Posted by: Joe | 2007/06/12


I dont have a profile on gaydar but was a guess for a day or two on the site. My only question is why if you want to put your profile on the site put a picture of a man's body that is obvious not yours. Its like advertising a Mclaren Mercedes but actually getting a Ford Fiesta (NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS TYPE OF CAR).

The gay scene has become such a pretencious meat market - myself included striving for the perfect body. Will we ever be content with what we have.

Just a thought

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Hi Joe and thanks for posting.

My question: why do two guys who have met each other on gaydar and are trying to develop a relationship maintain their profiles on gaydar? Do they retain their profiles in case someone better pops up?

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Posted by: Chameleon_boy | 2007/06/14

Hey Joe and Deeve

No offence taken. We had seperate profile and just added the partner link as it is too much hassle to get it consolidated (i know u can but its difficult)

Its really just for friendship

Dont worry, yesterday was just a very bad day for me... so i apologise for going off on you guys!!

Stax of hugs


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Posted by: Deeve | 2007/06/14

Hi CB,
Sorry, but you did not indicate at all that your profile was simply to attract new friends! My partner and I have also met some awsome Buddies via the net, using a similar medium, but we do not have separate profiles. It does work, if you are upfront and open about meeting friends ONLY!! I'm sorry if my post offended you, but most of the Guys on those sites are either involved, married, or passing themselves off as someone that they are far from. And yes they do sit on the fence looking for greener pastures... Please accept my appologies...?

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Posted by: Joe | 2007/06/14

Hey CB dont take things so personally. I still look around still and I am involved. But like you say you are in a relationship so thats cool. I would love to make new gay friends with my partner so go on. My original posting was about the bodies strutting around gaydar who in 99% of the cases are not theirs

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Posted by: Chameleon_boy | 2007/06/13

For me it is purely a way to have contact with my chat buddies without giving out personal details.

There are so many couples with profiles and mine does say that i am in a relationship with NO option for outsiders...

I also have made some good friends that i helped and they helped me...

Looking around? Please show me who does not look around?? i am not interested in meeting someone else...

I have always got place in my heart for more FRIENDS but there is only space for my love...

It feels asif i am defending myself for something bad that i have done...

CB :(

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Posted by: Deeve | 2007/06/13

I think the same as the Expert......but somehow refrained from asking the full question...! Some of us are maybe just a bit more 'old fashioned', and know the risks of fooling around on these sites...they cannot enhance your relationship or what?

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Posted by: Joe | 2007/06/13

Expert you are so right. I sometimes wish i could be content with my boyfriend, my body, my life. But i still look around myself, compare my body with othewrs and wish i had a better life

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Posted by: Joe | 2007/06/13

I can understand not putting a face pic on but the best for me was this body of a greek God but when you read the profile the guy said his body is on the average side maybe a bit overweight.

Brought me to laugh anyway.

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Posted by: Chameleon_boy | 2007/06/12


You can ask anytime... the pics was for attention grabbing, before meeting my bf to flirt with people without getting involved... and it worked... look i met my bf on gaydar but at that stage i had a pic of myself on... then when some1 recognised me, i removed it...

Its nice to have something to look at, and for the few people who read my profile... i say clearly that is not me and if you want my pic, ask me... but your right 90% of the guys on there dont read,

But my profile, as my boyfriends, have these pics and maybe we should remove them? What do you think?

Look i made friends in the chatrooms as well... so the profile is staying, but should the pics go?

Oh ja, i am honest when asked if its me in the pics...

Does this help?



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Posted by: Deeve | 2007/06/12

Hi Joe,
Of course this all just reinforces the pretentious image that our unfortunate Community has in the outside world. Those that post those pics are more than likely the same ones that bemoan their 'unfortunate' situations, and why they never seem to get anywhere, or just end up second best or permanently on the shelf. It's like everything in this doesn't like to feel cheated when paying for something, and then getting something else. Its obviously the same with all of must feel cheated, and I for one would most certainly walk away, or feel very uncomfortable, and check the person out VERY well. I can never figure why some Guys find it so difficult to find a soul mate...maybe you're right...some of them will never be happy with what life has to offer...?
So CB, why do you have a Gaydar profile with attention grabbing pics in the first place...or am I not allowed to ask?

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Posted by: Chameleon_boy | 2007/06/12

Hi Joe!!

Well, I have to agree. And unfortunatly I am as guilty as the next guy (althoug i clearly state that it is not my pics)

Then you get people that claim that that is their bodies!

The reasons that i had these pics on was purely to get attention without showing who i am because the wrong person might see it... and out me... now its just eye candy or naughty cartoons... the thing is that 99% of guys wont look at a profile without a pic. So give them something to goggle at and hope to God that they actually read the profile...

Thansk you got me thinking and ill remove those pics thats not me...

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