Posted by: Lee | 2013/01/23

Dump him or NOT ?

Hi people

I have been dating this guy for 2 months now. hes a gud guy and all , not to mention HOT. everything is going well right now BUT , we both on BBM- Blackberry Messenger thingy and since I MET him he ALWAYS has pictures of half naked girls with BIG bums n BIG breasts as his profile pic. I know its girls he downloads from the internet BUT It bothers me. It actually irritates me everitime Im on BBM. Im Now actually thinking of dumping him for this reason. Am I being UNreasonable ? Or maybe coz hes 28yrs?But Im also 28yrs but I dont find this appealing? should I jst let it go ?WHATTTTT? Been avoiding him ALL day today actually ?

Please share your tow cents.

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Posted by: T | 2013/01/23

My two cents: He has no respect for you, as a girlfriend - that''s IF he considers you a girlfriend even, as Temba says. Talk to him about it - why he feels the need to have such pictures, and in the process find out where you stand with him. Another option is to have pictures of men with huge goodies too on your profile pic - " No way!" , right? Because what kind of a person would you have to be to be blatantly associated with such profile pics?! Well, do you want to be associating at the level that you are, with the kind of man who does such? Eeww. Really, I think your eggs are in the wrong basket.

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Posted by: Temba | 2013/01/23

Eish, but why on earth do women expect guys to be mind readers? bUt have you spoken to him and asked him why he keeps putting pics of naked woman on his profile.Something is not right here.To me, that''s a sign that he''s isn''t serious about you. Maybe you are one of his sexual conquests and he doesn''t even consider you as a girlfriend material.Phela there''s one thing women still struggle and fail to understand. Just because because you''ve slept with the guy, it doesn''t mean that niyajola (you are dating). Sex doesn''t equal a relationship to guys. Wena, you may think that you''re dating but yena he doesn''t know that you guys are dating.

that was two cents....

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