Posted by: Inspector | 2013/01/18

He''s s dup

After meticulous analysis it is clear that Sello posts under numerous epithets on the same posting.

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Posted by: Observer | 2013/01/20

What is your point?
Your a white hating, irational black racist who loves taunting whities so you can get a f*cking hard on when you get a reaction back.

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Posted by: Leila | 2013/01/20

But Sello you''v also hit back hard what some might also consider as being racist remarks. All is even here now. Do you accept?

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Posted by: Sello | 2013/01/19

I will only leave that signature the day DH and Man40 retracts and appologises for all the racists statements they made on MT about black people and the ANC. I will refrain from using that signature when these white tendecies ceases. otherwise the war rages on and as you know there can be no peace between lions and man

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Posted by: Leila | 2013/01/18

Sello, you are making some nice jokes here, yeah Im sure Mr Inspector is wrong here.
But I dont think you should use that signature.

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Posted by: Sello | 2013/01/18

And what is your epithet Mr Inspector?

I am Sello, the only Sello. This pig burster and the ANC member who is loaded from selling week that was cultivated from DH''s backyard garden. Those that you think are my epithet are nothing but people who has taken interest in the topic concerned and they happen to agree and adore me. Does that bother you to such an extent that you think we are the same person. This proves my signature " i am black and strong and i have made my point" 


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