Posted by: JESSE | 2004/01/12


Egg whites can provide a mucus-like environment
which is sperm friendly.
Take an egg out of the fridge
set it on the counter
for approximately 1 hour,
so it can reach room temp.
Before DTD,
crack open the egg
separate the yolk from the white
and insert the room temperature white
gently into your vagina
To prevent infection, be sure to insert
the egg white immediately.
After you crack open the egg
DO NOT leave it at
room temperature for more
than a few minutes.
I understand that
egg white is used in labs
for sperm storage!
Worried about bacteria?
It is the yolk
not the egg white that would
carry bacteria.

It is better to use eggs from "cage free" farms,
They are in the "natural" food section in the grocery
store. I use a plastic applicator (the kind that
comes with Monistat) and pour the egg whites into the
appicator by using a spoon (this takes a long time) or
a funnel. It is optional to beat the egg whites to
loosen them up. The amount to use is one applicator
full. You must prop your hips up on pillows before
inserting the egg whites. If it's comfortable, it is
better to BD while propped up on pillows so that the
egg whites will not spill out. Some will still spill
out, but at least the majority will not. If any one
has any other ideas on this process, please feel free
to post a message.
DH and I are very serious about it, but then DH starts
to sing "down on the farm" song from Bob Evans!!!
Who would think that BD and breakfast would have
anything in common!

Just wanted to share my egg white story, in case any one is doubtful!
I have been TTC for over 2 years, and it has been a bumpy ride.
After theinitial 12 months off TTC, I had a lap. done, and ended up back in hospital
with a post operative infection of the abdominal wall.
Nightmare. I then managed to fall PG in May 2002,
but sadly lost my baby to a missed miscarriage at 13 weeks.
Back to the drawing board.
We have been renovating houses, moving interstate,
dealing with loads of work dramas,
and to be honest, the whole TTC thing was really getting me down.
Since moving interstate I decided to try and renew my enthusiasm.
I had read about the egg white thing,
but wasn't sure if I had the nerve: too scared of a potential infection.
At the arrival of my last period, however, I thought, why not.
This month I am going do do every possible thing in my power to get pregnant.
Here is what I did:
Took folate every day
Took 1/2 an asprin every day
Took my temp every day
Inspected my CM every day
Drank freshly squeezed carrot and grapefuit juice every day
Took herbal "Pregnancy Drops" (from a Chinese chemist in Sydney, Australia) every day.
Had sex twice around ovulation only.
(Normally we would "go for it" and have sex about 6 times,
but we were aiming for quality no quantity!)
The second time we had sex was on the day of ovulation,
And the result? No infection at all. And 2 weeks later..............BFP!!
(In fact I have done 2 HPT.........both have come up +++++++++!)
So, if anyone is doubtful, don't be.
It is the only thing I have done differently this month,
so I am giving credit for my BFP to the raw egg whites!
Thanks Momma Kath.......
Dh and I had been ttc for 5 months with no luck.
This month we decided to use real egg whites.
I used a syringe without the needle to insert the egg whites.
I also used the pillow to prop myself up during intercourse.
And then I stayed in bed until the next morning without getting up.
We used them the day before ovulation and the day after.
Fourteen days later we found out we are pregnant.
I also know two other women who got pregnant recently
and the only thing they did differently that month was the egg whites.
I would recommend it to anyone!

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Our expert says:
Expert ImageGynaeDoc

The odd coincidental conception after using egg white does not prove that it works. In normal circumstances, the vagina is quite sperm friendly, and extra help should not be necessary.

Best wishes

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Our users say:
Posted by: samx | 2004/01/13

oh Ang - it was a funny comment (ha ha)! I was not serious. Sorry you have no sense of humour!

Staminogro is relatively new product on the market (developed in conjunction with the Medfem clinic in Jhb). Your doc probably doesn't know about it because its so new - it doesn't make him a bad doctor at all.

I just don't like people giving others false hope with the promise of dodgy miracle cures...its not fair really.

Everyone is free to express their opinion on this site (including Jesse) - I was just expressing mine.

Have a nice day :-)

Reply to samx
Posted by: Ang | 2004/01/13

gee, I think you girls reaction is a bit harsh to someone sharing an experience and trying to help!! It is not as if it is a harmful one - if it doesnt work so what and if it does well wonderful. By the way...doctors are human beings - they dont know everything. I have an excellent Reproductive Endocrinologist and when I asked him about Staminogro (a vitamin referred to often by the Reproductive Endocrinologists on the website.) he had no clue what it was and it is like a buz word in the fertility world!!! Doesnt mean he is any worse a doctor (being human and all.....) By the way Sam are you older than 12? bit doubtful if reading that last comment

Reply to Ang
Posted by: Samx | 2004/01/13

Yay, I'm right!!! Ha ha ha Jesse!!!

Reply to Samx
Posted by: someone | 2004/01/12

I think its daft advice - way to go samx!!!!

there are serious proven methods to try if you're having problems - your doc can advise you of these.

I wouldn't follow crazy advice like this. as samx says, if it had any credibility at all - the doctors would know about it.

Reply to someone
Posted by: JESSE | 2004/01/12

Who said i was doing it. And apparemtly it is known over seas. And lets face it. No need to get sarcastic just thought i would try gve some people trying to conceive a little help. Anyway there was someone last week asking about it as well.

Reply to JESSE
Posted by: samx | 2004/01/12

Dear dear Jesse,

I think the doc does know best. ... Have you ever thought that the people trying to conceive might have conceived anyway - without using egg whites??

I think its a bit of a old wives tale for those desperately trying to conceive. And I know when you are having problems you'd try anything.

If it really worked - don't you think all the clever doctors would have latched on to the idea and be prescribing it to women having difficultied conceiving?

Don't you think the fertility clinics would be rejoicing?

Anyway - you go ahead and stick egg whites inside you if it makes you happy :-)

Reply to samx
Posted by: JESSE | 2004/01/12

Hi there you can give me your e-mail address and i will respond with mine.
Chat soon.

Reply to JESSE
Posted by: BEAUTY | 2004/01/12

Hello Dear

Trying to conceive please give me your contact details thanks

Reply to BEAUTY

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