Posted by: Jessy | 2007/06/04

Has to wear diaper, because of anal ....


I have a friend who is gay. He has been having anal sex for a couple of years now.

He has to wear a diaper because he cant control his anus muscles anymore. (so he basically shits in his diaper)

Unfortunately this is what happens when one has anal sex.

Sad but true.

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Posted by: Rob | 2016/05/22

I was 13 when I had anal for the first time. He was 22 and considerably bigger than me but not bigger than what normally comes out back there. It was fine and felt good. I know some will say it was all wrong but it wasn't. I was a super horny guy. I have been bottoming ever since and I am now 50. Only had one issue that caused total incontinence..... At both ends. He was Italian and super big. Literally horse hung. It felt so good and we did it numerous times over a weekend. Being in a tent, it was easy to duck out to pee, which happened often. It was at home when I realized a problem and hosed down my jeans and briefs. I got up from the sofa to go pee and I was going full blast when I began to walk to the bathroom. Embarrassing as it was witnessed by my 2 sons. I was informed via a friend who examined me that I did indeed suffer some stretching problems out back and my prostate was beat up a bit too from the sex. He gave me some adult diapers to wear. He was right in the fact that when I had to shit, I felt things moving but the ability to restrain it was not there. It was a humbling experience as I was walking when it happened and boom I was open at both ends. In all, it took the better part of a whole week to feel comfortable enough, and trust myself, and get that past me. I was most afraid of wetting my bed, which happened the first full day back home. Wetting myself fully clothed was also alarming to me as it was not expected. Having to have the "daddy has to wear diapers" talk with my two sons wasn't fun either. People are so apt to ridicule people different than they are. Yes, the OP was joking at first, but it CAN happen. Seeking medical attention was key. Knowing my physician helped, as he knew the guy in was with, and due to medical reasons, wears diapers when a bathroom may not be available. And.....diapers are not the worst thing in life either. I now have a small airplane and guess what I wear for undies when I am in the air for a few hours? It beats trying to go in a bottle!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/03/23

you guys are sick dudes.

Reply to Anonymous
Posted by: Ben | 2014/10/23

Truly, Jesse is right. Having it in the ass is dangerous health wise. The Ass becomes like a missing bowl for semen, saliva, lubricants, feaces and bacterias. The result is no wonder diapers and shorter lifespan. This is a fact. No one is asking one not to be a gay but the health risk are real.

Reply to Ben
Posted by: Unknown | 2007/06/29

Okay EVERYONE did Jessy say it was him having the problem or his friend. You guys must start reading before critizising.

Reply to Unknown
Posted by: Rade | 2007/06/05

And why does this sound like Huisgenoot. If you want to criticize you better have knowledge or I'll smack your ass.

Reply to Rade
Posted by: Spiderman | 2007/06/05

HEY Bollokz back off and leave Chameleon_boy alone! before i b!tch slap your ass all the way to China!


Reply to Spiderman
Posted by: Gareth | 2007/06/05

Bollokz, you are an ignorant, little a$$hole, probably with a very small d*ck and probably only 15 years old! Does your mommy know you hang around on gay forums? It's probably because you have a secret fantasy about gay s*x yourself that you seem to know what other people's dicks smell like. Try and educate yourself al little more before you try to make clever comments. Now p*ss off!!

Reply to Gareth
Posted by: bollokz | 2007/06/05

Damn Cham-boy.


Gay & lesbian expert

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Posted by: Chameleon_boy | 2007/06/05

Hey guys!

Relax please,

I only meant to said that through normal anal penetration the streching and shrinking of the sphincter(sp sorry) wont strech abnormaly and remain streched to some extent, only through abnormal means...

Thanks guys


Reply to Chameleon_boy
Posted by: LONEWOLF | 2007/06/05

I agree. This is starting to sound like something from HUISGENOOT.

Posted by: NO! | 2007/06/04

Guys People Everyone WHY WHY WHY are we even defedning ourselves against the likes of an absolute idiot called Jesse? Surely we are above this and worth more than this? Why do we as gays and lesbians sink to their micro, sordid level? Are we no better than these small-minded particles of ignorance? We know better, so why do we let these few jerks hold us back? Just let them go. They're wasted. We're not.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/02/11

Posted by: GeorgeI | 2007/06/04

I really doubt that Jesse is an authority....

Jesse, does your butt respond better to 2 or 3 fingers?

I thought so.... as I said..... forget about her.

Reply to GeorgeI
Posted by: Anon | 2007/06/04

Cham_boy, there's a differnce between getting real tight and staying relaxed, and that depends on each uniquie person. Don't let these straight people's toxic ideas get to you - don't let them deny you your pleasure. God made your arse a magical place, with a stretching sphincter, the ability to contract again and and your prostate gland (same as a woman's G-spot which I bet sour Jessy still needs to experience) so for goodness sake get into enjoyment mode!

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Posted by: God's Word is Truth | 2014/09/25

"Though they know God's righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them." - Romans 1:32

Posted by: Chameleon_boy | 2007/06/04

Just to make something clear... i am a sexualy active bottom boy and have had toys and my bfs uhmmm ja in me... so i know it does tighten again... i was scared in the beginning but now i am fine with it cos i know it does not strech and remain streched... my mother however works in the medical field as a nurse and they had to operate on a guy that was raped with a wine bottle... but out of my experience (limited as it is and refering above) i know better than to believe bullshit but like i said it is possible but NOT under normal circumstances...

i hope i am clear on this...

Thanks guys for your concern...

Chamboy XXX

Reply to Chameleon_boy | 1 comment (hide)
Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/02/11

Posted by: Chameleon_boy | 2007/06/04

Gay guy and guys n gals,

My apologies for not making myself clear... it is possible under the circumstances that you describe believe me a 13 year old anus being forced open by a monster (and i do mean a monster!) 17year old penis did strech but "fixed" itself after two months... nothing too serious just had to be careful when farting... (blush)... but not normal anal penetration... one question though... during anal sex your anus does relax and it must tighten again... i know mine does... how long does it take?? A few seconds? a few minutes??? Sorry if anything said here offends anyone... and i am serious on my apology

Stax of hugs and love

Chamboy XXX

Reply to Chameleon_boy
Posted by: Neil | 2007/06/04

Any sex can be violent - even oral sex or vaginal sex can be rough or agressive. I agree with Gay Gay totally. Unless you're dating a psychopath (Heaven forbid!) you have nothing to fear!<br><br>As the gay expert says all the time you need to use plenty of lube (water-based!) and take it really slowly and easy. <br><br>If there's ever any pain or discomfort during anal sex STOP what you're doing - wait a few seconds and if the pain doesn;t subside stop the act. And in most cases, as the gay expert rightly says, it probably means that you're not relaxed enough.<br><br><br><br>So Cham_Boy don't let jerks such as Jesse get to you. You're entitled to express your sexuality, as long as you play it safe.

Reply to Neil
Posted by: Gay guy | 2007/06/04

Cham_Boy, what do you mean "it may happen?" - you're begining to believe these people's hate speech? No ways - I've been shagged I-honestly-don't-know-how-many-times and my little guava is in the same condition in which left the production line. <br><br>It doesn't happen C_Boy unless you get seriously raped or there's some really hectic damage done (such as pushing a sharp object in there). Which is impossible during normal anal sex. Normal sex is about pleasure, not causing harm or damage. The same applies to both vaginal and anal sex. <br><br>Take Jesse with a LARGE pinch of salt, mate. Somehow I don't think they the ultimate authorities on this.

Reply to Gay guy
Posted by: Brad | 2007/06/04

In your dreams Jessy - after giving birth to several children, does a woman's uterus fall out her vagina???? Come on, go get a life and catch a sense of reality before you try to offer advice to others. The anus consists of sphincter muscles, capable of expaning and contracting. Even YOUR mouth, after speaking such garbage, manages to close up again. Think about it honey.

Reply to Brad
Posted by: TeenQueen | 2007/06/04

What complete and utter rubbish. My server was down and I started reading this hot topic and realizes how unexperienced some are with the anus. Expolre your body. You might find that if you go gently, you don't hurt anything. Then practices such as fisting will be no problem. I think your friend just wants sympathy.

Reply to TeenQueen
Posted by: Deeve | 2007/06/04

Jessy, I have serious doubts that this would happen with normal penetration, not ever. BUT, your friend could well be into other practices, such as fisting etc....have you ever asked him in gory detail? ...not quite I would recon!! Just checking...

Reply to Deeve
Posted by: cHAMELEON_BOY | 2007/06/04


SAD BUT BULLSHIT... It might happen yes, but what is your point???

I have a gay friend that has been havign anal sex for 20 years now and nothing happend.

It depends on each individual...



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