Posted by: john | 2010/09/27

Foreskin and glans

My son is now 6 years old when he wash his penis he pulls back the foreskin, but it is attached to the glans. Must we leave it or do he have to see the docter?

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the foreskin will naturally seperate from the glans. however, it may be beneficial for a doctor to inspect just in case your son suffers from an extremely tight foreskin.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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Posted by: Anon 2 | 2010/10/01

Dear AA Let me just set the record straight. I am only anti-Circ when its done for NO MEDICAL reason. I am sorry hear about your foreskin problems. But I am glad that you are happy now. I shall still state !

" DO NOT CIRCUMCISE HIM FOR NO REASON. Its his body and let him decide on it when his an adult" .
Please note the emphasis on NO REASON !!!!!!!!!!!!

I really think you should also accept that men can also be HAPPY HAVING A FORESKIN. So be happy for us as well. As I am for you.

Reply to Anon 2
Posted by: AA | 2010/10/01

Its comical to read all these responses of the pro vs. the con on circumcision and foreskin problems. Stallion states to take your son to the doctor to get his foreskin separated. My question to Stallion: Do you know how painful that is and how embarrassing it is for a 6 year old to have his privates painfully prodded by a doctor and then have mom or dad continue to " mess"  with his foreskin till it can retract easily? I hwent through that as a kid. My fear of doctors went on for years afterward. My doctor was pro foreskin. Keep it at any cost. That cost was borne by me in the form of severe pain, and ongoing issues till I ended up getting circumcised. It was a relief and the pain associated with circumcision was never near what I experience having my foreskin " torn"  away from my glans and stretched on multiple occasions. Anon 2, Hood and A woman all have a preference for a foreskin. Clearly none of you have ever experienced or been with someone who has had an issue with one. I can see your point of being pro foreskin. You can claim dont do it, let it be his choice, his decision, etc. That can be viewed as looking out for your kid, or you have not made the best decision for your kid. After googling circumcision and satisfaction, most parents that had their sons circumcised, were much happier with their decisions compared to those that chose to leave them uncut. The parents regrets came when their sons developed foreskin issues not unlike mine or others, or their sons came home stating they looked different or were teased because of how their penises looked. That can be a real issue when a kid is young. Hood comments that all it takes is water and soap. That is great unless you produce a whole lot of smegma, which some guys do. Then A woman states she is perfectly happy with her man sliding in and out of his own foreskin inside her vagina. Many women dont like that feeling, but then again some do like it. Hood, you are one of the fortunate uncut guys that clearly has a hassle free foreskin. Good for you. So it comes down to parents making what they think is the best decision for their son. Some have chosen circumcision and some have not. I did chose that for my son at birth. At college his roommate ( not circumcised) got turned down by a girl because he was not cut and my son''s response when he told me was: thanks for not letting me ever be turned down because of a foreskin. He is very glad that he is circumcised. So for those of you that are pushing for the guy to make his own decision as to when to get it done: he may not be the one making that decision. It could be a girlfriend or future wife that will make that decision for him. Besides, the younger it is done the better the results. Lets not forget the fact that the inner foreskin when moist and smegma laden has indeed allowed the HIV virus through it in three different test done in 3 different countries. Google it and read it yourselves. At the end of the day you will make the decision you already have or will regarding circumcision. There I go back to the bible and its been done for over 4000 years. The bible happens to be a good book I have chosen to live by too.

Reply to AA
Posted by: HOOD | 2010/09/30

Hi Ann. Pleasure meeting a bloody know-it-all like you. I still have my foreskin at 50. Never had a problem though, and never made an issue of it. If someone have a problem or prefer circumcision, by all means attend to it. No reason for you to force your opinion on others. Regarding the smegma  the solution is easy but maybe you are disadvantaged in some way and never heard of it. It is called WATER AND SOAP. You also have absolutely no idea of paedophilia and the sad consequences. As a victim of it I take offence to you branding a person a paedophile just like that. Get a life.

Reply to HOOD
Posted by: STALLION | 2010/09/29

Your family doctor will be able to easily separate your son''s foreskin from the glans. It was done for one of my sons when he was still in primary school. If the foreskin can after the visit to the doctor be pulled back, a circumcision is not necessary at all. Your son will be able to thoroughly clean the area covered by his foreskin.

Posted by: Anon 2 | 2010/09/29

OMG anon you are so funny and obviously stupid. A Woman - my wife also prefer uncircumcised. Its just her choice I guess. Good to see other intelligent people here. No Anon its not you as I can gather you have no idea what a pedophile is. Pedophiles likes small children boys and girls and has NOTHING to do with circumcision at all. As circumcision has NOTHING to do with sti''s and HIV or hygiene. Circumcised men ALSO get all types of STI''s INCLUDING HIV.

PS " Do not circumcise him, let him decide later what he wants, it is NOT your decision to make." 

Reply to Anon 2
Posted by: A woman | 2010/09/29

I agree with Anon2, wait until he is old enough for him to decide, I think it''s criminal that parents make such a huge decision for their child, it should not be allowed. I personally prefer uncircumcised and am not interested in men who are circumcised at all. My man is not cut and never has any smell or smegma, it is just a matter of personal hygiene, there is no reason at all to have any odour etc if you uncut. Do not circumcise him, let him decide later what he wants, it is NOT your decision to make.

Reply to A woman
Posted by: Ann | 2010/09/29

Anon 2 has a foreskin fetish. This guy is a known pedophile who lives a miserable life with his foreskin problems, but hates to see others have a better life without one. He has also been turned down by a woman for having such a foul smelling foreskin and smegma build up under it.

I have had first hand experience with my man having problems with his foreskin being overly tight, in one area never separated from the glans that had to be surgically corrected with circumcision. His foreskin issues started when he was about 5 or 6. Bottom line, your son might be in for life-long problems. Get him circumcised now. Results will look better that being cut as an adult. No chance of him having any further problems that can embarrass him standing in front of a doctor naked while his penis is being tugged and prodded. In the end, dont let a woman decide his foreskin''s fate by saying no thanks, because he may have fine tearing on his foreskin that are an open wound that can result in possible STDS, even HIV. Circumcision prevents all of this and in the end, sex is way better with a circumcised man as well as for the guy too. Way less chance of premature ejaculation, and way better to give a BJ to because there is no smegma and no smell. I could never go back to a man with a foreskin, even if I had the option. Circumcision rules!!

Reply to Ann
Posted by: Anon 2 | 2010/09/28

What ever you do see a doctor first and get second opinion if need be. Its a common problem google tight foreskin. DO NOT CIRCUMCISE HIM FOR NO REASON. Its his body and let him decide on it when his an adult. Don''t make a emotional or stupid decision.

Reply to Anon 2
Posted by: Anon | 2010/09/28

This could be an indication of future problems. Get him circumcised. He will be better off, no smegma or smell and no problems at all.

Reply to Anon
Posted by: sexologist | 2010/09/27

the foreskin will naturally seperate from the glans. however, it may be beneficial for a doctor to inspect just in case your son suffers from an extremely tight foreskin.

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