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Haywire Hormones

Hi Cyberdoc

Please tell me what I can do to get rid of oral and vaginal thrush forever. I am allergic to Diflucan.

I have always used tampons - is there any evidence that using sanitary towels are better in terms of thrush aggravation?
I am taking Probiotics - please tell me what strength and for how long is really beneficial?
Am I wasting money in buying Cranberry supplements to help me with the probiotics?
I am not in a relationship, not having intercourse for 2 years.
I was treated for thrush over and over again, it just zooms back.
I was in a foul temper, irregular bleeding, you name it - my pap smear came back clear, the 3 hormone test was fine (43 years old).
Of my own accord I started Yasmin again and I am about 10 days before the silver section (period), my mood has improved since I started it. What would this indicate to you if anything hormone wise? (I am Asthmatic). My moods were so bad that my mom and house-mate and the dog tread around eggs on me - only the cat seems to understand! Its a nightmare not knowing what is wrong with me. My mother swears its menopause onset.

I have a gripe in that every gynae I have ever been to wants to know why I never had kids. Its really put me off.
I am seeing a psychiatrist (state) and she is going to do hormone tests, gynae tests and the whole toot. I am on Cymbalta (no improvement in mood) so my GP sent me to her. Now I don' t know, could I be menopausal even if I still get periods but erratic and bleeding for long periods off the pill?

Now I am on it again, how long will I have to be off it again before she can do all the testing? I started it before I saw her and she told me to stay on it for now.

I find it strange that I feel better (mood) on the Yasmine, but maybe its the combo of Yasmine and Cymbalta. What do you think?

I know you are busy please please can you answer every question, I' ve been all over the show and now I' m sick of it, literally.

Should I do the anti-Candida Diet and if so where do I find the proper one, there are lots of Candida diets out there. Your period is supposed to be a curse, but I tell you Candida is the curse. Periods are a breeze in comparison.

Please help me and tell me what to do.

I see the Psychiatrist at the end of the month but am going through hell in the meantime. State - she is not contactable.

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Our expert says:
Expert ImageCyberDoc

Hi Berry
1. using sanitary towels are not necessarily better in terms of thrush aggravation as long as you change your tampons every 6 hours
2. It is better to take the probiotics that have 3 or more strains and you need to take it 3 times a day - it does help
3. Cranberries will help to prevent urine tract infections but not really prevent candida
4. Causes of constant candida infections could be low immunity ( after chemotherapy, low white cell count, HIV etc), stress, re-infecting yourself by wiping the wrong way (back to front instead of front to back - as candida is a normal "commensal" organism of the bowel - meaning it can co -exist in peace with us there!)
5. Irregular bleeding can be caused by ovarian cysts, irregular ovulation, interference of medication or herbal treatments with the hormone production of the body, thyroid problems, depression, anxiety
6. Yasmin will stabilize your hormone levels so may improve the mood swings. Menopause is when you stop menstruating but women often battle with what we call pre- or peri-menopausal symptoms: Hot flashes, night sweats, coldness, irregular periods, sleep disorders, mood changes, heart palpitations, dry skin and hair loss, urine leaking, vaginal dryness
7. The only reason why the gynes ask about why you did not have kids is because they need to know if you tried and couldn't fall pregnant (infertility would indicate maybe infections or hormone shortages or previous tube pregnancy) and also leads to the question "did you ever use medication to stimulate ovulation" that helps them identify diseases like Polycystic ovarian syndrome. It is not because they criticize you for not wanting any!
8. Cymbalta may not be the ideal medication to use if you feel irritable, you may feel better on a calming type of antidepressant like Trepilene. Cymbalta can cause anxiety, agitation, panic attacks, hostility or aggressiveness, restlessness or inability to sit still. (So tell your mom and housemate and the dog - its not you, it is the medication causing the grumpiness :-) Get yourself some Biral over the counter - you can take 2 tablets 3 times a day if you feel anxious and irritable to calm you down. You can take Biral together with the Cymbalta.
9. You don't have to follow an anti-Candida diet but try to avoid foods containing yeast (wine, mushrooms, bread) Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables
10. It may help to get Betadine douche if you are not allergic to iodene and to use this twice a day for a week to get rid of the current infection and any other possible bacteria that may be causing symptoms - you may need a prescription from your GP
Dr Bets

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