Posted by: Jelly | 2005/07/04

Espiride 50mg


I am taking Espiride 50mg one capsule twice a day. My doc Prescribed it for me. What exactly does it do? What can I expect from it?

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Jelly, this is something you should have asked the doctor who wrote the prescription ( NEVER acept a prescription for a new drug without asking the doctor what it does, what it's side-effects are, etc ) and ALWAYS also ask the pharmacist when they fill the prescription. I have no idea why your doctor may have prescribed Espiride, as its an odd drug I have NEVER used in decades of practice. It is one I never even heard of in some other advanced countries, but seems peculiarlyu popular with some SA doctors, who use it for Depression ( though its not really a major antidepressant ) or for anxiety, or for confusion, or for many different reasons. So, sorry, I can't guess what your doctor intended with this particular drug

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Posted by: LOVE IS THE DRUG | 2016/05/19

I am on Espiride 50mg myself with a few others like Cilift 20mg. Both drugs are part of the antidepressants family, here is the difference. Cilift takes a month to work.... like many other antidepressants. Espiride starts working within a day or so... So for those of you that is still unsure: If your doc. only gave you Espiride it was meant to be a temp or short term treatment... If you received Espiride with another antidepressant it was to help you out while the main longer term drug takes effect. The above was confirmed with a friend who works for doctors. Espiride can also be taken short term, many ppl take it before funerals. Long term antidepressants (course) is not meant to be taken short term and should also not be stopped at own will but rather on a sliding scale taking less. (Ask your doc.) Doctors are expensive .... so asked your questions, you are paying for it... Don't be ignorant about your mental health, ask ask ask... Don't depend on the meds only, you need to help yourself as well have a (PMA) Positive Mental Attitude and you will get well. Antidepressants was mainly meant for chemical imbalance Years later it was given to every person that can not sleep or are stressed. Yes the doctors and drug companies make lots of money this way. Yes life causes stress, so does many other things ESPECIALLY a negative attitude. If it is not chemical imbalance it could be spiritual imbalance Then I recommend the Word of God, The Bible and its FREE and healing. Try some praise and worship music and get your mind of yourself and focus on God (we as ppl are very self centered). Think about it for a moment... Best to you all and get well mentally... LOVE IS THE DRUG

Posted by: Anon | 2016/05/10

Het enige iemand espitide gebruik terwyl hul swanger was

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Posted by: Christi-Lee | 2016/05/27

Serdep 50 mg gebruik tydens my hele swangerskap, deur dr bevestig dat dit veilig is. My baba nou 18 maande,:)

Posted by: Anon | 2016/05/10

Het enige iemand espitide gebruik terwyl hul swanger was

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/04/05

I have been taking espiride for 7 months now. It was prescribed to help my sleep disorder (my mind used to work overtime at night). It has been a God send. I sleep like a baby now. I only take 1 tablet at night and I havent been happier. However, I have recently stopped getting my period (the past 2 months) has this happened to anyone else ? Could it be a side effect of the espiride. Or am I looking forward to menopause, I am 44 years old. The only other side effects I have had is sensitive / sore breasts for the first month but that went away.

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Posted by: Ciska | 2016/07/21

Hi yes, esperide can make your period dissapear

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/07/04

I have been taking Espiride for 1 year now. Also prescribed to help me sleep. I was experiencing such anxiety at night when trying to sleep. My mind would just run away with itself. Espiride has been a God send. And yes I have also missed a few periods. But they come back and so far I have had no other side effects.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/03/24

Ek gebruik espiride 10mg vir so 2jr nou al maar met rukke glad nie wat ek ok voel maar op di oomblik nou weer so.mnd lank elke oggend en urbanol so maand lank 50mg in aand. Kan di 2 pille my laat gewig optel..en is dit gevaarlik om so te drink Dr. Baie dankie.

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Posted by: leonie | 2016/03/16

Can u take espride if u on anti biotics for kidney infection

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Posted by: kozikan | 2016/02/19

I have been on esperide for 2 weeks now and find it tremendous. its certainly lifted my spirits and stopped me from committing murder. i was short tempered and ill mannered and ready to snap necks before.... I love my happy pills, they smile at me every time i open the container!!!

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Posted by: Amy | 2016/02/17

Has anyone taken Espiride for chronic subjective vertigo (dizziness)? Has it helped, I have started taking it for my anxiety / dizziness but nothing is happening yet...

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Posted by: Khanyi | 2016/02/03

My dr prescribe me ti take esperite i have been suffering frm panick attecks so today its my first day taking it.can anyone tell me the colour of the pill and how many times must i take a day cause frm the chermest they told me to take one in the morning.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/04/04

White capsule, 1 cap twice per day my doc prescient today. Took one Earlier no kick in yet. Taking this with cilift 20mg x1per day and ×1 adco-alzam twice per day. Always follow doctors instructon and give your doc feedback if there is a problem so that dosage or drug can be reviewed.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/03/05

White in color. 3times a day

Posted by: Social Anxiet | 2016/01/21

My gyni has superscribed it to me in order to help me cope with stress and anxiety from the printing company I work at. My stress got so bad that my intestines would swell and I would have recurring stress dreams. I only need to take it in emergencies and it works perfectly. Feeling great, happy and relaxed

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Posted by: Ashley | 2016/01/15

I've been on it for about six weeks. I've not had any days of feeling great. Instead I have days when I feel the 'impending doom'. I try to take it the same times each day to ensure there isn't any inconsistency. Yesterday and the day before were bad days but today has been better. I had a problem with a queue jumper at the bank and that sent me into an anxiety attack. Fortunately I came through it quickly. Don't know if that is due to the Espiride. I'm really unsure what to do. Carry on and use it as a crutch or give it up and try to cope.

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Posted by: Estelle | 2015/11/09

Hi julle. My dokter het vir my nou Esperide voor geskryf maar my GROOTSTE VREES is dat ek gaan GEWIG OPTEL. Eks 'n diabeet en alreeds oor gewig en kan dit BESLUS nie bekostig om gewig op te tel nie. As ek moet besluit tussen gewig op tel en die pil. Eerlik waar ek los die pil.......

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/10/20

Die dr het Esperide vir my voorgeskryf vir depressie en spanning. Ek neem 2 per dag en 1Azor in die oggend en een in die aand. Ek gebruik dit al vir omtrent 10 jaar en dit het my gehelp.(geen "side-effects" nie) As dit help gebruik dit, ongeag wat ander daaroor te se het. Nie 2 mense reageer presies dieselfde teenoor sekere medikasie nie. (Die cyber dr het eenvoudig net nie regtig belang gestel om die vraag te beantwoord nie)

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/09/28

How many days after taking Espiride 50mg does it start working?

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Posted by: ria | 2015/07/25

will this drug make me sleep beter? for I can't sleep, for my brain does not stop thinking. I really just can't sleep.

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Posted by: Mary | 2016/03/07

Ria I take sleeping tabs actually tried many different types which do nothing for me so my Dr put me on to 1 Treiline 10mg at night to stop my mind racing and thinking too much which has helped a lot but after taking them for 2 years I now need to take 2 per night. They are very cheap.

Posted by: Hans | 2016/02/13

Try the generic of StillNox. It works great and you will sleep well...I promise:-)

Posted by: Isobel | 2015/06/24

Now you guys have me freaked out! Define 'lactation'. Are we talking little bit or enough that it could show through your clothes?

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Posted by: Leanne | 2015/08/27

Hi I have been using Espiride on and off for the past 7 years and I have certainly not experienced any side effects and definitely no lactation. It is a mood equaliser and I take it when I need it only and it works!

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/06/24

I have been feeling very anxious and nervous these last couple of days. I decided to take Espiride 50mg in the morning and in the evening to help with it. How long does it take before it starts working in your system?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/04/02

I start it yesterday.... I asked my psychiatrist for it as I still struggle with anxiety (gulping for air, heart beating fast, tension, easily overwhelmed or confused.) I took one last night and it seemed to work (50mg)... But then this morning I felt the anxiety start up again, so I took one. 2 hours later I didn't feel any better so I took another one and I still don't feel any better. Sigh. And OMG, I definitely don't want to lactate!!!

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Posted by: Hans | 2016/02/13

Nothing terrible will happen to you, but stick to the prescribed dose from your medical professional.

Posted by: RM | 2015/02/16

I start to take Espiride because is the only drug for panic attacs, anxiety and depression. It is not an hipnotic drug and does not cause habit in the body. The doctors use to give to mommys after birth.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/01/21

It helped me ! I was put on another anti-depressant but that made me feel like ddeath and zombie in one day espiride 50mg 3x a day made me feel so good again

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Posted by: Laposh | 2015/01/20

Esperide is a happy pill for the teary moments ,anxiety PND or CD. it helped me a lot then it got finished and could not buy it until today. but I must say that for the days that I have missed it some of them were really weird in a bad way. but I am back on it now hope it will work wonders again.xxxx sorry for errors in the 1st comment

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Posted by: Laposh | 2015/01/20

Esperide is a happy pill for the teary moments ,anxiety PND or CD. it helped me a lot the it got finished and could go buy it until today. but I must say that for the that I missed it some of them were really weird in a bad way. but I am back on it now hope it will work wonders again.xxxx

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/01/05

I am on 50 mg for anxiety ,it works wonders but I'm lactating at age of 50, weird !I don't want to stop it however the breast milk is a problem,I can feed the nation,help? Anxiety or milk?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/04/12

I am 50 years old ,I have had anxiety and panic disorder for over 30 years. Could not breast feed my kids but now I have milk for the first time at my age but it does help the anxiety . I am worse when I stop taking it so I would rather have milk and cope and feel better than overwhelming anxiety on a daily basis.

Posted by: louiese | 2014/12/29

I am in it for a month and have milk in my beast, and was battled but now I understand

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Posted by: Jemima | 2014/12/04

My doctor prescribed Espiride to increase my "sexdrive" , but after reading this it seems to me its more for anxiety. witch i do not suffer from?

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Posted by: maria | 2014/11/26

I am taking espiride 100mg for lactation but I am experiencing swollen legs it is the cause

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Posted by: martie from welkom | 2014/11/03

I have aniexty nothing helped me was on every drug you can think of I'm six months of any anti depressants coping with my aniexty on my own no doctor can help me any more now I'm going to try espiride 50 mg to see my biggest problem is long distances I can't go any where for me its going home and work if I want to go some where I must drink sleeping pills can any one give me some advice

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Posted by: Lorette | 2016/03/31

Have you tried Pax? Worked for me.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/03/25

Was exactly where u were, no long distances. I take 20mg of Deparoc at nite, no attacks in years.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/11/01

I'm also using it to increase my breastmilk and it works wonders.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/07/27

How many did u take a day of 50mg to increase breast milk im on 1 a day should i take 2

Posted by: Sharnell | 2014/09/01

My doctor prescribed it to help with PMS symptoms. I become irritable, teary, get headaches, etc. before my period. Hope it's going to help.

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Posted by: Megan | 2014/08/05

My doctor gave it to help me cope with my migraines, vertigo spells and "anxiety attacks" I've been on it for 3 weeks now, no vertigo/panic. Apparently helps to lift your mood, supposed to be a mild antidepressant as well.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/08/04

I was given this drug to increase my milk supply after the birth of my baby . I was googling it to see what side effects it has as the one side of my face occasionally feels "twitchy" and came across this post . I am now a bit freaked out finding it on a "shrink" page ???

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/08/19

I am also on Espiride to help increase my milk supply and its been helping. Am so shocked at the depression and Migraine treatments people are talking about

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/07/04

Espiride is a "happy drug" it elevates the mood, works far better than any tricyclic antidepressant like PAXIL or DEPAROC, or even PROZAC. I could get hooked on Espiride.

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Posted by: Lola - 2014-06-10 | 2014/06/10

Hi All, I have been on Esperide for 7 years now and i must say it really helped with panic attacks and has really helped me to focus. I was an ADD sufferer and i find it has helped me to concentrate so much better since taking it. I no longer suffer panic attacks but it sure helps with my concentration levels

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/10/25

Hi Lola, my GP told me that they do not like to give Espiride for long periods of time. I took it for two weeks and felt like a different person, so focused and happier, but the GP stopped it and gave me Zoloft but I did not feel as good. I went back on Espiride but did not get back to how good I felt in those first two weeks. What dosage of Espiride are you taking? I just want to get back to how I first felt. Thanks

Posted by: alan | 2014/05/16

I take espiride, dopoquel and neuronton and am suddenly experiencing hair loss. What is the cause??

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/07/04


Posted by: djl kotze | 2014/05/05

This espiride is not working 4 me so what must I do I need help

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/04/30

Die Cyber docter is n KWAK. Hy het nie die vraag gelees en reg geantwoord nie. Sy het nie gevra hoekom die dr dit voorgeskryf het nie, maar wat die pil doen. As hy nie weet wat die pil doen nie omdat hy nie ondervinding het daaroor nie , kon hy dit navors en dan geantwoord het.en nie net bubbles gehap het nie.

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Posted by: mv | 2015/10/06

Ek dink ek stem saam!!

Posted by: Isobel | 2015/06/24

Ek stem saam, hy was nog ongeskik ook. Nie vreeslik professioneel nie!

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/08/04

Ja, ek stem saam met jou.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/02/28

For me it solved my panic attack problems , i have been on it for about 2 years and for me it was the end of a terrible part of my life , only side effect i have is some vivid dreams and that's not so bad lol ,

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Posted by: Lara | 2014/01/15

It's an anti-psychotic. It can help with anxiety and depression. I prefer it to other drugs because I can take it on an as-needed basis, there are no weight-gain side effects, and it doesn't make me drowsy.

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Posted by: willa | 2015/07/30

I just started with a day..but honestly need some days I need to take twice a day.It is encouraging to read that you are happy with it. I am an emotional mess, stress and anxiety!

Posted by: Blommie | 2014/01/13

My phychiatrist prescribed it for my anxiety Just started with it

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/05/19

Have been prescribed esperide as a tranquilliser but it seems from comments that it is incorrect and outdated or unheard of. Should I stop? My sleep patterns are terrible but think esperide may have helped.

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Posted by: Jelly | 2005/07/04

Sorry, I should have been more specific. My doc (psychologist) gave it to me i think because I have been very depressed as of late. She said it would make me feel better. I do feel slightly better. Thank you for your replies.

Reply to Jelly
Posted by: Liza | 2005/07/04

Its been prescribed for me before. Some doctors find it particularly helpful in cases of postnatal depression. I don't know whether it works for the depression - but it did help my oldest son since it increased lactation. He was a VERY hungry baby. I think that its sometimes given more as a placebo than an actual antidepressant.

Reply to Liza
Posted by: Rose | 2005/07/04

Esperide is a type of tranquiliser come anti-depressent but some doctors don't recognise it as being in the anti-depressent bracket. I dont think its a true anti-depressent. I think its a type of mood stabilizer. Why did your doctor give it to you?

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