Posted by: Coco | 2013/02/13

I Dick

I''m in a relationship of 3 years, having sex with my boyfriend, but I have never seen his penis. Can I ask him that I want to see it?

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Posted by: Amasi | 2013/02/14

The images are shocking. I can confirm that I am not and does not know anyone with HYPOSPADIAS.

I know about because I do read some junk at other times. I wonder what a lady would do if she find that he man''s penis opening is on the side or at unusually different place.

I got to understand why other guys didn''t want to share a shower at varsity or pee standing in the urinal. I used to think it is gays and guys who doubt their size.


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Posted by: Anon | 2013/02/14

Amasi I have check images from google and they look unusual tjo! I wonder how they do the dance. How do you know about it or is yours like this?

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Posted by: Woman | 2013/02/14

Go ahead Coco, ask him to see it infact demand that its time you met with the small guy

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Posted by: Valentine girl | 2013/02/14

hahahahahahaha i must say you guys are a crazy bunch mara she needs Help bathong...

tjooo sisi insist to see krkrkrkr i hope you wont go blind or Faint when you see the black mamba

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Posted by: m16 | 2013/02/14

damn that''s all I got to say about that

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Posted by: Amasi | 2013/02/13

When he pee, do you think he stands or sit down? Yes if he stand you can hear sound from next door.

If he prefers to sit down, he may be having a " hypospadias" , which is simply an opening in a wrong place. Google it and check images to get a picture. Most people with that will try to hide it.

Now, if you really wanna see it, suprise him during the day with the dance offer. Hope that works.

Lasty, I hope you are not kidding as that sounds very difficult to do.


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Posted by: S& S... | 2013/02/13

Hahahahh OMG i cannot imagine! 3years! hayi i need to see whats goin inside me what if tz a snake or ther''s sum foreign thingz on it!

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Posted by: Yhoo | 2013/02/13

My lawdz......Kanti how are you guys doing there no foreplay on both your parts......??????
talk about " Wham Bam Thank You Mam"  after 3long years......tell me you are joking.....

this is a joke neh?????????????????

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Posted by: Kwaks | 2013/02/13

Theo, I cannot stop laughing you just made my day....

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Posted by: FocusST | 2013/02/13

Are you for real? I found what you are telling us imposible this means you dont take shower together. Please dont be pregnant because he will explain the vibrator and you will have to explain the kids

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Posted by: Just me | 2013/02/13

Is this for real? Kwaaah, you almost killed me there.

Theo, nawe hayi man. LOL LOL

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Posted by: Pretty Pear | 2013/02/13

*i faint*...
our 1st date i look at him with the thought *i wonder injani into yakhe*
by the time we get to do it ndiyijongaaa...I have know whats inside
More especially when he pulls out i have to check if the condoms is still intact...with no funny business

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Posted by: Theo | 2013/02/13

impossible unless you are a blind woman.

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Posted by: ... | 2013/02/13

Gante do u always do it in the dark, do u hold it? Lol... Cats

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Posted by: Temba | 2013/02/13

Ask him. Sometimes men don''t like to show their penises especially when it is flaccid and not erect as they may be small.Just give him a bit of reassurance that no matter how it looks like, you''ll love him all the same.

Maybe your boyfriend is a woman but with a strap on, who knows. But let''s hope not.

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