Posted by: Anon | 2006/03/31


There is a bad article in the Huisgenoot and the You magazines about the lesbian couple who murdered the little boy, it really is very bad and homophobic, they seem to blame it all on because of them being lesbians which is disgusting. I feel so angry about it, the media use every chance they can get to make us look really bad. Did other people see it? What can we do about this?

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Hi Anon and thanks for the post. The articles you refer to have offended and upset many people, with some saying that a complaint should be lodged with the Human Rights Commission. There is no doubt that such articles feed prejudice and cast aspersions on same-sex couple's ability to parent children. They also stereotype lesbians as being aggressive. Triangle Project is considering the matter, as I'm sure other gay organisations are also doing.

I encourage anyone who feels offended or hurt by the articles to write letters to the editor of these magazines - make your voice heard and flood her with complaints, and demand that they include a follow-up article on prejudice against us in a future edition. It is particularly disconcerting that YOU and Huisgenoot are part of the Media24 group, a cousin of Health24 - who host this gay and lesbian forum. How's that for double standards?

The editor of YOU and Huisgenoot is Esmaré Weideman, telephone (021) 406 2682, facsimile (021) 406 2592. Her postal address is as follows:

Esmare Weideman
PO Box 1802
Cape Town

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Posted by: P. | 2006/04/06

This whole matter irritates me so much, I really wish I could do more, they have done more harm than they realise. They have influenced so may people to be anti us. The next time blood is shed I hope they remember this.

Reply to P.
Posted by: tiara | 2006/04/03

everyone's mouthing off about the article but that pales into insignificance - what about the cover? The tacky "exclusive" scoop on the cover about LESBIAN murderers blew me completely.

Reply to tiara
Posted by: Brad | 2006/04/03

TTM you are missing the point completely.

Reply to Brad
Posted by: TTM | 2006/04/03

Guys, I live in the same town as these two women! Let me tell you, it sounds as if you want to "protect" them from the media going on like this because they are lesbians.......PLEASE! THEY MURDERED AN INNOCENT CHILD! I don't care if they are black, white, lesbian, straigh whatever, in my eyes they are ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply to TTM
Posted by: Larissa | 2006/04/03

What can we as individuals do???

Reply to Larissa
Posted by: NIkki | 2006/04/02

I think now is the time for the GLBT organisations to rise to the occasion and FILE A LAW SUIT !!!!!

THis SHOULD BE MADE PUBLIC and I think writing PRIVATE letters to the editor is NOT GOING TO HELP, after all they are NOT going to PUBLISH our complaints.

We need to act as AN ORGANISATION and not as individuals, this is going to go nowhere.

THe demands should be simply APOLOGISE or PAY UP!!!

Reply to NIkki
Posted by: Brian | 2006/04/02

What is Media24 and Naspers's ethos re hate speech and prejudice? Does anyone know?

Reply to Brian
Posted by: Norma | 2006/04/02

Abuse LGBT people, that's fine as long as we sell more magazines. So what if we're prejuidiced and f***k the constitution, the press and media in SA are a force of our own and you're NOTHING against us...... DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR? Everyone we simply MUST speak out and raise our voices. I'm writing to the editor, I hope everyone else will too - it takes two minutes but it could save one more person from a homoprejudiced attack, even a murder.

Reply to Norma
Posted by: Sharon | 2006/04/02

Everyone, please, I implore you - write to this woman and tell her what you think. If we don't and if we keep quite we become silent victims. Is that all we are?

Reply to Sharon
Posted by: Carol | 2006/04/02

Please please please someone report these damn irresponsible idiots to the press ombudsman or the human rights commission, this kind of rubbish is sick and must be stopped. I'll never buy a You magazine again and neither will any of my friends, I'll see to that. Freedom of the press? No, abuse of human rights and a gross dostortion of facts that results in HATE SPEECH!

Reply to Carol
Posted by: Tracey | 2006/04/02


Reply to Tracey
Posted by: Toni | 2006/04/02

I am not disgusted I'm O U T R A G E D - this is offensive and that editor must be taken to task. Media 24 can host this forum yet they can print that rubbish, how do they explain this? Siss on you guys, shame on you.

Reply to Toni
Posted by: Brad | 2006/04/02

I agree, they should be reported to the Human Rights Commission. And what happened to ethics in journalism? The article made me feel sick. I find YOU a very common, tatty magazine as it is but they're sunk to new depths and I agree with expert, let's send in as many letters of protest as possible. If we remain quiet we're guilty ourselves.

Look at it this way - if the person who murdered the child had been Jewish, or Muslim, or Christian (no cancel that - she probably considers herself Christain anyway) or Black or Coloured, would YOU have made such a fuss over it? NO they wouldn't have. They're a homo-prejudiced publication! Time to boycott YOU and Huisgennot guys? I think so but not before we all send in letters of protest. And the more times they get reported to the Human Rights Commission the better.

This is a very serious matter and we can't pretend it hasn't happened. We MUST respond, every one of us. If you lack the courage, just remember the lesbian who who was stoned to death in Cape Town in February by a mob of straights - because she's a lesbian. In Cape Town of all places, the so-called most liberal city in our country.

On a personal level I'm not hurt or offended - I AM DISGUSTED!

Reply to Brad
Posted by: Nikki | 2006/03/31

Yes Anon, unfortunately there are "bad" people everywhere. The fact that this article focuses on GAY rather then on the death of a child is typical in as much as the death of a family member of Parlement in a hi-jack focusses on crime. Nice juicy story that SELLS!

THe message for me is rather loud and clear. If we are gay we still have to be responsible for our actions and for WHO we are. It would be pointless to put the blame of this tragedy on the fact that the "father" was a lesbian. In my view "Thea" would have been ruthless as a heterosexual mother anyway and not necessarily because she happens to be gay.

OK, damage control is perhaps needed for the damage done to the "image" of gay community. May I suggest a lesbian couple who lives in harmony with kids being featured in both Huisgenoot and You any time soon? In fact the sooner the better but the question is, who will step forward?

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