Posted by: non-believer | 2004/10/12

I don't want to believe there is a god!

Why, if God has known what will happen to one, before conception, did He create one.
How can he create a child, just to let them die a horrid death like the little children in Russia a few weeks ago?
How can he create and then let little newborns be left in toilets/ on pavements / in bins etc.
Why does he create one just to grow up in a house where verbal/emotional/physical abuse takes place.
There are so many querries, but my main is why does he create, only to let the ones he created Jesus on the cross.
I've been born into a Christian family, but at times looking /reading the news of all bad things happening [especially to the little innocent beings - and I'm not just talking of humans], i just don't want to believe there is a God.

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Isn't there a problem about placing so much of the blame and responsibility on God, and removing it from the horrible human being who actually did those awful things ?

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Posted by: Callie | 2004/10/12

Interesting that not one of you have mentioned the Bible for answers. How do you think God talks with us today. We talk to him in prayer. The story on wickedness... 2Cor4:4 ; 1Joh5:19 says: "We know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one."

Jesus died for us because our forefather ADAM has sinned and cause his children to get born into a sinfull world. Like a bread pan with a dent in and each bread that come from that inperfect pan will have an inperfect body......! readRom5:12;18.

I hope this start help you see there is a God who cares because Adam took it away and God gave it back by sending his only son to earth to die for you. What greater example of love do you need. Ask your self if you have children will you let him or her die for me. I see there is some other thoughts of Twanette that needs to be addressed. But just want you to start seeing some light and have faith.
Let me know if you want more discussions

buy for now

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Posted by: ... | 2004/10/12

I heard this story once that is so true

I man goes to the hair dresser and they have the discussion, much like yours about the bad things that happens to good people and so on.

The hairdresser listens and when they are done they walk outside, the hairdresesr see somebody walking by with the worst hair do he has ever seen, he walks up to the man and say there can't be any hairdressers,

The first guy askes the hairdresser how can you say that, since you are one, the hairdresser says well look at that persons hair, it's horrible, there can't be any hairdressers

The first man says that it's just that person's choice not to go to one,

The hairdresser says that it is the point, just because a person decide to do something bad doesn't mean that there isn't somebody to fix or prevent it.

What am I trying to say: The litlle children that you were talking about isn't because of God, but because of a choice a ADULT took, the kids in Russia was because of a terrorist, the orphans is because of their parents,

God gave us a free will and it is us that makes bad things happen not GOD


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Posted by: Diablo | 2004/10/12

Die Here het 'n doel met alles en almal vra my ek weet.

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Posted by: non-believer | 2004/10/12

BC - i have aked Him sooo many times - Lass - I have, but things seemd to be worse! then came 9/11; baby Thsepeng etc. etc. thats where i lost faith. gave my life to Him again, but worse happened what with the Iraq invasions; all these beheadings; and lately mutilation to children. I suppose we have to leave it at that then.

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Posted by: BC | 2004/10/12

I think you asked all those questions to wrong person, we can not answer your questions, you certainly can not find answers among us, the only one who has true answers is Him, why dont you go ask him yourself. He is also in your heart, you just blaming too much that you blind yourself.
Give Him a chance to explain, but you need to calm real down to listen to Him. Looks like you need to put some work on that.

Reply to BC
Posted by: Lass | 2004/10/12

God is great and let Him take away all the pain and anger you have. Have a close relationship with Him you will never write this again! Hope you repent before it is too late!

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Posted by: Twanette | 2004/10/12

I have only a few questions?

How old is Christianity?

Wat van voor Christus, wat word van al daai mense of wat gaan van hulle word "as die Here kom om ons te kom haal"?

Reply to Twanette
Posted by: Maser | 2004/10/12

I read a book called: "Where is God when it hurts?" by Phillip Yancey. Maybe you should buy it and hopefully it wil give you more insight in the relationship between God and Pain.

Good luck in finding your answers and dealing with your anger/diasppointment towards God.

I, am a believer...

Reply to Maser
Posted by: Straycat | 2004/10/12

Just concentrate on God in your life....

Dont worry about what other people say.. or wordly disasters that happened for a some reason or whatever...

Have faith, bru / girl ... and your'll reap the rewards..


Reply to Straycat
Posted by: V | 2004/10/12

God exists. Non-believer: maybe if the abuser lived his life according to how God said he should, there would not have been abuse. But, He gave all free will He is forcing nobody to believe in Him. Yes we all have the question of "why" and i don't think that any human has the capacity to answer that question. We will always wonder why innocent animals and children have to suffer, why good people die young but the child abuser gets out of jail and turns 100. God does not put suffering on earth, it is because we all think we know better, then make wrong choices that we blame God if we have to live with the consequences. What good is it for us to wonder why these things happen, don't you think it is time for us to try and help abused children and animals and terminally sick people for a change, rather than to sit back and moan about everything God is not doing right???

Reply to V
Posted by: lulu | 2004/10/12

He's still in her heart, Non-believer. If she asks for help, He will not forsake her. I think of the "Footprints" piece here. He will pick her up and carry her, should she not be able to walk on her own. All she needs to do is keep Him beside her and in her heart.

Like the blonde who prayed to win the lottery. She never did and started blaming God. "Meet me half way," He answered her accusing prayer, "and buy a Lotto ticket!"

We are created in His likeness and without sin. That we CHOOSE to sin, can not be put on His tab.

Reply to lulu
Posted by: non-believer | 2004/10/12

"he is in every heart of each new bride " - where is he then when the abuse starts, and the now not so new bride needs him?

Reply to non-believer
Posted by: Noname | 2004/10/12

WHy is all the bad stuff the devil but all the good stuff god.
sounds like an excuse to protect something.
Talk about taking responcibility for your own actions but it's never gods fault ?? wazzup with that?

Reply to Noname
Posted by: lulu | 2004/10/12

Ek is nie skaam om my 'nic' te gebruik nie... Sal ons jou "Petrus" noem van nou af, No "nic"? Het Hy nie gesê dat Hy verloën sal word deur Sy eie mense nie en dat hulle sal maak asof hulle Hom nie ken nie?

Ek weet ook nie die antwoorde op al daardie vrae nie, maar ek weet wel dat my God 'n lifdevolle God is. Dis nie vir my om Hom te bevraagteken nie, maar net om Hom in kinderlike geloof te vertrou en te volg.

Ek weet wel dat dit nie my God is wat aaklige goed "laat gebeur" nie. Dis Satan wat verantwoordelik is vir al die haat, nyd, moord, verkragting, ens. Dat dit gebeur beteken nie dat my God dit goedkeur nie. Dat ek ook weet dat Hy dit gaan uitwis saam met die heerser van die dode, is vir my so werklik soos al die miljoene seëninge wat Hy al op my pad gebring het en elke dag steeds doen.

Reply to lulu
Posted by: A Believer | 2004/10/12

Zee - good answer. Its pointless to blame all bad things on God. We as humans have the freedom to choose our own destinies and collectively we shape the world we live in. Its very convenient to live without God because it requires no effort. Of course, when things go wrong the first people to blame God are those that do not believe in him. Go figure.

Look around you and you will see that wherever there is sadness or poverty or cruelty you will see that God is there, represented by his workers. Christian charities, like the Salvation Army and very many others, are prominent when the work of the devil is on display. For as long as there have been believers in God there have been non-believers. Sadly this will always be true.

God is not absent - He is in every baby's first laugh, in every flower and fruit of spring, in every heart of each new bride. To paraphrase Pablo Neruda - God does to me what summer does to the Cherry blossoms....

Reply to A Believer
Posted by: non-believer | 2004/10/12

but are these human beings, who do the awfull deed, not gods creation?

Reply to non-believer
Posted by: blackbird | 2004/10/12

me to many many moons ago was a christian, then i went to the army and killed in the name of god, and i realized that more people have die'd in the name of god then any other cause.

i believe in neither, cause the one relies on the other.

Reply to blackbird
Posted by: No "nic" | 2004/10/12

Sure looks like the Devil's winning...... bullsh*t that you're being tested !

Reply to No "nic"
Posted by: non-believer | 2004/10/12

yeah, but when? how many tests can one go thru? Jesus was tested how many times?

Reply to non-believer
Posted by: Jenna | 2004/10/12

I hear/read what you are saying and I understand why you would question the existence of God. I have been through this myself and though I have no answers to my questions (or yours) , I do believe one thing: It is not God that is creating all the pain and destruction but the people who inhabit this earth. All around me I see people consumed by their own greed, material possessions, and desire for power, that they forget that they forget to live. People forget that they can be happy with what they have, but alas we have bombings, murders, rapes, kidnapping and all sorts of sad events taking place...and all because people want power!

Just some food for thought!

Reply to Jenna
Posted by: No "nic" | 2004/10/12

Here we won't be able to use our real "nic's" we'll be killed! Unfortunately for most i agree with you:

"you must learn a lesson" - how many lessons can one learn in one lifetime ? all the so called chistians are the ones who continually suffer the most - yes they will suffer on earth so that one day ..... err it's crap !

since i've become a non-christian boy has my life been good!

Yes I know you believe one day I'll be punished - will take it when it comes!

Why does an innocent child have to suffer disability because of something the parents did ? what's the lesson there ?

I can go on and on all i wanted to say is I also believe there is no god!

Reply to No "nic"
Posted by: Zee | 2004/10/12

Just a reminder that All bad things come from the Devil, not from God. Sometimes God allows these things to happen to us so that we can draw closer to him and not forget him, and learn to lean on him all the times.

Just imagine if everything was perfect, Do u think people will recognise his presence?. Even Jesus was "tested" AND TEMPted by Devil, but we learn from him that through trials and tribulation, we should believe that "God" IS There and will come through in our situations,

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