Posted by: Dude | 2005/01/10

ey ho!~

so ur back... from outer space... u came home yesterday lunch in a merc at a pace... u whore sexy cloths ... u frowned up ur nose ... when u saw me with my friend u thought it was the end ...

but now ho! ...don't walk out the door... I got alot of things that u might want and need even more... stablity and security might meet ur current need.. but i got a lot of love to give so lets just plant that seed...

ey ho!... u should know... when u not around here... i got no place to go... . hide away at home from the human race... happiness comes from a picture of ur beautiful face...

in my mind... the deal is signed... y stick around in the abyss when we can b as one... when others fail 2 c the light and failure seems to b... just turn around and let me in and together we can b ...

happy... satisfied... it wouldn't be a sacrifice for all the tears u've cried... even if u are afraid there's one thing u should know... if u open ur heart to me... theres one place we will go...

ey ho! ... let me in... i know i been a bad boy and walked a life of sin... if u open up and give me a blink of love i know we could win!

so now go... and chew on that... there's more 2 life than meets the eye and that is a fact... should u come round 2 reality we could set each other free...

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Hi Dude,
Actually, being a shrink, I personally, came back from Inner Space, actually ! But I gather your friend with the merc was bothersome. But the nice thing about life ( well, one of the nice things ) is that you can set yourself free.
New heights ? Was here something wrong with the old heights ?
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Posted by: Dude | 2005/01/11

got it bb

Reply to Dude
Posted by: dudette | 2005/01/10

I'm good at multitaskin...and lots of other things too. hehehe

I see your point. On the spot want is mostly what we do then the cursin starts when we can't have it, eh? Kinda like spoilt kids. Sometimes we go about getting those wants the wrong way and then mistake our not having them as CAN'T have them.

Want and need in unison sounds like a good concept, but only in theory. I WANT chocolate, but have never needed it. I NEED calcium, but the tablets make me wanna puke. Having a chocolate flavoured milk could mean unison, but is it optimal? Settling for "the best at the moment" can leave me hungry and craving, or it can leave me relieved not having to endure the bad bits too. This is where I have to bet on the best option. These are the choices we make that can leave us cursin or content in the outcome.

Focussing our wants on things we can never have is bound to make us unhappy. If you want it, get it. If you can never have it, move on to find something you want AND you can have. It's the moving on that makes for a difficult one...

I don't think I've ever wanted something I could have, no. I have gotten things I didn't want though. Staying afloat through those proved much much harder than learning to live without my wants. Does that make sense?

Reply to dudette
Posted by: Dude | 2005/01/10

oh Dudette... it's life and flirtin ... rn't wimin multitaskin most ov there lives away...

not knowin what u want, can understand that but feel the same way most of the time till u see somethin nice and all ov a sudden it's what u want... suffer from on da SPOT want?

guess it's a unison of want and need though... although i can appreciate the independant nature comin across i would eventually need what i have always wanted... which may b quit detremental wantin somehtin u could neva have... :0

ave u eva wanted somethin u could ave?

Reply to Dude
Posted by: Badi | 2005/01/10

Do the patients at mental hospitals all have access to the Intenet now? What progress!

Reply to Badi
Posted by: dudette | 2005/01/10

I try... ;-)

Yup, looking for what you like and likin it when you get it. Sounds too easy an option, I know, but don't we complicate things ourselves sometimes? Problems arise when we don't really know what we're looking for. How would you know when you get it?

I've learned long ago that I'm responsible for my own happiness and...uhm...heights. Asking for more and more would imply not having it the way I want it. Who's to blame? Getting it the way you want it is up to YOU. And...sometimes less is more...

Sooooo, are we still pondering life, or have we strayed off that somewhere along with the flirting? ;-)

Reply to dudette
Posted by: Dude | 2005/01/10

ooohh... u such a flirt... its workin ;)

so then we look 4 likin what we choose instead of cursin... then we likin what we got once we got it! mmm... like ur thoughts and concept...

most wimin would ask for more and more ... turnin myself on here... might have to wait a while till i get up out of this chair...

Reply to Dude
Posted by: dudette | 2005/01/10

Loved "Forrest Gump". Life is what you make of it. Would be real easy to play the safes all the time, but where's the fun in that? All of it is a gamble. Some you win, some you lose. Cursin would mean unhappiness with your own choices. Misdirected frustration....not worth making the bet if you can't live with the outcome. heights... What more could any woman ask for? ;-)

Reply to dudette
Posted by: Dude | 2005/01/10

u sound like my kinda girl... nurse me babe... u may end up cursin me... :)

dancin with the prince on the dark side of the moon... might end up wonderin why he lives in gloom... eyes as green as precious stones and a heart full of love... willl take ur O to new heights, feel like eaven above...

wax my board babe...

Reply to Dude
Posted by: dudette | 2005/01/10

My heart goes out to you, my dear dude...

What's wrong with this woman??

OK, if all else fails, I'll have you... You can be a bad boy, lived a life of sin, I DON'T CARE. I'll nurse you back to life. ;-)

Reply to dudette
Posted by: Dude | 2005/01/10

and b...

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Posted by: lu | 2005/01/10

ho hum.

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