Posted by: whatwhat 24 | 2007/04/17

green eyes

hey babe

how's it going? hope things are coming together your end, any break-throughs? Don't need to answer if too personal just checking up to see you are okay.

thanks for your input regarding that silly fool C, and his inability to put together that, being 24, i might teach at a school and not attend it. Sad little person.

holidays are boring and missing my daily foray to the forum, i'm actually at a internet cafe as we speak because i needed to see how everyone is doing.

be back soon, hooray

whatwhat 24

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Posted by: GreenEyes | 2007/04/20

By the way... when you read this..
Was thinking it's a pity we can't chat outside the bounds of the forum.. not being able to give personal details an' all...

anyhoo.... post soon and let me know what you've decided bout your friend and the party.

xx xx

Reply to GreenEyes
Posted by: GreenEyes | 2007/04/19

Hey sweet-stuff :)

I'm so happy to hear things are going well with the two of you, had big smile on my face reading your post... up until your friends attitude that is.
firstly, it was probably easier for her to accept you as her friend, as being gay, once it came out that her sister is, perhaps it's harder for her cos it's her blood sibling, but yeh, try and be as supportive as you can and help her out with any misconceptions she might have, although to me, it seems like double standards ya know, why can she be ok with you, her friend, being gay, but have difficulty accepting her sister's sexuality.
Secondly, her asking you to lie about who you are (which is essentially what she's doing) and saying yeh, bring your girlfriend but pretend you're not together... babe... that's just SO not on!
If i were you, i'd explain to her that you're not prepared to put on an act for the sake of others, and respectfully decline her invite to the party.

If i remember correctly from your previous posts, you're not out yet at work hey.... being a teacher and all....
It is abit tricky with your friends mom being your boss...

Bit of a catch 22: if you go with girlfriend, you're not going to enjoy it cos you're gonna have to act 'straight', if you go alone, you're still gonna have to act straight as well as not enjoying it cos your other half isn't with you which, by the way, you'd have to explain to her why you didn't invite her with you...
Safest bet.. don't go.. take your girlfriend out for a romantic meal instead, i can assure you it'LL be more enjoyable.

On another note.. how good a friend is your buddy?
I'm not being disrespectful, but it sounds like she's the type of person that cares far too much about what other people think, as well as not having enough respect for you and the friendship.
Or i could be reading it wrong, and she's just concerned for your professional standing.....

Once again, my advice, don't go. just explain to your friend why, be honest with her (but not scathing...).

Lemme know hun... hope this helps...


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Posted by: whatwhat 24 | 2007/04/19

hey babe

Good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about your job, not great. but, to back to that old cliche, as one door shuts another one opens.

I know how difficult it is to try keep distance from someone you really are attracted to. Hope that you are still seeing your shrink, he/she is the best person to consult on these issues, so many other people have their own agendas when giving advice.

i'm okay. Going well with my girl. She sent me flowers at work the other day, for no real reason. made my heart skip a few beats. spending most of the weekend with her, so really looking forward to that. so, all in all, seems to be going well.

would like your comment on this issue that has arisen. a very good friend of mine, who knows about my sexual orientation and has been supportive, recently found out her sister is in a relationship with a woman. suddenly she seems confused about the whole 'gay' thing and i am trying to guide her through it, reminding her that her sister needs support at this time in her life. It is my friend's husband's birthday next week and i asked if i could bring my girl with. This was met with a very sympathetic but formal 'no' unless i pretend she is not my girlfriend. To complicate matters, my friend's mother is also my boss where i work. Do i go by myself or not go at all. i refuse to take my girl with and pretend she's no more than a 'friend.'

what do you think i should do?

keep well, i will try be more regular on the site in the next week.

whatwhat 24

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Posted by: GreenEyes | 2007/04/18

Hey babe,

was actually wondering yesterday when you'd be joining us again :)

No prob, that 'C' person was a real muppet!

My side, things are ok, taking them one day at a time, still in contact with said woman (bad, i know) had to stop myself from going to see her this morning actually.. it's extremely difficult. Sms'd one of my best friends, told her what i wanted to do, she made me see 'reason', that seeing her is going to completely confuse and upset me, which is true at this point.

I'm in a terrible position at the moment, bout week and a half ago, my (a**h*le) boss decided he wouldn't be renewing my contract, so am at home searching for a job, and being a junior graphic designer, it's quite difficult finding work, as everyone wants experienced people.... so.. seriously down the past few days.. but alas.. i shall pick myself up and brush meself off and carry on ... after allowing myself a few days of self-pitying wallowing that is :)

How are things with you? did you have that chat with your girlfriend? let me (us) know.

Be good sweeite.. and if not.. be damn good at it.. :))


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