Posted by: Brandy | 2004/12/08

How do i pick up the pieces?

When my boss tells me i m the worst performing employee in the Centre, ( I think the fact that i work hard is irrelevant at this stage, i feel thats another debate) how do u handle it? Stick around to prove she's wrong or do i simply leave? At this stage i dont feel im doing the company any good if thats how she feels about me. But is it how bosses behave or was she being unprofessional? How do i go on from here?Her exact words " In comparison with all the new people,i must say u r the worst performing....Im not the kind of woman who wants to prove themselves to anybody my life philosophy is to be the best that i can be and Not to compete at any stage in my life i believe life is too short to be bitchy, thats y i want to leave. Am i being a coward am i running away from life challenges? Whats life all about if i leave so unhapppily even though the money is good but my self worth is more important. I dont like the person that i have become bcos of this job. Im 26.

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Excellent answers from all, here. Paul is right about many things, including recognizing how lucky you are to have a job, and the value of competing effectively. Liza and NLM are right about the important point that your boss MUST document and be specific about her supposed evaluation. Maybe you ARE performing badly, as hard work doesn't always mean good or effective work. But she is being destructively negative if she just says you're doing badly, without carrying out her duty to be specific about what is good and what specifically is bad about your performance, HOW it could be improved, and indeed to offer further training and experience to improve that performance.

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Posted by: Pam | 2004/12/08

Hi Brandy

I also think you should not resign, because wherever you go, you will have to supply a reference from your previous job - and it might be her. So if she can say such a thing to you, imagine what she will say about you to someone else.

If you can also make sure that somebody else is aware of your work and what you do, please do that. That way you have a witness on your side who knows how good you do your work.

All the best.

Reply to Pam
Posted by: Lynne | 2004/12/08

Hi Brandy
In terms of fair performance evaluation, the Labour Act expects your boss to document your Key Performance Areas per task. She has to list the tasks you are expected to perform on a daily/weekly/monthly/annual basis, and how your performance on these will be measured. Most importantly, you have to agree to this by co-signing the document. She then has to conduct a formal performance appraisal with you, and sticking to the items on the list, measure whether you have done what you have agreed to do. There can also be a grading system per task, such as "Does not meet expectations", "Meets expectations", "Exceeds expectations". If you do fall short on any task, it is HER responsibility to address it by putting corrective measures in place - this could be more training required, changing work processes, etc.
There must be a 2-way agreement in the performance appraisal process, and no party is allowed to deviate from the WRITTEN agreement.
If your boss has not done this, she is the one that is being incompetent and unprofessional. In this case, you have good grounds to lodge a grievance.
On a more personal note - I have been around the block work-wise (being old and all!!), and I have always found that the a***holes in a company have a real talent for digging holes, and then falling into it themselves!
So stick around - if she is one of those, sit back and enjoy the show!

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Posted by: J | 2004/12/08

Stick around, don’t resign.I think she will eventually get tired of picking on you and turn her attention onto someone else.You are probably a threat to her and you should take it as a compliment.She knows how good you are at your job (maybe, she even knows more about how good you are than you do).

Keep notes of what is happening and report her to her boss.Don’t suffer in silence- the more who knows about her behaviour the better. You could also lay a formal grievance.Check with the company’s HR regarding the policies in place.

In the meantime, recognize your self-worth and your value to your company.Continue to build your own self-esteem and remain in charge of YOUR feelings.Don’t let her undermine you!!

Reply to J
Posted by: NLM | 2004/12/08

Brandy, i am the CEO of 11 companies and i can assure you that your boss is extremely unprofessional--I will never allow my Managers to act in such an unprofessional way. Could you give a little bit more info ? What type of work is it ---clerical, reception etc How long have you been in this company and are you a casual or a permanent employee? If you could give this info, i will be able to give you legal advice on this issue, but to resign is not going to be the answer, the reason being where ever you go, you will always find some creature that will make ---or try to --- make your life a missary. Deal with this person at work level and carry on with your career.

Lastly, never ever allow people to " BILLBOARD " you--by that i mean that they put a label around your neck===you are lazy===you dont perform===u'r fat===u'r worthless=== labels i call them, because if you allow that, your whole selfesteem will go for a loop. Anyhow, I will forward your answer to my Personnel Manager and he will advice you ..

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Posted by: Liza | 2004/12/08

Personally I think that if she doesn't have the documentation to support her allegations, she shouldn't be making statements like that. Utterly unprofessional as well as irresponsible. Take heart in the fact that you're working as hard as you can. You get good bosses and you get bad bosses. She sounds like one of the bad ones (almost like mine) And don't think that the grass is greener on the other side. Rather keep your job and just continue working hard - any hard worker is an asset to a company. And if she said this to you in front of other people - you can even take it up with the HR/Personnel department in your company and lodge a grievance. Then she will HAVE to prove her allegations - and she could get a warning - one step nearer to getting fired. Perhaps she's not only picking on you - she could be doing this to some of the other people under her as well. Stand up for your rights!

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Posted by: Paul | 2004/12/08

Whoaa there, Im 26 too so that no excuse. Until I read this "Im not the kind of woman who wants to prove themselves to anybody my life philosophy is to be the best that i can be and Not to compete at any stage in my life i believe life is too short to be bitchy, thats y i want to leave." How can you expect to possibly excel and be noticed if this is your attitude. Im sorry to say but you need to take your bosses recomendation seriously and start sorting yourself out. Its tough out there and if you don't push it and PROVE yourself to yourself and others, the system is going to purge you like piece of off chicken. Being the best you can be is great but without healthy competition and some serious drive youll fall behind. Not many of us like who we are at work, but we have to do it to earn a living, and make the best of it.

Your self worth will improve when you start competing and winning in your field.

Do you realise how lucky we are to be working anyways?

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