Posted by: SAM | 2010/05/24

Going cold turkey while pregnant

I am pregnant, 6 months along, and ashamed to say that I am still smoking. I did originally want to quit right at the beginning, but everyone, including my spouse convinced me not to, which when talking to an addict is not hard. Their opinion is that my body will go into shock and I will loose the baby. So I have cut done to between 5 and 10 a day (I only smoke at home), weekends might be a little more. I can''t just cut down to a few a day, it is all or I am going to not keep to just 2 or three a day. Can I go cold Turkey? Will the with drawl period be dangerous for the pregnancy? I am actually having a very healthy pregnancy and the baby is doing well, so I don''t want to do anything to hurt this pregnancy. If it means weening off the smoking I will, but if you are a 100% sure I can go cold turkey safely, I gladly will do so. I really do want to stop and am in the perfect frame of mind to get started today.

Please can you advise me.

Kindest Regards

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You aught to be ashamed of yourself for subjecting your foetus and unborn child to cigarettes until such a late stage of its development.

People like you should not be allowed to have children. It is a disgrace. And to listen to other people's stupid advice is mind-boggling. Why did you not consult your doctor about this?

You know what to do.

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Posted by: Peter | 2010/07/12

Leave the poor woman alone. I find the drug cousellor extreamly rude. I bet you he/she thinks she is perfect. Wait until you need medication after a mental break down bitch

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Posted by: Herman | 2010/05/27

I take of notice of your reactions, as I am used to the anger of smokers. Obviously you can go Cold Turkey with smoking.

But your denial still makes you want to ask something that your clearly know the answer to. Smoking, by the way, is an addiction.

If I''m going Over The Top to save a baby''s health, I''m preprepared to do so.

Kind regards
Herman Lategan

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Posted by: understanding | 2010/05/26

Hi, I quitted in 1st pregnancy. got to below 10 a day &  then below 5, apparently over 5 or 10 is magnified danger. I then found it easy to stop totally, Stop if you can obviously for baby now and if you breastfeed while smoking I think that baby still gets the chemicals through your milk. I couldnt stop in 2nd pregnancy and my son has ADD etc and i blame myself for that. I do think that the expert on this forum is sounding totally over the top, not helpful at all, i think they are supposed to be non-judgemental and not biased. Do your best , you will be fine, youve already done really well. From an addicted smoker

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Posted by: SAM | 2010/05/26

I submitted an answer, but it has seemed to disappear. I have NEVER touched ANY other kind of drug in my life, I used to have the occasional social drink, but havn''t even done that in over 2 years. Smoking has been my only vice, you are totally misjudging me. I really think you are angry and have some issues to get over yourself.

Anyway. I came here to find out if cold turkey was safe, you still havn''t been able to answer my question. I didn''t ask for all of this. I am quitting, but with no thanks to you.

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Posted by: Herman | 2010/05/26

I posted the first and second post. This addictions forum is unfortunately not there to enable people to continue their bizarre addictions (such as smoking while pregnant) and we therefore call a spade a spade.

My response to your naive enquiry about smoking while pregnant was actually watered down and not all that confrontational. When dealing with addicts you have to be quite direct, as their denial systems are incredibly strong.

Take yours for example. You actually believe your own lie when you tell me that a doctor said that smoking while pregnant is fine. Huh? Do you really think that I must believe you on that one?

Then you launch into a long sorrowful explanation about how difficult it was to fall pregnant. Yet a puff here and a puff there won''t harm your child? (Notice the minimising.) The very child that was so very difficult to conceive? The mind boggles.

Are you sure that you''re only on cigarettes? I have a strong feeling that your addict side is incredibly well developed and very, very active.

You are also highly manipulative, to such an extent that everybody around you have been coerced into enabling you.

Since when can the cessation of smoking lead to seizures? This is what you made everybody around you believe. This is what you believe, because of your manipulative, sly denial system.

As I said before, this addictions forum is not a session with tea and scones and a little fire-side chat about naughty little indulgences.

It''s about a disease that kills.

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Posted by: SAM | 2010/05/26

To the first person. I thought this was a support forum? Not a place to attack someone who is actually trying!!!! As for the doctor, I did ask, and he himself is NOT concerned about smoking during pregnancy, so a lot of help that was! I am quitting, it is just taking forever as like I say, I prefer cold turkey. All I wanted to know was if cold turkey is safe, which by the way, it isn''t and I am doing the right thing, I am now on 3 a day.

To the second post. Thank-you for this, it makes me go cold every time I read stuff like this, I have been doing a lot of research over the past few days, it is good to hear the harsh reality as many times you get people who tell you it isn''t like this, so thanks for the motivation:) and for not being downright nasty. I went for a scan to check all organs, heart rate etc. and so far baby is 100%. So all I have to do, is quit completely, apparently if I do it over a span of about a week, it should be safe.

P.S. I actually went through a lot trying to get pregnant, a miscarriage and x 7 IVFs, I did not smoke during that time at all, I had actually quit 3 months before starting procedures, I did it by the book. I eventually gave up being the super healthy woman that I was told I should be and went back to smoking (stupid me, yes I know) HOWEVER. right after that, I got pregnant....I do love this baby, lots of tears, prayers and love have gone into her already, so I believe with all my heart, I deserve her. I do absolutely everything else by the book, some women may not smoke, but do something else, nobody tells them they don''t deserve a child. You actually have to smoke yourself stupid to cause such drastic harm.

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Posted by: Herman | 2010/05/25

Smoking during pregnancy can seriously affect both your own, and your baby''s health. When you smoke, over 4,000 chemicals enter your body. One of those chemicals is carbon monoxide, which gets into your bloodstream, and stops your baby from getting as much oxygen. This will affect your baby''s growth rate and cause its heart rate to rise.

If you smoke during pregnancy, your baby is more likely to:

* be born prematurely,
* have a low-birth weight, as babies of smokers are, on average, 200g (8oz) lighter than other babies. The more you smoke, the more your baby''s weight is affected,
* cry more after the birth because of nicotine withdrawal symptoms,
* have smaller organs,
* have poor lung function,
* get painful conditions in early childhood, such as inflammation of the middle ear and asthmatic bronchitis, and
* possibly die from cot death.

Also, when you smoke:

* your chances of having a miscarriage are increased,
* you have a higher chance of the placenta coming away from the womb before the baby is born, which can cause premature birth or stillbirth,
* you are more likely to have morning sickness, and
* you put your own health at risk, increasing the risk of conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

The sooner you stop smoking, the better - and it''s never too late. Even stopping in the last few weeks of your pregnancy can still benefit you and your child. There are lots of groups and organisations which can help support your decision to stop smoking.

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Posted by: Addictions Expert Forum | 2010/05/25

You aught to be ashamed of yourself for subjecting your foetus and unborn child to cigarettes until such a late stage of its development.

People like you should not be allowed to have children. It is a disgrace. And to listen to other people's stupid advice is mind-boggling. Why did you not consult your doctor about this?

You know what to do.

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