Posted by: Candice | 2004/12/23

Ho Ho Ho Marry Christmas for Candice

Hey guys you won't believe what happend. The bastard called and told me he was in P.E where he took his wife and kids for holidays. He now wants us to leave on Saturday for the UK and he appologize for not alerting me, cause he had to get rid of the wife quickly.
Guys I'm now confused cause I told him to go back to P.E and be with his family cause he doesn't deserve to be with me but I just feel so sad I really love him and want to be with him especially during the holidays.
I even told him to log on to this website and he will understand why I had to say that, cause I got advise from people who don't know me and who won't judge me.
I really want to go to the UK with him but....... The thought of me being just a shag on the side is really killing me.

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What on earth is even remotely loveable about a rat who will do this to his wife and kids ? You know, as your last sentence reveals, exactly what he really considers you to be, and if you travelled with him, you'd be a form of Room Service. And from the way he is treating this wife andkids, you know already how he would treat you. YOu KNOW that you deserve much, much more, as does his wife.

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Posted by: ******* | 2004/12/23

To Everyone
I agree with Peter,very good point there.
Candice knows the mens married but yet she still goes after him.It's disgusting...its a different story if he lied that his not married. How can anyone justify Candice's actions??????


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Posted by: Peter | 2004/12/23

If this story is true...i wish that this mens leaves you.Both of you make me sick!!!His married but his cheating on his wife...i think his using you 4 sex...WHAT MAKES ME EVEN MORE SICK is the fact that you know his married but yet you still run after him.There are millions of other men...why are you -|- ing with a married men

You make me sick Candice!!!

Reply to Peter
Posted by: CK | 2004/12/23

Only a pleasure Candice.
To Christmas cheer, you can believe this lies.

Have a wonderful day

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Posted by: ****** | 2004/12/23

Thanks i will have a nice Christmas...

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Posted by: Christmas cheer | 2004/12/23

Thats the wa to think Candice - forget about those that are ugly as they are bored and full of air!

Have a Merry Christmas and forget about him - you can be sooo happy with someone else! :)

Reply to Christmas cheer
Posted by: Candice | 2004/12/23

I will just ignore the last two postings for my sake.
And to all of you guys Thank you a lot I will think about it very hard and try to make the right decision ( and that is not being with him ). I will try to find someone who is single and forget him.
I will always think about your advice.
Thanks a lot guys and have a merry christmas and a happy new year especially to CK and ******* enjoy your holidays guys.

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Posted by: concerned | 2004/12/23

If this is a hoax and Candice is playing the fool then i am even more disgusted in her because sum of us here that are trying to deal with past mistakes, bring all those feelings and thoughts back to help somebody else not to the same and for what?

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Posted by: GTI | 2004/12/23

To CK & *******
Im with you guys!


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Posted by: ******* | 2004/12/23

Hi, i agree with CK.This is just a hoax...


Reply to *******
Posted by: CK | 2004/12/23

I think Candice is bored at work is is trying to attract attention.I don't believe anything she is saying...Only a "hoar" would do something like this...

This is my opion!!!


Reply to CK
Posted by: Beyond Tired | 2004/12/23

Hi Candice,
Don't give in to the emotions, I know the holiday sounds good and being in love with him and wanting to spend time with him is actually all consuming, but the fact that he is leaving his family on Christmas day doesn't sound plausible, be careful, there is going to be another let down and he definitely, sorry as you said, only sees you as a shag on the side. He will never commit to you and if he does it won't last.
Congrats on telling him to go back to PE and telling him you deserve more, that is a great step in the right direction. You will feel sad, it is normal, it is a great loss and feeling like you have been used is tough but you can get through this. Find some friends to keep you company and spend as much time doing things you enjoy and try not to think of him.
Good luck and take care, you are worthy of love from someone special and he will come you way, just believe it and don't search.
Have a great Christmas, a safe one and one filled with joy and love.

Reply to Beyond Tired
Posted by: concerned | 2004/12/23

Candice, Candice, Candice

Just one sweet lie out of his mouth and all resistance crumbles hey?

This has got to stop, i posted one of the advises yesterday and really thought it would open your eyes!

Sit down and just think how this thing is going to end up. i know what you are going through but ITS NOT WORTH IT!!!!!! Lets say he leaves his wife and kids for your.....they are ALWAYS going to be part of his life. Birthdays, school functions, parent evenings, christmas's, graduations COME ON girl ! Do you honestley think that you will be accepted by his family and friends knowing that you broke his marriage up. Believe me when people find out YOU WILL FEEL LIKE AN OUTCAST! i know i did and my friends and family still look at me after 3 years with dissappointment in their eyes. its terrible.

Im not judging you please believe me i just want to help other girls not make the mistake that i did. Please end this relationship for your own good.

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Posted by: IT girl | 2004/12/23

Hey Candice...

I cant tell you what to do it is your CHOICE...but therei s an innocent family involved here (please remember that) its not just about the 2 of you otherwise it would be easy...

If you arent sure - its simple DONT GO... this is a major turning point in both of your lives..if you do go then his family is doomed to every have a happy ending

If you stay it might make him realsie to actually give it another try and make it work and maybe those kids can have a happy family life...

I know you must feel sad and lonley over this time but love is also NOT SELFISH and by being with this man you are being selfish as he is married and he does have children to look after and be a dad too...

You are young and there are so many awesome lovely guys out there who are free with no complications and can offer you the love and RESPECT you deserve not a fling that is dirty guilty and shameful - you dont want this to always be hanign over your head that you helpo ruin a married and destroy the childrens hope of marriage and families...

Pls think hard as this is so serious - you can always spend christmas with freinds and family it doesnt have to be with him and so what if he has paid for the tickets (dont let him put the guilt on you about it) make a stand for yourself as a woman not as one that is easily swayed by dont know what the future holds maybe he;ll drop you as soon as he finds another one???

God bless and remember life is uncertain by it your choice too and choose to have happiness not a complicated and guilty one.

Reply to IT girl
Posted by: Angel | 2004/12/23

ooopppsss I posted it to u Candice sorry for the mistake!!!


Reply to Angel
Posted by: Candice | 2004/12/23

Hi There,

Girlfriend it will not be wise to go with him u will only get hurt and in the process his wife and kids will also be hurt.

Make a list : what can this guy really offer u ??? sex ??? and thats all !!! :( be brave tell him to go!!! go and look 4 a nice young single guy that will love u and adore u ....u can go to the UK some other time with the right person :)

Pack ur things an go to some family or friend for the rest of your holiday !!!

Well hope u make the right decision have a fab christmas and new year :)


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