Posted by: Gareth | 2007/07/25

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I know that this is unrelated, but we are all friends here, right, muggles and wizards...

I am not ashamed to say that I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, books movies the works! I could obviously not wait to read the final book.

Now that it is all over, I would like to know what those of you who've also read it thought of it.

I loved it, from the beginning to the end. It was a true magical ride. This book took you on and emotional rollercoaster. You were happy, sad, scared, shocked, extatic, I laughed out loud at times, I cried. JK rowling has delivered, more so than in the previous books. The epilogue was a bit soppy and left some questions, but the happy news is that Jo said she will write a sort of encyclopidia to put in all of the extra stuff that was cut from the publications and answer questions like what happened to this or that person, what work did they do, etc. Although, we should not expect this soon, as she made it clear that she is now taking some time off to enjoy the rewards Harry has brought her, which is well deserved I think.

The 7th book though, was a wonderful ending to an era

What do you guys think?

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Sorry, I'm not a Harry Potter fan but the dialogue between Gareth and Steve has certainly piqued my interest and curiosity. I like your suggestion Gareth - please go ahead with your post "Spoiler - DON'T read if you don't want to know the end". People can open it at their own peril, and if they haven't read the books yet they're not likely to relate to any of the characters' names.

Interestingly, I'm confident that it'll only be a matter of time before a psychodynamic analysis of HP uncovers some gay theme in the magical HP saga.... do a Google of "Harry Potter + gay" and you'll already find a wide list of articles.

Thanks for the post Gareth - good to hear from you again.

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Posted by: Gareth | 2007/07/27

Expert, I have to say that I secretly hoped Harry would turn out gay in the last book, hehehe. Maybe snogging Ron, or realising that he is in love with Malfoy, hehe. Look out for the spoiler post

Reply to Gareth
Posted by: Duncan | 2007/07/26

Gareth I was following your interactions with Steve and am learning quite a bit from this so please post more or post again?

Reply to Duncan
Posted by: Marlboro | 2007/07/26

Hi guys
You all are making me jelous. I haved read any of the HP books hence i work with books lol. I just have to go find all the books and read it. Or one of you guys can just forward all the HP books LOL

Reply to Marlboro
Posted by: Steve | 2007/07/26

Maybe we should, if they choose to open it, they would have spoilt it for themselves.... :-)

Reply to Steve
Posted by: Gareth | 2007/07/26

Kyle (and anyone else still busy reading...let us know when you are done so we can discuss it)
Steve, maybe we should create a new post and subject it "Spoiler - Don't read if you don't want to know the end" but obviously people WILL then read it...

Reply to Gareth
Posted by: Steve | 2007/07/26

Thanks Gareth! I am so glad that someone shares my views on the subject. The last scene of Order ofthe Phoenix was also not done right. Harry was very angry and distraught about what happened, and dumbledore was calm, and he allowed harry to destroy his office and things, and in the movie it comes across that harry is jst depressed, and taking it for what it is worth... It irritated me somewhat. As for the characters, they left out a lot of characters that gives the story it's colour, dobby for instance, the twins did not get the the role they deserved, they are merely casted as supporting characters... I would want to see much more from the movies but I understand that you can cram only so much info into so much time. Maybe they should have made 3 hour-movies, but that might be too long considering their target audience, the kiddies.

As for the dumbledore dude, I agree that it will fall flat on it's face, like I said, the only time I got a feeling that Dumbledore lost it was when he drank the potion, whether this guy will be able to pull that scene off convincingly - I don't believe so, even with the death scene... Ag I suppose we will see...

As for the latest book, I so much wish there is someone who I can discuss this with, all the things that I was impressed with, especially around the deathly hollows.... But I will wait (you owe me Kyle!)

Reply to Steve
Posted by: Gareth | 2007/07/26

Steve, I agree with you 100% about the "new" Dumbledore. Did Mr Gambon not read the books AT ALL or study the charachter? Unfortunately Richard Craig died after the 2nd movie, because he was the PERFECT Dumbledore. He is supposed to be calm and collected at all times and wise, and always handles all things that way, not lose his temper, shout at students, or are bombastic and rude like this guy. It is such a shame, because, especially when we get to Half Blood Prince, it is going to make the whole loss of Dumbledore fall flat, because he is not portraying the remarkable man and wizard right. I agree that Order of the Phoenix was much better and they at least tried to keep to the story more. But still, because the book is so long, it felt a bit too rushed at times, trying to cram everything in, which caused a lot of the smaller things that gave the story some substance to fall flat too, like the agony Harry experienced around the loss of Sirius for instance. I am also sad that they kept Dobby out of the last few movies, which will make Deathly Hallows also less of a smash in my book (Don't worry Kyle - I wont say anything)
But let's see what happens.

As for Deathly Hallows, definitely the best one, even with all the questions - remember the encyclopidia thingy might answer these.
And Kyle, you just want to know if we were happy or sad to figure out if Harry dies or not, hehehe. Let may say this. You are happy and sad. Especially sad that this is the last of the series, but happy about all the things that were answered and rounded off so nicely. And that is all I'll say.

Reply to Gareth
Posted by: Steve | 2007/07/26

CB... As for the movies... I am not that lyrical... The first 2 movies were great, and then the guy who played Dumbledore died, the new dumbledore is a dissapointment to me, especially in Goblet of Fire. I always imagined dumbledore to be cool, calm and collected, and to never lose his temper as this new guy prtrayed in Goblet. The only time, to my opinion, when dumbledore "lost it" was in HP and the Half Blood Prince, when he drank the potion on the island in the middle of the lake.

Movies 3 and 4 were not good, HP and the Goblet of Fire were too many special effects and too little story, I didn't like that at all, that leaves too many gaps in the story line.

With that said, we saw HP and the Order of th Phoenix, and I felt that this one was remarkably better, it kept much more to the story line, it portrayed Harry's issues around Dumbledore's absence and his dreams much better... I enjoyed it.

Reply to Steve
Posted by: Chameleon_boy | 2007/07/26

I dont know how i feel about it, it is a BRILLIANT book and great ending but like Gareth said, the epilogue is not what is expected... i have got so many questions... hmmm i can think of at least 20 just now!! LOL!!

Time to go back to the 1st book and reread the whole thing, btw how do u guys feel about the movies? I have a HP nite 2morrow watching all 4 DVD released movies! 91/2 hours of Harry Potter...

Might just kill me!



Reply to Chameleon_boy
Posted by: Steve | 2007/07/26

The book was great. Never had a moment of crying, but felt irritated at times, not because the book is bad, because things just seemed as if they were not going to work out! All the searching, chasing after horcruxes... But I felt it was good, delighted about the ending, my prediction came true and not...

I so badly want to talk about the book, but due to Kyle's request I will bottle it up for another few days (I hope)...

Reply to Steve
Posted by: DLB | 2007/07/25

I felt a mix of both. I have been reading it since I was 11 so I felt a bit lost but the story was sooo good I couldn't halp but be happy.

Reply to DLB
Posted by: Kyle | 2007/07/25

Hello and DLB....

Still busy reading = PLEASE DON'T GIVE AWAY THE ENDING = but I DO have a question.... when you finished the book did you put it aside feeling happy or sad??? I just MUST know lol

Reply to Kyle
Posted by: DLB | 2007/07/25

I thought it was brilliant! Read it by the 22nd. I wish she said what happened to Luna in the future. I thought it ended really well. The best book in the series.

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