Posted by: Totally Mad | 2005/12/05

I D BOOK --Dept Home Affairs

Have you all read about the man that kept an employee of Home Affairs as hostage because of the fact that he waited more than 3 years to get an I D book ? Eventually after serious threats by him and the hostage situation, they flew his new ID in with a helicopter from PTA. NOW THEY WANT TO PROSICUTE HIM ?????

Well, i have been divorced for 3 years now and have re-married a year ago and you know what ???? ACCORDING TO HOME AFFAIRS COMPUTER, I'M STILL MARRIED TO MY X AND MY NEW ID BOOK IS STILL NOT READY FOR COLLECTION.

I feel like doing the same thing, even if i do not approve of it. I also might have my ID and my new marriage corrected quickly if i resort to such actions.

Why do we have to sit up with this crap service by the Goverment, WHY ??? Who else on this forum had the same experience with CRAP GOVERMENT SERVICE, to such an extent that you cannot handle it any more ???

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I hope that this poor guy gets a terrific defense in court, including expert testimony that the Dept of Home Affairs, in its notorious and long-lasting negligence and corrption, treated him, and so many other people, in a way that amounts to irresistable provocation, and must be considered to be responsible for what happened. And I hope that many thousands of people who have been simil;arly frustrated by the idiots in that notorious dept go to court to give him support.
I have never heard of ANYONE having a good experience with Home Affairs. All of their employees must be told very clearly that they are public servants, and the public in the queoes are their employers and pay their salaries --- and if they find it just too much work to do their jobs properly, there needs to be a expedited system to fire them and give the job to someone who will appreciate the work and do the job.
And look at Nik's example --- one Govt dept passes a ridiculous law seriously invading the freedom of all South Africans for improbably and rare benefits to the bureoucrats --- and then another Govt Dept makes it impossible for you to comply !
I remember some FICA hassles a while back. They told me it was to prevent money laundering --- I said we can't afford the laundering, we have to hand-wash ours in a tub. But it's the insane naivety of such laws that amaze me --- every nasty crime boss and money launderer will still have their own ways to do whatever they want, without problems --- only honest and ordinary citizens will be run to extra expense and inconvenience for no benefit whatsoever.
It[s a shame, isn't it, when a Govt Dept that forces us to use their almost non-existent services, becomes a major cause of mentl illness ?

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Posted by: waterblom | 2005/12/05

Don't mention Home Affairs to me, it's a nightmare.Enough to drive us all insane.

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Posted by: Purple | 2005/12/05

I went to the Randburg home affairs dept to change my surname after I got married.

The guy taking fingerprints purposely smudged my fingerprints and did two of my index finger and left out my thumb, then tried to get me to re-do them on a blank application form.

I had an absoloute freak out and told him in no uncertain terms that he couldn't use my fingerprints for selling and using to give other people ID documents.

So, I've kept my maiden name although I'm actually known by my married name. Makes no sense really. I just phoned someone at HA and they said it didn't matter whether I changed my ID name or not, I could go by either surname or any combination thereof that I wanted as my marriage had been registered and their records would reflect both surnames. Who knows if she was just there delivering pizza or actually worked there, and how correct the information is.

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Posted by: Shirls | 2005/12/05

Well i applied for a passport at the beginning of the year and am still waiting for it.

i also got a temporary passport - which got me thrown out of th eairport when i tried to go on holiday as the stamp on the passport was smudged. Authorities thought it was fake and refused to let me board the plane to Europe. I had to re-apply for a temporary passport before being allowed to get onto a plane the next week. In teh meantime i had already paid for accomodation and had to incur costs for a new visa and to upgrade my ticket.

I still don't have a passport. In August they had a problem because my marriage of five years was not registered on thier system!!!! I wonder when they were planning to register it!

In August i had to complete additional forms and was told to come back in four weeks. I went back after three months and then they decided that they need my fingerprints before they could process it. Well i let them just have it....i told them to take my toe prints and my brain imprint while they were at it just to avoid further delays.

Hopefully by Jan, one whole year later y may be able to have a passport!!!

Talk about crappy service...te workers just don't give a damn! I totally empathise with the hostage taker!

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Posted by: Valkyrie | 2005/12/05

If that guy started a gang...we will be the biggest gangster mob ever hear of.

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Posted by: ASP | 2005/12/05

Why is it that if you have an inside contact, you can get your new ID or Passport within 10 days like I did? Only means one thing:We are dealing with a total bunch of idiots who are not fully trained to be doing what they are supposed to.

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Posted by: Nik | 2005/12/05

You think you got shit ?? I have applied over a year ago and according to the new law made by the Goverment ( Called FICA -- or something ) they are going to freeze all your bank accounts if you cannot possitively identify yourself at your bank.
I have time till Friday and i spent more than an hour already this very morning to HA in PTA, but with no success. As soon as i become more aggressive to them to make them understand i NEED IT NOW, they put me througjh to the next person. This has been going on for more than an hour already.
I feel like blowing the darn place up.

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Posted by: Liz123 | 2005/12/05

Dept of Home Affairs top the list of the worst Gov Department.

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Posted by: Karen | 2005/12/05

Not sure which HA you are dealling with but I must say I have been battling with ID's for my kids of an on over the last couple of months.

Evenutually on Friday we all went to the same HA that the hostage drama took place at. We arrived as they opened and were first in line. I made it quite clear to the lady, very politely I might add, that we were not going to budge intil we sorted things out.

Eventually after having to dash off to John Vorster to make an affidavit, we finally succeeded in applying for ID's and everything else we needed.

Perhaps the guy with the gun jacked them up a little although I must say the staff really act as if they are doing you a huge favour!

The one thing I will add to their defence is that if I worked in the hell hole and under the conditions they do perhaps I wouldn't be too happy either.

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Posted by: Anon | 2005/12/05

Welcome to the new South Africa!

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