Posted by: Thabo | 2008/06/23


OK a bit of politics, sorry guys, I am gay Zimbabwean living SA and just feeling so ANGRY at what is happening back home and I MUST blame Thabo Mbeki and his USELESS role, even his DESTRUCTIVE role in all this, he has helped keep Mugabe's regime in power, my friends' blood is on HIS hands, even when the ship with arms came from China it wasn't the SA government who stopped them, it was the PEOPLE who refused to unload the guns, Mbeki would have sent the guns through all the way to Mugabe if he could so that there would be even more murders and chaos, and SA still send Mugabe electricity. So to get rid of Mugabe, first Mbeki must go. His time has arrived to hang his head with shame and to run away from his mess! SHAME ON THABO MBEKI!

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Posted by: Gareth | 2008/06/24

You know, maybe the rest of the world should deny him entry into any country. He should not be allowed to even leave his country. Let's isolate him completely, so that he cannot move and his wife cannot go shopping in Paris anymore. Let him live off his country's supplies for a change. Maybe that will open his senile eyes.

Reply to Gareth
Posted by: Gareth | 2008/06/24

I don't think sanctions will do the trick, it hasn't so far. Mugabe and his top chronies lives in luxury, so it will have no effect whatsoever on them. He has made it very clear that he does not give a rats ass about his own people dying of hunger, so why would he step down if there were even more sanctions. No, it is the extremely poor people that suffer even more. I am starting to think that military action will be the only way to force him out. But I shudder to think what that would mean for the poor country, and how it will impact on SA as well.

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Posted by: T | 2008/06/23

i think mbeki should be held responsible for the role he has played in this whole saga. mbeki is mugabe's brother-in-law, so he doesnt want to upset the outlaws. he is just as sorry an excuse of a president as mugabe

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Posted by: Jane | 2008/06/23

I agree with you Nikkits, but what can we do? I am sure if Zim had oil America would step in or am I just being cynical? I get mail from people living up there and it is really hearbreaking to read of their suffering. I don't know if sanctions would work, Mugabe and his henchmen would not be the ones to suffer.
The true war vets are probably closer to 60 and up.

Reply to Jane
Posted by: Nikkits | 2008/06/23

this is perhaps off topic BUT I think even in this forum it is worth talking about the situation up North. It could effect us BIG TIME ..........

I don’t think we must blame Mbeki without understanding the enormous responsibility he has rested on him. This is not a matter of two school boys fighting over a girl friend or a packet of lunch.

Mugabe was allowed to become the Tyrone and mass murder supporter by EVERYBODY who turned a blind eye in the previous election already. The day this guy threw farmers off their farms to satisfy his hoodlums (and then they did every thing to destroy and nothing to sustain farming) the WORLD should have been onto RM already.

He lives in the past (his continues reference to “apartheid”, western and particular UK resentment), is a clear indication how off focus he has become.

What is happening in Zim right now is ALREADY airing its head here IN SA. When a young leader is allowed to publicly rally people to take up arms, then my friends, the signs are on the wall and needs to be stopped NOW.

Clearly not one single government is going to make the first REAL move in SADC so it is up to the people of the region, i.e. all the neighbour states first and then the rest of the world to force RM to resign and withdrew all his power hungry “war-vets”.

Who are the war veterans any way?? Those who actually fought for “freedom” in ZIM are much older (near 50)?? We now see YOUNGSTERS (gangsters) rooming ZIM and lawlessly attacking anyone who looks like being MDC supporters.



Reply to Nikkits
Posted by: Petal | 2008/06/23

Good to see peeps from Zim posting here so I'm really curious what you think about sanctions being imposed against Zim? I know the ppl there will probably suffer but they're already suffering and being killed by their own "government"!

And Gareth I agree - Grace needs to be tossed as well!

Reply to Petal
Posted by: Neil | 2008/06/23

I agree Anon, a good point, but Mbeki was appointed (and willingly took on the role) to be an active mediator. It was him who said "There's no crisis in Zimbabwe" while we watched the present scenario unfold on TV - doesn't Mbeki have a TV?

Reply to Neil
Posted by: anon | 2008/06/23

I am angry at Robert Mugabe - at all the Zimbabwean police and army that support him - at all the people over all the last years that kept on voting for him.

I know it's the fashion to blame Thabo for everything - but where are Angola, Mozabique, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Lesotho - why aren't they fixing Zimbabwe - since when did it become only Thabo's job?

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Posted by: Jane | 2008/06/23

I am also Zimbabwean and my heart breaks at what is happening in my country. I am also ANGRY, keep wondering why Mbeki does nothing - does Mugabe have something on him or is he taking note of how to do it here?

Reply to Jane
Posted by: Gareth | 2008/06/23

I agree Thabo, Mbeki should really let go of this lame duck attitude, and somebody, please, please, take Mugabe out (and his wife too for that matter) How do you go to bed at night in your luxury knowing what you are doing to your own people...

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