Posted by: Mindfull | 2007/08/13

Hypno Therapy

I am a great believer of "power of the mind" and feel that if/when applied correctly, most if not all personal problems can be solved or at least managed in a more proper way. I try to apply all the concepts of mind power in everyday life but have a problem with a nasty thing called PROCRASTINATION. This is a nasty "disease"
and is causing mayhem in my life. I postpone everything to tomorrow and cannot wait untill tomorrow to postpone to tomorrow again!! ? No sense in that!! I think this specific post was supposed to be done 4,6,8 months ago?? Hehe.
Thought I would try hypno therapy - what is the chances of it working? What does normal (hehe) shrinks think about that?

On the info I got regarding h/therapy it seems that every website on the topic wants to sell you their dvd/cd/ebook/mp3. Sorry for them and I suppose luckily for me I PROCRASTINATE!! Have not bought anything yet!
On a serious note - I must sort out this problem - it is going to cost me my job, kids, wife and life!
Anybody with any suggestion??

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Hypnotherapy has nothing whatever to do with the power of the mind, whatever tripe our deeply obsessed reader Homeopsych will tell you ( as you can see from his excessivel frequent and totally obsessed monotonous and repetitious postings, this guy has nothing better to do with his time than to haunt this forum and act as a colossal bore, selling hypnotherapy.) Where I agree with him is about the dangers of the quks who are ONLY hypnotherapists and can do nothing else, and lack proper training.
Indeed, hypnosis is all about giving UP the power of your own mind and subjecting yourself to the suggestions of someone else. The very opposite of empowering. And o course it cannot teach you any skills you can later use by yourself, without needing the hypnotist again. This is why I like Cognitive-behaviour therapy, CBT, because it does EXACTLY what you are saying you want and believe in --- it specifically enables you to take charge and resume control of the symptoms and problems, and to learn skills to cope with similar issues in the future.
And actually, I like sparticus's point about not giving yourself choices to dither about on unimportant essential tasks and chores.

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Posted by: Mindfull | 2007/08/14

Replies much appreciated. I suppose it is "mind over matter".
Sparticus - I shall endeavor to just do it ! HomoeoPsych - I shall endeavor not to!

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Posted by: HomoeoPsych | 2007/08/13

Hi Mindfull

You are, of course, quite correct - the power of the mind is truely awesome & can achieve amazing things when applied correctly.

As far as hypnotherapy is concerned, you do need to understand that there are two very clear & different categories into which this form of intervention can be categorized - firstly, proper clinical hypnotherapy as practised by an appropriately qualified psychologist or medical practitioner, who actually knows what he/she is doing and, secondly, the "magic-quick-fix-buy-my-cd-and-all-will-be-
well-without-any-effort-on -your-part" variety of "hypnotherapy" peddled by the multitude of unregistered and generally very poorly untrained lay-therapists out there. Unfortunately, you have stumbled onto the websites of the latter category - proper psychologists & doctors are ethically prohibited from running websites of this nature.

In this regard, your procrastination has served you well! These kinds of "one-sze-fits-all" approaches to hypnotherapy do the field little good & potentially a lot of harm. At best, they are unlikely to have any benefivial effect & at worst, can result in all of the horrific aggravations CS is so fond of warning of.

Bottom line?

NEVER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES see a so-called "master hypnotherapist" - they are generally poorly trained in hypnotherapy & have no training whatsoever in psychotherapy or psychopathology and, as such, are potentially very dangerous! I completely fail to understand why the Health Professions Council of SA does not act against such "therapists". Perhaps it will take someone who has been harmed by a "practitioner" of this kind to sue the HPCSA for "failure to protect the public" to compel them to act!

Proper clinical hypnotherapy - as utilized by an appropriately trained psychologist of medical practitioner is concerned - is a different kettle of fish entirely. "Hypnotherapy" is, in fact, a misnomer. Hypnosis is a normal, functional state, expereinced by everyone, every day. It is a state of heightened or enhanced awareness, in which a variety of hypnotic phenomena are experienced that are difficult or impossible for an individual to experience out of the hypnotic state. One powerful example of this, is the very well documented ability of individuals with a sufficient hypnotic ability to undergo surgery with only hypnosis as an anaesthetic.

If you would like more info on appropriate used of hypnosis, have a look at the websites of the American Society (ASCH) of Clinical Hypnosis, the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH), ot the European Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

The unique phenomena experienced by an individual in an hypnotic state (particularly the state of enhanced awareness) , allow for a wide variety of therapeutic interventions that can also be used out of the hypnotic state - such as CBT - to be utilized in hypnosis, often more effectively than is possible without the enhanced awareness hypnosis brings. In addition, the unique characteristics of the hypnotic state allow for interventions not possible out of hypnosis.

Procrastination can result from a number of causes, including habitual behaviour patterns, fear of failure or more deeply rooted, sub-conscious psycho-dynamic belief systems (that CS habitually sneers at, but that tend to be resistant to superficial interventions, such as CBT). Hypnotherapy, in the hands of a properly trained, competent & PROFESSIONALLY REGISTERED therapist, can utilize any or all of these potential therapeutic approaches to help you resolve the problem. A good rule of thumb would be to initially pursue the more superficial & quicker approaches, such as CBT, which very often are extremely successful in such cases, Should this kind of intervention fail, more aggressive approaches, such as the hypno-analytic interventions can be considered.

If you do decide to pursue hypnotherapy in this regard, please consult a psychologist or medical practitioner who is properly trained in the use of hypnosis & clinical hypnotherapy. You can consult the SA Society of Clinical Hypnosis for a referral.

Go well

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Posted by: Sparticus | 2007/08/13

Ah, perhaps my theory will work. Most problems occur when you think you have a choice. There, plain and simple.

Brushing teeth, going to toilet, collecting your pay cheque, paying the credit card, filling up with petrol etc etc. are things we do because we dont really have a choice. The more mundane tasks like gardening , washing the car or doing laundry is where the joy of procrastination comes into its own. Having said that, perhaps it is not really procrastination that has got you in a knot, it's all the choices you've given to yourself. Before you shoot me down, how long would it take you to decide on the car of your dreams if I were to make such an offer? 1 day ? 10 days? A year? So, procrastination has never kept anybody from doing everything that needs to be done. Some things must be done- so do it. LOL ... great chatting to you

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