Posted by: Loveless | 2005/11/29

I dont believe in love, It does not exist

In all my years I have seen such suffering, such pain, I have seen how people fall in love with others and are rejected time and time again...I think love is a fantasy a dream that we all dream up every day...It seems everyone is looking for love before they marry, while they married, after they divorced. When you really love someone how can partners and people do the things they do to each other. I see married couples at restaurant who dont even talk to each other they just eat the food. I see mothers crying alone at night while their husbands are not home; I see husbands not wanting to go home because they feel so empty. I see young people get bored with their partners. They say we should love as if we have never been hurt before.....I just see pain and hurt.

Whats the answer ? Whats our purpose in this life if its not be happy through love.. I see no purpose in this life I see only darkness. I have lived a long life and I have never loved, the love I did have once destroyed my life....Teach your children to be strong teach them not watch farytales on TV, teach them not to follow their heart but their head. Today is just about sex and good bodies and looks there is no real caring where one person can give up his life for another.

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What you can say, is that you don't believe in love, because you have not yet experienced it. Clearly others can and do, and so, in time, may you, if you allow yourself to continue to look for it

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Posted by: Frusty | 2005/11/29

Dear Loveless, I am sure that if you look at it properly, they do, but not in the way you expect. Look for the little things they say or do, not the huge gestures etc. It's those things that count.

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Posted by: Loveless | 2005/11/29

Love Man

Thankyou for your response. I am a kind a gentle person, I have always lived for others, I am not a materialist, I have given so much of myself to others, I am always smiling, I always seeking peace and have never argue or judge others. I am forever trying to encourage those around me....but I feel so empty so lost, People just take advantge of ones love, they dont reciprocate, they just dont.

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Posted by: Love Man | 2005/11/29

Loveless, i realy feel for you and wish i had the time to share my experiences with you on this forum. However, i will try to give some advice.

There are certain truths in life you can never ever reject -- i e if you throw a stone in the air, it will come down. there is also another truth that says == YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW == if you sow hatred, you will recieve hatred. If you sow affection, you will recieve affection.If you sow love, you will recieve love.

What am i trying to say in a nut-shell? You start today a new life == life is about decisions, so take a decision that you are going to sow love, smiles, passion etc etc to everyone that crosses your path today. Smile at people, greet them with passion, phone a friend and say you miss her and love her, phone a family member with the same message. Go to town and see if you can find someone who is old and encourage them with your smile and a hug.

You will be SSOooo surprized at the outcome of this day.

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Posted by: Frusty | 2005/11/29

Well said ... There is so much love around each and every one of us. The love of a mother for her children, the love of nature, my personal favourite, the love of life, the love an animal gives us. There is just so much. But to see all this, you need to love yourself first.

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Posted by: Lee | 2005/11/29

.... i dont' think i could have said it better.

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Posted by: .... | 2005/11/29

its so sad that this has been the experience of your life....

the big question is... what do you expect from love?

the two people sitting at a restaurant not talking to each other could be love in its deepest form. Imagine being able to just be with someone... not have anything to say...... and be totally comfortable? ... i think that is love!

the reason people do painful things to each other? - I think people misunderstand love many times - and get into relationships which aren't suited for them because they have no self love and are fearful of being alone......... does that mean love doesn't exist?

it's really hard to experience love at it's best when you don't have self love. When you are filled with doubt and fear, and too afraid of the pain that might follow love......... then love can be very illusive........ does that mean love doesn't exist?

As I see it, our purpose in life is to be content within yourself... to love and accept who you are... unconditionally... and when you reach that stage... love tends to surround you in abundance...... not because it wasn't ever really there before... but because you have finally opened up to it........

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Posted by: Juzlisen | 2005/11/29

Schoe! Thats deep and painful. People look for love in the wrong places - I agree - they look for looks, money, status not someone who genuinly cares and one who has your back.
Love is a mystery no one can and ever will figure it out. But who says you need the love of a man or woman to complete your life? Yes sure it is a part of life but your life should not exist because of it - there are many factors that contribute to a whole and complete life. It should not be the main factor ot centre of your life.
I believe love of self is very important. We set such high expectations that are unrealstic and when the results of what we have expected do not come into being we feel awfully let down, we shoudl not expect too much. Rather open yourself and learnt to be more gentle on your heart. Learn to love with both heart and mind.

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