Posted by: Seipati | 2013/02/14

Falling for a friend

How do I deal with my feelings. Have been friends with a guy for a year now. We talk about everything and we share so much in common. He is so open with me and vice versa. He is in a relationship, GF working in another province, and I am separated from my baby daddy for six months now. Lately my friend is constantly in my space and i am getting so drawn to him. I think i am falling for him or maybe its just the time we spent chatting and seeing each other. We call each other at weird hours of the night and so many other stuff we do (non physical). Recently our eyes locked and we didnt act on it bt the vibe was obvious. I find myself wanting to cuddle and play around with him and the torture is unbearable. Do I open up about how I feel or act on it or just ignore everything. I think he might be feeling the same, also not acting though.

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Posted by: Temba | 2013/02/14

All the pleasure is ours dear.
All the best.

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Posted by: Seipati | 2013/02/14

Thanks for all the comments, much appreciated.
Temba you opened my eye wasnt looking from that angel
Woman thank you so much sisi i appreciate the advices

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Posted by: Namthi | 2013/02/14

@Woman and Temba wow I love you spot on, Seipati I wudnt have said it any beta there you have your answer cc,if you dont want to be burned, otherwise let him initiate everything cause now he is calculating or in a way leading you so that it will all be your fault if it doesnt workout, if he truely loves he wud have said it long time agoooooooo! silly bastards taking chance MEN! or some MEN they like treating women like lotto or the virus, testing and testing. im also traditional gal he must come to you and umsokolise after that coz it might end up to be what Bonga is saying.

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Posted by: Woman | 2013/02/14

Banna, lol, well in my case i wouldnt. I noticed that women are addicted to answering guys back in nanoseconds and they never get to be asked on a date. Ladies make 40% more calls to men than men do, text the whole day. When are you giving him a chance to miss you. Use the time to polish yourself so that the next time he sees you he would want more and more of you, the moment you receive more than three calls and texts in between from a guy then you know he is thinking of you, maybe even starting to get hooked. Play your cards right, keep him hanging a bit and continue investing in looking more appealing, be irresistable. If you know you want him, make an effort to melt him.

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Posted by: Banna | 2013/02/14

mmm Woman i''m learning, So tell me, if he texts you then what must i reply immediately?

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Posted by: Woman | 2013/02/14

Sisi i am very traditional when it comes to matters of the heart Still believe in never approach a man, be elusive, keep him wondering, let him come to you, never suggest a date, dont initiate or perpertuate conversation or contact let him be the one to do it, never agree to a date that is less than 24hrs away.

In fact in your case i even suggest that you take a
''blackout period"  say for the whole weekend esp cause he knows you are all by yourself then. No texting, no chatting, no email, no phoe calls, dont take his too, dont even upsate anything on the social media. Leave him to wonder and worry. Remain mysterious and when you finally do accept his call, dont sound urger and excited as if you were dying to talk to him. Just swiftly tell him your phone was acting funny.

My Rule: If you want more from a man, give less.

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Posted by: Petty | 2013/02/14

I agree with Themba, he is messing with your feelings girl and the reason he is not saying anything is that he knows that he loves his girlfriend and is waiting for you to enter at your own risk.

If you are ok with being umakhwapheni then go ahead but know that he will not leave his gf for you!

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Posted by: Bella | 2013/02/14

Hola Mthimbana hahahahaha jeslyk man you tell it as it is....dude seriously we fragile maan khosicingele sani,

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Posted by: Bonga | 2013/02/14

Yeah right there Temba.
She is playing right ''in the palm of his hand''
At this stage she is so vulnerable she will do anything he ask of her.
Loosen up girl and tighten those thighs.It ''s a very challenging time for you but it will pass.
This is nice but weird

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Posted by: .... | 2013/02/14

What''s a man who''s taken? if hes taken why is leading on Seipati wena Themba you think you are an experct in relationships. this guy is not married but in a relationship, hes still single according to home affair. If the feeling is mutual then the relationship will take off.

People will never find happiness because there are people out there who think they know whats best for evryone. Good luck Seipati

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Posted by: Temba | 2013/02/14

But have you ever realised that you''ll be his filler girl.Have you aksed yourself if he really loves you? This man is buying time with you while his girlfriend is away. When a guy call you, text and spend time with you. he does that to keep you interested so that you will remain an option.Besides, there are a lot of women that us men are giving attention to. Men always have several options and you may not be the only girl he''s contacting.

what worries me about women is that they are not scared to anymore to poach men who are taken, which is what you want to do as well.It''s selfish in a sense.And they see nothing wrong with it.And that''s why most women are forever miserable and age too soon.

Be careful.

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Posted by: Bonga | 2013/02/14

You want all the excuses to be shagged girl.LUST....
I guess it''s natural:
Build this ''friends with benefit theme''.
Because it won''t work out for you two.Trust me

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Posted by: Seipati | 2013/02/14

He comes over to my place twice to three times a week. I have only been to his house twice cause he shares with relatives. I am staying with my son and alone weekends.

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Posted by: Man | 2013/02/14

Let him be the man and break the ice... It might be a turn off if u say it....Y don''t u go to his place or he come to ur place and see what happens.

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