Posted by: Philip | 2013/01/22

HIV and sysmtoms


I had sex with a girl on the 10th of october 2012 it was a very brief encounter, i had a condom on and it didnt burst and i checked for any leakage and there was non. i had an elisa hiv test on the 8 of jan 2013 (I waited the three months) and it was negative. but today i woke up to find a swollen lymph node on the bottom of my neck only on the left side only, and i have a few swollen lymph nodes in my groin. they are not painful at all and they don''t bother me at all. is this a sign of HIV

and i dont have any things else wrong with me besides having Bad acid reflux for which i take nexium or

im male and im 20

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Posted by: Mimi | 2013/01/23

A swollen lymph node is not the sign of HIV only. Lymph nodes, just like tonsils, are the body''s first defense against invasion by any alien virus. It''s more like the fact that the body is designed to develop fever to try to fight a viral infection, whatever the virus is. If u used a condom, and it did not break at all, then there is no way u could have caught HIV in ur encounter even if the girl was positive (which u don''t know if she is). Just relax man and make sure u always play it safe, as u did. Besides, Elisa test is highly reliable and you tested after the window period.

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