Posted by: Ice | 2004/12/09

General Rage in Public Places

Hi guys,

The last few days I've seen some pretty vicious things in public (not that I've never seen vicious things) but it's really getting out of hand.

I went to the shopping complex, choc-a-bloc and a guy almost like rode over me with his trolley, saw quite a few other people having run-ins with each other, getting angry, frustrated. everyone seems seriously impatient with everyone else.

yesterday in the parking lot outside the local spar, some impatient jerk couldn't wait his turn to get out of the parking lot, and ended up bumping a car with a little old oomie and tannie in (was an old car too) they were just ALSO trying to make their way out.

I'm sorry. Dont' people understand that we ALL have as much right as the next Tom, Dick and Harry to live on this earth? It seems like every peopel with a merc or a BM, or a BM (BlowMe)attitude seems to think they have more right to roads/shops/living space / whatever, than the average Joe / Jane.

any comments on this phenomenon?

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Absolutely accurate observations, Ice. I think all drivers of 4x4;s, BMWs and Mercs should pay especially high taxes, to be spent on therapy and spa treatments for their many, many, victims. And meanwhile, the Festive louts should jusy Yo-Ho-Holdon and vool down their attitude, as a Yuletide gesture of good will.

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Posted by: NLM | 2004/12/10

Hi Ice, I agree with you. People during this Festive season seems to be so stressed, they just want to run over everybody..
I saw a weird incident at Cresta on Saturday. A child pushed a trolley into a woman of about 50. The woman yelled of pain, turned around and slapped the child. The child's mother then slapped the woman. The next moment a man came from behind and grabbed the mother and flung her to the floor, to great surprize for all the people already watching this comotion. Then out of the blue a youngster, big and well built, came rushing to the mothers rescue and hit the man full on , on his chin and down he went, out cold.
People started screaming and i honestly thought they were making a film, cause what happened in front of my eyes, you only see in american films.
Ice, this is a strange world girl

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Posted by: Ruler | 2004/12/10

You all might be correct in your observations, but i would just like to say that i am a Beemer driver and yes, my car is fast and i do drive fast when the road allows me to, but i am not a cowboy driver. I have never ever exceeded the speed limit in town but do find it extremely difficult to drive at 120 km an hour in the Karoo.

Then one thing is forsure--NEVER EVER THOUGHT OR HAD THE ATTITUDE THAT I'M BETTER THAN OTHERS. On a regular basis will buy loads of groceries and take it to central JHB to give to the street kids. They all know my car by now, but they also know i,m the person who will give them food, sit on the pavement and talk to them whilst they having a great meal.

I'm sure i'm not the only one, although i do agree that 95 % of people with great cars, think they are great as well.

Ice, i love going to a shopping centre after Gym on a Saturday morning and having a breakfast whilst watching people, and yes, you are so correct, i notice the most weird attitudes amongs people, so much so that i sometimes think===this is not true==surely there is a camera hidden by Leon Schuster and all is just a joke.

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Posted by: GTI | 2004/12/10

I agree with "Rob"
Some not saying all drivers... have alot of pride because they rich & drive an expensive car so they think they own the road.They give you dirty looks at times...

I drive a Golf GTI but there are guys that drive more expensive cars that think they King the Road.

Recently on the radio, i heard that people that drive 'Silver' cars are generally cool/calm drivers & people that drive 'Black' cars are generally 'Agressive' drivers.

Well said Rob!


Reply to GTI
Posted by: Rob | 2004/12/09

Most people that drive 4x4's,bmw's & merc's and not forgetting people that are extremely rich think that they are "High" "Proud" & "Mighty".Some have this attitute that they can boss other people around....They have pride...

>>>Money is not cannot buy health,friends & love.

>>>Today you have money,tomorrow you don't.Sometimes people become bankrupt over night & thats when they wake up & their pride dissappears.

It's easy for a poor man to get rich but its very difficult for a rich man to get poor.

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Posted by: CK | 2004/12/09

You know what they say when you buy a Merc or BM you get attitude free. Its all in one package and you cant take one leave the other.

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Posted by: Ice | 2004/12/09

Ja Shaun,

I agree, but I just want to point out that it seems this only gets really bad during the festive season (see number of road deaths on SA roads, etc.)
It's like we are trying to um.. er... terminate ourselves ! (for lack of a better word)

Reply to Ice
Posted by: Ice | 2004/12/09

Hey J,

sorry man, no offence intended towards BeeMer's. It's more the general attitude of the "high and mighty" or the easily-outraged that I'm trying to refer to.

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Posted by: Shaun | 2004/12/09

Seeing as it is only about 2 weeks away to Xmas day, I am sure everyone will be in a hurry to get just so many things they need to get as soon as they can. Yep I'm sure you'll even see a rise in the crime rates as well, coz we're not the only people that wants things for Xmas...
I don't think though that it has much to do with any specific class of people, but just everyone in general will be in a hurry. There's just so much to do & so little time. Right about now as well you will note that the spending attitudes start changing & all the shops make lekker sales figures. It's that time of year Ice. These things do happen, but I don't think it's only the merc or beemer owners that are to blame, whether they want to be blown or not.

Anyway, it's also peoples attitudes & actions that will have an effect on you as well... look how upset this whole thing has gotten you.

Relax Ice, it'll be over soon enough. Then the New Year rush starts, then the school rush starts after that as well...


Reply to Shaun
Posted by: J | 2004/12/09

Hey, watch it!!!
I am an ex-BeeMer driver and I dont think we're half as bad as the okes with the 4x4's!!! ;-)

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