Posted by: Sello | 2013/01/29

Eishhh these baboons are too clever

Eishhh can somebody tell me if these baboons are using umuthi that was cultivated Sello from DH''s back garden and then sold for R33 m.

Announcing the results, MEC for Education Mr Dickson Masemola said he is disappointed with poor performance of Alpha Secondary School which produced zero pass rate for 2012 grade 12 results. He called the principal of Alpha Secondary School which is situated in Ga-Matlala to explain and account for this poor performance.

MEC Masemola also congratulated the three top schools in the provinces that had to passes in Bachelor contribution with more than 100 pupils passing Mathematics, namely Mbilwi Secondary School, where 421 wrote and 235 pass in Bachelors, Thengwe Secondary School, where 287 wrote and 206 pass in Bachelors and Hoerskool Pietersburg where 257 wrote and 179 pass in Bachelors.

MEC Masemola also congratulated schools that qualified for prestigious league, These schools have to pass 100 learners in Mathematics by 50% pass or more, namely, Mbilwi where 421 wrote and 312 pass Bachelors, Thengwe where 237 wrote and 147 pass Bachelors and Dendron where 168 wrote and 108 pass Bachelors.

The top three candidates in the Province who obtained the highest aggregates in their best six subjects are Komane Ngoanapedi Mmadikgetho,of Glen-Cowie Girls High by 1 730 marks followed by Mmashela Madimetja Kamogela Julius of Pax High by 1 721 marks and Thomas Shruthi Annie of Capricorn High by 1 704 marks.

According to MEC Masemola, the top three learners in Mathematics, top three physical Science learners and top 3 Mathematics and physical Science combined in the Republic of South Africa come from Limpopo.

According to Ms Ngoanapedi Mmadikgetho Komane, hard working and keeping herself studying brings good fruits. “  If someone want to achieve the goals in education you need to concentrating on studies and avoid lingering with friend and make a study table for yourself”  She said this made her the best student in the province and also top student in the country. She added that she needs to see more girls doing what she did during 2013 results.

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Posted by: Whena | 2013/01/30

Sello - i do not know if you listen to a radio but 2 university professors of UCT did a study and they found that over 12 million persons go to bed in SA hungry- now out of a population of about 50 million that is just under 1 in 4 persons.

Now the glorious ANC has given (according to you) all these people electricity, water , education, new roads etc - and slowly they are dying of hunger.

As I have said previously the ANC is not a dead inert thing - it is a party with persons in it and if the persons are corrupt the party is corrupt. How can you trust a person who cannot manage his own financial affairs to run a country. Then again as per your own words black people is the financial movers and shakers in this country so you cannot blame the whites or big bussiness if they refuse people who cannot manage their own money loans.

Your attitude is typical of what is wrong in SA today. The majority has a attitude of entitlement - BUT is not prepared to WORK for what they want - eish no the mulungu must give because a brother is not prepared to work for that what he wants

Reply to Whena
Posted by: DH | 2013/01/30

They are locusts. Look at the way they loot and steal, the way they act in a shop, the way they drive. Each one tries to get to the front and grab as much for themselves as they can, once they''ve grabbed everything they then destroy whats left and once they''ve destroyed whats left they turn on one another. Look at Zim, the stole everything off the farms and then destroyed the fams. A once great country has been decimated by locusts.

They really want to enter the 1st world but they are unable to because their 3rd worl locust mentality doesn''t let them.

Look at Showerkop Zipper, he breeds like a locust, and screws any other locust who might wear a skirt. Him and his wives are so overfed they look like the ate the entire mielie flield by themselves. He steals like a locust, he got his locust buddies to build him a fortified locust nest for R230mil.

We simply have to accept that it is the nature of the beast: It is the locust within.

Another thing Sello old chum: So when the white man p1$$esoff back to Europe do you think that he should take his soccer balls with''s not as if the locust had any part of developing the game. You stupid fool, even your favourite past time is not your own. What about that Black Label beer you like so much, where does that come from - dumba$$.

Reply to DH
Posted by: Tanya | 2013/01/30

The standard of education has been forced to drop so low in SA that these so-called brilliant students have, in reality only passed the equivalent of about Grade 6 - and there lies the big problem.

DH....thought of you when watching TV the other night about the " biggest swarms in the world" . Guess which one was the biggest and most devastating? Yip, you guessed it - THE LOCUSTS ! Does make one wonder.

Reply to Tanya
Posted by: DH | 2013/01/30

Another 1000 years of evolution and you may also breed the locust mentality out.

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