Posted by: Kitty | 2013/02/05

House Breaking, Knowing how they think

Our neighbourhood has recently been perpetuated by violent house break-ins, whereby the home owners are physically harmed by the intruder.

While chatting to one of the victims they explained how he begged the attacker to “ take whatever they want and to please not hurt us!“  While this approach might help in some instances, it didn’ t in this one, where the attacker replied “ Don’ t tell me what to do… ”  and then proceeded to stab him with the intent of killing him. Apparently there was so much hate in his attackers’  eyes, a complete stranger. One could rationalise that the reason for all this hate could be due to you living a better life than they are (perhaps they live in a shack somewhere without electricity and you live in a lap of luxury). But how could they become so consumed with hate for someone they never met?
This is very worrying as it seems you cannot even beg for your life, they want to be in total control (in your own home). So my question is  how do you react, what do you do &  say (or not say) to ensure that you &  your family remain safe throughout the ordeal?
The main aim is to essentially get out of it alive, so how do you get into their mentally and read the signs (obviously because each attacker is different).

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Our expert says:
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Its hard to fathom what if anything is useful to say in such circumstances, because there is no one type of person who carries out these break-ins, and no one type of motive, etc. Clearly some of these people are truly savage and no more possible to talk out of violence than if one talks to a savage dog preparing to attack. They may be in the mood for violence, and looking for some slight excuse to go ahead with it.
They are probably not feeling hate for YOU specifically, as Mrs K, but as a generic specimen of the Haves while they ( who may be to a greater or lesser extent in part responsible for their own deprivation, as its is not totally always someone else's fault ) feel on behalf of ALL the Have-Nots, they are justified to get revenge.
It seems of some limited use to be passive and obedient and to avoid giving any resistance that will help encourage them to be violent.
What do other readers think ?

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Our users say:
Posted by: Lerato | 2013/02/06

As a black person who has been burglerised by a 19year old homeless gay white guy i sometimes helped TWICE,,i dont think its a racial thing...i believe the guy also felt that i didnt deserve all i had when he had to beg for everything he has..i dont think its a racial thing but a ratio thing, and the first time i was burgled and had a gun held to my head was by a black guy and i was only in Standard 8 people are a majority in SA and the majority is living well below the bread line and they go out and commit these horrendous crimes in numbers...i lived in the UK for a while and most of the crime was committed by white people etc cause they are a majority there..

I think some people are just evil whatever race they are and just like the easy way out.and one problem (at the risk of being chastised) with most black south africans is their sense of entitlement..Nobody bought the house i live in or the car i drive and stuff i want i either save for or blow my money and face the consequences the government or no one owes me nothin..the world owes me fokol..

..Rest assured fellow white South Africans most of us working black south africans with morals and ethics do not hate u and we are just as petrified for our safety as u are....

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Posted by: Ned | 2013/02/06

Whatever you do - DON''T LOOK at their faces....look down at the floor and answers questions firmly and quickly but otherwise keep quiet. Typically these type of attackers are in a very stressful condition believe it or not and will potentially kill you if they think you can recognise by looking at their faces. They are also trying to get in and out fast so cooperate with them as much as possible....

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Posted by: Kitty | 2013/02/05

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Let us only pray that we will never fall.prey to these kinds of attacks. Take away the crime and South Africa would be heaven to live in!

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Posted by: Anon | 2013/02/05

I don''t think there is much that any victim can do, personally I believe it''s just luck based whether you get a violent or non-violent attacker. If you get a complete savage, someone who feels no empathy, there''s nothing you can do or say that would make them spare your life.

My parents did teach me to shut up and do what they ask, in the situation you described, I would''ve done just that, kept quiet, given them what they wanted if they ask and not even have looked at them. Essentially be as submissive as possible and pose no threat to them and hopefully they will take what they want and leave.

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Posted by: Chris758 | 2013/02/05

While on holiday in the Western Cape I noticed tha the houses did not have any burglar proofing and no high fences etc. There are no serious crimes on the West Coast and we stayed aproximately 3 km from a big coloured township. It was over the Christmas holidays and they enjoyed themselves as only they can but no incidents what so ever. It was then that we sat and talked about this and I made a comment that the reason for this situation is that the coloured people do not hate the white people but the blacks hate the white people.

This morning in traffic a black driver in a Audi has stopped in the intersection and when we wanted to cross the intersection I asked him if he could reverse so that we have the space to come through. The person behind him left a space for this to happen. He started swearing calling me a f###ng white pig and giving me the middle finger. He is in the wrong but he shouted this at me and the car behind me.

What I say is I do not hate black people, I hate what they do and why they do it!! The people killing the persons where they break in are most probably outsiders that come to this country without work and have to steal to survive but why they do it in such a barbaric way remains a mistery!!

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