Posted by: DWM | 2013/01/25

Follow the leader

The S.A.P.S. has become nothing more than an corrupt organised crime gangster orginisation of thugs without rules and regulations!!

One can''t " blame"  them when the governement they " working"  for, sets the example!!

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Posted by: Sello | 2013/01/28

It is amazing how desperate the likes of DWM are. There will never be a white rule ever again. It does not matter to what what lengths you want to spread false propaganda about the ANC. It has done a lot since 1994 and it contihues to do so.

Since 1994, the government has built over two and a half million houses for the poor, providing shelter for over 10 million South Africans.

In 1994, only 62% of households had access to clean drinking water, today 93% do.

In 1994, only 50% of households had access to decent sanitation, today 77% do.

In 1994, only 36% of South Africans had access to electricity –  today 84% do. Today the majority of South African people are provided free basic services in water and electricity.

Since 1994, the government programmes have opened doors of learning. Over 8 million South African children at primary and secondary schools have benefited from school feeding schemes.

Envy us.


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Posted by: DWM | 2013/01/28

Clearly you are the one in denial here. I think you are the one simply too scared to acknowledge that what is written here, is factual!!

Not only are you in denial but the government itself (the cANCer) is in denial.

While countrywide service delivery protests threaten to slide the nation into protracted anarchy, some of the prominent leaders within the party, and yourself continue with your bizarre conspiracy theories and meaningless philosophical speak! Millions in this country do not even have clean drinking water. And that is not the work of some third force. It is due to 15 years of systematic neglect of communities by the cANCer leadership, which has had the constitutional mandate to deliver all along. 18 years is a long time, and that is what these protesters are telling the ANC.

For the ANC, this term is the last chance to redeem itself, otherwise it''s going to become another Zanu PF. After all, this is exactly how it started in Zimbabwe, just ask anyone who comes from there.

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Posted by: Sello | 2013/01/25

Ag vooitog arme boere

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Posted by: DH | 2013/01/25

Right on

Parktown Pig Prawns in Blue

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