but I'm just not going to take the chance - its simply not worth it. At these times, I just remind myself of all the awful things I've done - many of which I can't even remember because I had many blackouts (these times were related to me by other people). I feel sick when I remember these times and this gives me the strength and will not to think about it anymore. I've managed to quit without AA - I have been to meetings- great organisation but its not for me. I thank god that I still have my family and that my children now see that I am in control - I love them so much and am so so ashamed of the bad times (you must never forget them). I also looked for all kinds of reasons for a bad session by the way - menstral cycle, not eating before drinking, mixing drinks etc. etc. My advice to you is to have a real hard think about things. Think about what you can loose - what will you do? Think about your reputation and think about serious damage that might happen will you're drunk and out of control. Believe me - its not worth it. You know how great it is not to have to wake up in the morning and thinik oh hell - what did I do and why on earth did I do i and where do I start to try and rectify matters. Hangovers will also be a thing of the past. Believe me - you can enjoy yourself without it and life is just so much better. I wish you all the luck in the world - have courage, have strength, pray to God (it really helps).

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Posted by: Annelize | 2007/04/10

Sometimes it also depends on what you drink. I know that is mix my drinks or if I have red wine I become like that. At the end of the day it's better to avoid alcohol alltogether.

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Posted by: Jacob | 2007/04/10

I can understand him being angry and you being upset, but if he leaves you over this, then he isnt worth having.

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Posted by: RMC | 2007/04/09

Oh dear. I think you need to replace the sunglasses as well, especially as they were expensive. People will always remember these things we do but if you make an effort to try and fix it they might respect you a bit more. I agree that you need to avoid alcohol in all ways - even just a small sip of the bubbly at a wedding or something. Even if you are not an alcoholic perhaps going to some AA meetings might help especially as you loose control like this. Just think of things that could happen - imagine if you have a screaming baby and you are drunk and wind up doing somehing you would never normally do. Ask him to help you overcome this, if you try to pour a drink or something let him be your helper - there is nothing to be ashamed of in asking for help, we often can't do these things in our own srength.

Good luck and let us know how it goes, okay?

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