Posted by: Mel | 2013/02/08

Furious at teacher

Ok this is now seriously not a shrink problem, it’ s just this site is the most answered site and advice are normally very good. So my child started grade 1 this year. Not happiest child ever. Anyway week one my child took the “ wrong school bag”  by accident, I wrote a decent letter to the teacher telling her about this, teacher wrote a “ snotty”  letter back to say HOW IRRESPONSIBLE is my child. I left it coz I know teachers hold grudges. Nonetheless, since homework started, teacher write it on the board and they must copy it from the board, 90% of the time we have no idea what on earth is the homework as she COULD not finish writing it, coz after a while teacher rubs it off the board. Now because homework does not get done coz we cannot figure out what is what, she doesn’ t want to go to school. Yesterday she told her teacher that she doesn’ t have any more space and this woman told her “ GO AN TELL YOUR GRANNY” … … … .. My word, besides the fact that neither me nor hubby have parents as they are deceased. How the hell can she tell the child that? This morning was BIG DRAMA again, coz she didn’ t want to go to school. I called the school now and the deputy principle said it will be sorted. Good grief gone is the days when teachers ACTUALLY DID CARE!!!!!!

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Such flattery ! Obviously I should slow down ! MY DESKTOPS ON THE BLINK AFTER LAST NIGHT'S STORM, so I've had to borrow an alien laptop to try to connect.
LETS SEE WHAT OTHER MOMS SAY. sounds to me like a nasty and untalented teacher. LIKE NURSES, THOSE WHO STILL CARE ARE WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN Gold, and rarer tan hat. God luck to you both

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Posted by: Purple | 2013/02/08

To expect children in the 3rd week of grade 1 to be able to write down their own homework is ridiculous.

At our school, homework was printed on a worksheet for the week and the children glued that into the books. In grade two the standard things were recorded and they just wrote in one item a day, now in grade 3 they write it all down - and we can read it.

That teacher is a bully, report it to the principal and if it is not resolved, change schools and blame poor management and an inept teacher.

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Posted by: Abby | 2013/02/08

My youngest son attends a private school and I can thankfully say that we do not experience any of the abovementioned problems. My older sons attended public schools years ago and were verbally abused by their teachers, who called the scholars pigs and stupid etc. I don''t know whether private schools have better teachers or not, but I can honestly say my youngest son has never come home traumatised by some nasty teacher. In fact, he is in Grade 8 this year (has been in the same school since Grade 0) and absolutely loves his school. His headmistress does not allow bullying or intimidation in any form at his school, not by teachers or by pupils. Just for the record, my husband and I can ill afford private school tuition and we make huge sacrifices to send our son to a private school, we do without a lot of things to give him the opportunity to attend this school. @ Mel, I feel so sorry for your child because if you say too much, the child may be victimised by the teacher. It''s so unfair and yes, where did the passion for teaching go? Are teachers not the same they were years ago? Not all teachers are bad, there are just a few rotten eggs amongst them who probably only do it because it''s a job with nice perks like long holidays etc. When my middle son was in high school, he had a teacher who taught Afrikaans, she marked everything right in his book, even though we could clearly see that the grammar and spelling was incorrect, she referred to the children as uncultured and uncivilised and when I wanted to go to the school my son begged me not to as he was afraid of backlash by some of the teachers. It''s sad that children are " bullied"  by these excuse for teachers. Grade 1 is a bit young to be expected to copy work from a blackboard. What do they use the school fees for and why do the parents have to supply reams of paper? Why can they not print worksheets for the children? Hope you get this problem sorted out before your child becomes so traumatised that she does not want to attend school.

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Posted by: Mel | 2013/02/08

Ladies thank you so much for the input and i agree with everyone here coz Maria i also said some of these children has never ever seen a black board in their lives, let alone WRITE. My child was in grade R and still cannot write everything from the board, but some of the children didn''t even go to a crè che, this is the first time even " holding"  a pencil. That is also a killer for me. When I called this morning I also asked the deputy principle why not a worksheet for the whole week, put it in the flip files, if the ream of paper is not enough, ask parents that are working to send “ scrap”  paper to the school. But yes, deputy said it will be sorted, I am giving them till end of the month, if nothing, well than I will do something coz this is ONLY GRADE 1, my child has loads of years to follow… … …  and no way is she gona be miserable forever and no way are we gona have drama every morning

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Posted by: Maria | 2013/02/08

It''s ridiculous to expect grade 1''s to copy homework off a board this early in the year. Talk to some other parents and get a group of dissatisfied people to see the headmaster.

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Posted by: Lisa | 2013/02/08

My child receives a worksheet every Monday with all the homework for the week. The kids are not required to copy homework from the board. Speak to the principal and ask why are the junior primary kids not given homework handouts.

The kids each take a ream of paper to school. Surely they can photocopy homework handouts for the junior primary pupils (gr 1 to gr 3). And there are on average 30 kids in each class. Surely if this public school can do it, so can others.

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Posted by: Christina | 2013/02/08

Sorry my first line suppose to be " I say sue the school" . Also, I wanted to add that I attended another school. And moved onto homeschooling due to my hearing problem. Sorry for the mispellings.

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Posted by: Mel | 2013/02/08

Ai Sue, it is so unfair for our children to have to grow up like this, they so small and helpless, it''s enough there''s children bullies, now even the teachers.......... according to me, WHY teach if you simply do not have patients / strength or whatever man. More especially primary school, that is than the most crucial time of a child''s life.

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Posted by: Christina | 2013/02/08

I sue school the school. And take the teacher to court to prevent her from ever teaching again. Cause I too had teachers like this. Who picked on me all the time. Until I left my home town. And attended homeschooling. Don''t allow the tEscher to bully your children. Stand up and even if you must threaten them do it. Also I had a hearing and eyesight problem. So my schooling life was a living hell from grade 1 up until grade 8.

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Posted by: Sue | 2013/02/08

Hi Mel,

I''m afraid that is what we are stuck with. My daughter is 12 and in Grd 7. In Grd 1 she was accused by the teacher of being a thief, because she picked up a tuck token on the floor. Grd 2 teacher said " thank goodness she is clever, because she has nothing else going for her" . Grd 4 Teacher was a sarcastic women who dented many childrens confidence. Last year she had a teacher who was the most god awful bully, and unfortunately this year, last years teacher has moved up a grd, and she has her again.
Dont sit back and accept - confront the teachers and give them their own medicine back - they are cowards, just like all bullies, and dont like confrontation. There are some good teachers out there, unfortunately there are also some rotten eggs who are juvenile and get a kick out of having power over children.

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