Posted by: Flower 1980 | 2010/05/10

Female orgasm

My boyfriend and I make wonderful love together, but why can''t I have a full orgasm, there are many times, that I think, I am getting close to it, where I feel I need to pee, when its not really. But I saw some porn on the internet on female squirtining, and its looks likes these woman have a full orgasm, and it does nt take much trouble, so what''s wrong with me, why can''t I come like that. After I saw that I don''t think I ever had an orgasm, AND I Am 30 YEARS old, with a child.

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It seems as if you are under the impression that a ‘full’orgasm will cause ‘squirting’? This is however not true. I also wonder what you mean with ‘full orgasm’. You may be one of the women who struggles to reach orgasm - 70% of women reach orgasm on only every 2nd or 3rd sexual encounter with a partner.

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Posted by: James | 2010/06/07

Hi Simone,

That''s awesome,i would love to see that.What did it look and smell like?

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Posted by: Mr G | 2010/05/12

The key to the whole technique is being relaxed. This is probably the most important thing to remember while doing this.

Start off by first going to the bathroom and emptying your bladder. Get a nice big towel also. Then get naked and comfortable on the bed. Usually with you back against the wall with a pillow in-between works best. Fold the towel a few times and place it under your bum.

Then you start off by placing either one or two fingers as deep as you can in you. Press with your finger tips on the wall closest to your stomach. Now start to massage the wall of your vagina and as you do this slowly move out and then in again. Do this a few times and concentrate on the feeling you get as you move deeper and then shallow. You should reach a point where you get either in tense pleasure or it feels like you give yourself a huge pee. These are the two extreme feelings you can get, but usually it will be a combination of both.

This “ spot”  is your g-spot. Then start to vary the speed, pressure and movement size to get the combination of what you enjoy the most. It should be a combination of intense pleasure and having a huge pee. You first instinct will be to try and stop or hold back “ the pee” , but don’ t. Remember you already emptied your bladder so you can’ t have a pee, right? If at any point this “ pee-feeling”  becomes to much for you, you can stop and go to the toilet and try and pee. The idea is to relax while you do this so if you really think you are going to pee then stop and try. Most of the times you will realise that there is nothing or maybe very little comes out.

Ok, back to the technique: Once you have what you enjoy most on your g-spot then start on your clit. You can use a vibrator if you want to, but I’ ll explain as if you are using your fingers only. While you stimulate your g-spot and clit you can vary the speed, pressure and size of movement on both to get what you enjoy the most. It will probably change as you come closer to orgasm, but just feel what is happening. During this time it is very important that you relax and enjoy it. Don’ t hold back the “ pee-feeling”  at all. If it does become to much you can go to the bathroom and then continue.

When you now orgasm you should have quite an intense and very pleasurable orgasm. Once you’ ve orgasmed, remove the fingers that were inside and just stimulate your clit. Do this within say 10sec after the initial orgasm. It may feel a bit weird at first, but then you should have a different type of second orgasm. It’ s during this second orgasm that you should “ squirt” . Very few women squirt during the first big orgasm, although some do, but most squirt during this second one.

The two orgasms aren’ t separate actually. One can explain it as a cake: The first orgasm is like the base of the cake, it’ s big and very nice on its own, while the second orgasm is like the icing on the cake, making it just that little bit more sweet and special. That is why I say you shouldn’ t wait to long after the first big orgasm.

You may not squirt the first time when you try this. This completely normal as this is usually a new feeling and getting yourself to relax might take a few tries. If you don’ t get it right the first time you can try it a second time directly after the first. (Maybe just a have a water break… )

You can also squirt more that once during a session. I’ ve seen up to seven squirts in one session. Just start from the top again after you’ ve had your first. Just remember to relax, feel what happens and enjoy it! You can replace your fingers on your clit with a vibrator or even ask your partner to do it for you, but then communication and patience in key!

I just have one request, not for myself, but for the other people reading this forum: Once you’ ve tried it please give your feedback. It’ s not for me, but so that others can hear your story and enrich there sex-lives also from your experience with this technique. Anything from if you’ ve had success from the first try or maybe only on the sixth try, or maybe a vibrator on the clit works better for you or what ever.

Thank you
Mr G

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Posted by: Mr G | 2010/05/12

Sorry to get only back to you now. It''s rather a long discussion and there are different ways to explain it, but I''ll explain it as if you are doing it by yourself. Just give me a few minutes and I''ll post the whole " technique"  here.

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Posted by: Curious | 2010/05/12

So what is it Mr G, As I have the same problem. I also feel like I want to pee &  then I tell my hubby to stop, which frustrates us both because it feels so gud. Please give us this " TECHNIQUE"  I wanna try it 2 nite.

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Posted by: Flower 1980 | 2010/05/12

So what is it Mr G

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Posted by: Mr G | 2010/05/11

There is a " technique"  that works almost always. Maybe not the first few times, but after you get use to it you can squirt quite a lot. My fiance completely soaks a big towel folded under her if she has a big one.

I can give you the instructions if you want to?

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Posted by: simone | 2010/05/11

Just lossen your muscules when yo feel you are about to.

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Posted by: sexologist | 2010/05/11

It seems as if you are under the impression that a ‘full’orgasm will cause ‘squirting’? This is however not true. I also wonder what you mean with ‘full orgasm’. You may be one of the women who struggles to reach orgasm - 70% of women reach orgasm on only every 2nd or 3rd sexual encounter with a partner.

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Posted by: Flower 1980 | 2010/05/10

Yes Simone''
I would like to have that feeling, but what must I or boyfriend do to achieve that. I REALLY WANT to./

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Posted by: simone | 2010/05/10

This is a story of a girl who...just read.''''If there is a question in regards to a girl feeling like she has to urinate while having sex. PLEASE do not tell her or anyone else that the only reason is that her bladder is full!!!! That may be one of the reasons but... there is a thing called female ejaculation. It is another possible reason why a girl may feel like she has to pee during sex.

As a young girl of 23, I always had that sensation and stopped myself from having sex. Then one day, my boyfriend of two years told me that he loved me and he didn''t care if I urinated all over the place, so I did... I called and asked my mother if I had urinated or had an orgasm (my mother is very cool, obviously). She told me to go and smell to see what it was... and it wasn''t urine... it didn''t smell like urine and it wasn''t yellow. I had a full on ORGASM!!!

Now, as an adult, I can have the most wonderful female ejaculation orgasms... put it this way... I have made puddles on my floor that when cleaned up with a towel, I could wring it out and fill a glass!

Let me tell you... IT IS THE MOST WONDERFUL FEELING IN THE WORLD!! Now I know what men must feel when they achieve orgasm!

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