Posted by: 8 yrs | 2013/01/12

healthy living with hiv is possible

hi guys, i just want to take this time &  give hope to those ppl who hv just been diagnosed. I was diagnosed this month in 2005 @ the age of 22, i took it upon myself to learn as much as i could abt the virus. Wht i learnt is that Hiv is nt bad at all if u diagnosed early, that is why its NB 4 ppl 2 knw their statuses. When i was diagnosed my cd4 +-450 nw am at 859. My secret is acceptance, exercising, eating healthy, taking multivit (centrum in my case), take care of my spiritual life. Hv goals, continue dreaming, dnt stop living &  wait 4 death. Stop blaming urself &  others, always remind urself that God loves u no matter wht. When u r happy with urself everything just falls into place, careerwise u go places ur personal life also improves. Since my diagnoses i hv since graduated twice, bought properties, grown in my career. This is possible 2 all of us bt it starts with u...all the best 4 2013

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Posted by: 8 years | 2013/01/14

@ Cool, if u follow the PMTCT theraphy ur baby will be -ve, speak 2 ur Dr abt it. @Casey, with determination u will run those 10 comrades &  even more. All the best guys!

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Posted by: Casey | 2013/01/14

Very encouraging indeed, I was diagnosed in 2009, cd4 was at 500, I took multivit, and was involved in sport with ultra marathons, but noticed that I prepare for utra marathon I always drop a lot of weight which results in drop if Cd4, I was never councelled or been in support group, but I am positive about myself, I graduated last year n still cntinue studying, Last I ran my second comrades marathon, m intending to take 10 of them n I will, with determination

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Posted by: Cool | 2013/01/13

Ooooh,I''m so scared of my results tomorrow,bt with ppl like you I almost feel much liter.I wish my baby,s can be negative

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