Posted by: Nana1 | 2013/02/07

HELP: Girl inflect a boy situation,how do u handle it,men specially

Morning to all

i was dignosed years ago and my current husband then boyfriend applied for a life cover policy and it was approved ,as couple he suggested i go test too,supprise i was positive,him being _ by the outcome of the policy of cos, but we had been intimate by that time n without a cd. i thought he was going to leave then, but he stood around. encouraging me,supportive.
but things have changed ,i think he cannot deal with reality now and he has regrets i think,he treat me like an object, he is so suspicion of evry single male species i come across inc family members.
according to him i have to hate evry man. he sometimes says hurtful words like se*ebe,you enjot having man around, like he does not trust me at all.
He wants me to do everthing the way he wants, he searches my phone, emails,he does not want me to go to family events/funerals.
I personally have accepted my status and doing well, xcept he stresse me a lot, i think his stress is going to kill me more than the virus its self.
I want to leave him, but i am not well to start off fanancially. i feel he has not accepted my status and he blames me all the time, life is not nice and we have too kidz.
he does not want to get conselling. i tried putting up,but its not easy.
has anyone being in a relationship where she bought/infected a boyfriend ? cos i believe the situation differs if it is the other way around, woman forgives and forget and continue loving.


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Posted by: Just Curious | 2013/02/08

If you feel so strongly abouth him, then why are you still with him and still being intimate with him? Doesn''t being in such close proximity to himprolong your healing process?

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Posted by: Tee Girl | 2013/02/07

I hate him, Ihate him for his dishonesty. I wud have stayed if he had told me prior to getting married. I hate him for not giving me the oportunity to make my own decision.

Its not the deseas i hate, its his dishonest......

But if he had not known i would have embraced it.afterall its not a death sentence. Looking at him he is still health and it doesnt look like he will be sick anytime soon

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Posted by: Just Curious | 2013/02/07

Did you ever conftont him after you found out Tee Girl? How''s the relationship between the two of you now, is it just as good as it was or has it changed since?

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Posted by: tee girl | 2013/02/07

Sweety people are different. In my case he had been positive for years.During marriage preparations i insisted on testing but he always brushed it off. After marriage we continued with condoms as i cannot use contraceptives but occasionally didnt use the cd. i had my son and we were both negative so did not do much. I then found arv''s 2 years ago and questioned him and he still did not disclosed. I then did my own investigation and found out that he had been infected 20yrs ago and the mother of his child passed away. The girlfriend prior to me also got hospitalised a couple of times for TB and other hiv related diseases. I even had all their blood tests and counts(dont ask me how i got the info coz my ways are not all legal).

Needless to say im carrying our second child and i already hate her. Sometimes i wish i could miscarry. I hate this monster im livivng with. I feel he is a murder and deserves to die in hell. By God''s grace im still HIV negative bt i still feel he is evil because of his intentions to kill me.

I dont think i will ever forgive him. If i could i would put poison in his food in small doses daily. I am going through therapy but its obviously not helping.

But i always say, what he has done to me, someone will do to his sisters and we will see if he will like it.

Karma is a bitch

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Posted by: Haibo | 2013/02/07

I dont think it has anything to do with r status. Sometimes love ends and becos of our status we tend to believe that its because of it.A person who loves you will love you no matter what. Tell him mayb you separate and see his reaction.

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