Posted by: marietjie | 2004/11/11

Getting paid for doing nothing !

I've been in the working environment for 10 yrs now. I feel I've outgrown my current job , nothing is excitign anymore .It's the same old routine , I dont feel I'm growing in this job. I've applied for other jobs within and outside the company nothing comes out positive. I'm stuck in a rut , If I could I could resign today but the thought of my daughter and husband suffering financially stops me from doing that . Why would I resign without anothe r job ? Because I'm GATVOL of this job, I drag myself to work everyday. I pretend to be sick sometimes & they believe it's genuine bcoz I've got a profesional job and they would'nt think that someone at this level could lie about being sick. I feel guilty everyday bcoz, 90 % of the time I sit in my desk , surf the net , chat to family & friends the whole day. I get paid R365,00 a day. On an average week , I work about one day , the remaining 4 days I'm physically at the office doing nothing. I take 2 hr lunches,go shopping , stash the bags in my car and come inside the office building empty handed. Just like Lolly , who posted here wanting to be a prosti, I've tried everything else possible , to get out of this job and get somethign else but I failed because I dont have experience in other areas. On the 25th when it's pay day I dont go to the bank , I feel guilty when I look at the money they give me for doing nothing. Believe me , as some of you might think , I'm not working for the govt. I'm working for a big national company whom all of you know. I've been doing this for a year and a half and nobody has picked that up. I'm getting R45 000,00 performance bonus in dec due to good company performance. I know I dont deserve it but what else can I do ?

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Makes sense, even in a limited job, to avoid resigning until you have a better alternative. I understand how annoying this must be for you, though I would guess that roughly 75 % or more of SA's would envy you. As you know, the situation could be a whole lot worse --- no job at all, or overworked in a terrible job. But what you describe is a perfect illustration of how daft and incompetent so many SA managers are. Clearly you're capable of more advanced and more interesting work, and are being wasted. Frankly, I consider it a miracle that most SA companies remain in business at all, the way they are run. Maybe donate some or all of the bonus to a good cause charity, who DO deserve it ?

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Posted by: Bokkie | 2004/11/15

I think I know the feeling, Im also very bored in my job, but dont get nearly as much as you. But it is very frustrating sitting at the desk the whole day, knowing how much can be done at home or with my children. I started selling Avon, but that also only keep you so much busy ..... All I can suggest is to try and find another job.
Good luck

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Posted by: Star | 2004/11/12

Hi there

Don't have answers for you, just want to say I admire your honesty.

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Posted by: nina | 2004/11/11

Aren't you lucky, Mariejie! Just relax and enjoy yourself. How many people wuold want to be on your place. You must have deserved that!!!

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Posted by: Candle in the wind | 2004/11/11

Must say, you are so honest and I respect you dearly for that...I sincerely hope you'll get job satisfaction soon.

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Posted by: ? | 2004/11/11

Dont be so ungrateful - you have all teh money you need and are moaning about it -

Just sit and enjoy - would you rather be mopping floors for R20 per day?

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Posted by: Shaun | 2004/11/11

Poeps... en oopsie daisy...

You should see me laugh, it bounces!!!
Perfect place for the remote though...

Eish. nuff said!!! See, you were missed. Nice to have you back Moaner.

Bye now,

Reply to Shaun
Posted by: Mona | 2004/11/11

Ha ha, makes me think of that tv ad with the sumo wrestlers dancing, its hillarious!! Wobble that tummy!!

How are you planning on giving birth?????

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Posted by: Nita | 2004/11/11

Well here we all wish for just a little extra to show appreciation for the work we do and it seems like no bonuses coming our way at all!!

Good idea getting involved in other departments, just to help with the boredom and who knows you may even gain some new & valable experience.

What do you actually do?

Reply to Nita
Posted by: Shaun | 2004/11/11

Shite, just saying that is enough to turn my sexy boep all topsy turvy!!! Shame, my poor baby within.

You should see me sumo-wrestling, only problem is I have to stop every now & then to pull out those big g-strings...

See ya,

Reply to Shaun
Posted by: Mona | 2004/11/11

Might also explain the sardine peanut butter custard samoosas you've been eating!!!!!!!!!

Reply to Mona
Posted by: Shaun | 2004/11/11

Hey Anon, I agree with you, but I recall someone here not so long ago talking about changing jobs... something about not being able to get the right training... anyway I did say to those who might be interested.

Mona, if I look down at my boep, I think I might just be overdue!!!


Reply to Shaun
Posted by: Mona | 2004/11/11

Ah Shaun, thanx for missing me!! Left you a message further down on BT's message... you said you are tired, nauseas and have headaches, - i think you are pregnant!!!

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Posted by: Anon | 2004/11/11

Yeah right, forfeit a R45000 salary to do an internship, at what, nogal?

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Posted by: Shaun | 2004/11/11

Hey Mona, nice to see you visiting here again.

To those who might be interested, Stats SA is running an internship program at the moment & applications are closing on the 21st November.
If you're interested, e-mail your cv & academic transcript (whatever that is) to
or give them a call at (012) 310-8631. You can also check out their internet site if you want.


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Posted by: ... | 2004/11/11

To add a bit more. Did approach my boss, and his boss, it's only an issue for that moment. Told them when I started applying that I'm just putting my feelers out there to see what the job market is like so would they support me with reference checking. Absolutely, no problem, anytime, was their reply. Each of them told the first agency that contacted them for reference that they're not ready to let go of me so cannot give a supporting reference. Can you believe that.
I'm subscribed to pnet, career junction, christian jobs, job bank, careers dot org, and a few others.
Only option is to resign or be fired, but they don't even seem to want to do that.

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Posted by: Mona | 2004/11/11

Please let me know if you want my bank details to share your R45000 bonus, i'm sure it will help relief the guilt a bit!!

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Posted by: DC | 2004/11/11

Hi Marietjie
I am experiencing exactly the same. Have you tried to speak to your superiors. I have, and my boss is not interested because he knows that I am bored and will resign eventually, saves him from having to retrench me!
You say you dont have experience in other areas.Why not look at broadening your skills? Your company should have in-house or be able to recommend external courses in this regard.
Otherwise, why not study further if you have the time?

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Posted by: marietjie | 2004/11/11

I've been studying part time this semester , so I used to do my assignments during working hours , surf the net and the likes. I've now submitted all my assignments and boredom is workin on my nerves. It makes me feel guilty , really guilty. I spoke to my manager and she'll involve me in certain projects but these are usually short term projects and thereafter I'm back in the rut. I know it's not fair ,bcoz others are really working hard for the salary they get. But what else can i do , my boss knows about it but cannot come up with a long term plan that is sustainable. So what else can I do except surfing the net?

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Posted by: www | 2004/11/11

www dot pnet co za

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Posted by: ... | 2004/11/11

Exactly the same position as you marietjie, but my company is international & biggest of it's kind in the world. I've been in this situation for about 3 years. Apply for jobs almost daily. Nothing compares, & agencies only show interest in your cv, then nothing. Bet if we changed places for a while they wouldn't even notice that!!! Right now I'm watching movies!!!

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Posted by: cat | 2004/11/11

why dotn you let your boss know that you have been a little quite at the moment and would like to help or to give you some more work...

Ive been there when i havent had work and get bored at work , surf the net , reading all the news sites , beauty sites emailing all my friends but you know unless you change it will BECOME VERY BORING...

At least if you voice to your bos you need some more or to help some one there (you may not like it, but it beats sitting bored all day and your day will go by MUCH quicker)

Good luck and keep searching for another job - be patinet

Reply to cat
Posted by: Work | 2004/11/11

I wish I knew where you work because where I'm at I'm getting paid nothing for doing everything. Spend your "free" time looking for jobs or go see agencies. Somewhere out there should be something more challenging. You spend most of your life at work, so you must find something you enjoy...
Good luck

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