Posted by: Sad | 2003/01/10

dose it never end

Its so sad to see people give there opnions and blasted for it, i see the end days are close, it looks to me like the Cristians are beeing singled out for a hard time cause they belive in something and are prepared to defend it, look at your selfs first before you deside to critisize someone else who is only here to try and help !!!

Love is dead by the looks of it where as lust is stronger than ever!!!

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Our expert says:
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Dear Sad,
I am sad too that the Sexology forum is being used as a platform for perverts, cybersex, people's fantasies and the religious fanatics. If we could stick to the topic of sexual health and the issues around healthy sexuality, we would possibly succed to have a very informative and sexually healthy dicussion. Unfortunately everything gets turned into religious issues. If this is such a perverted forum, why are you even reading it?
Please go away from this forum and preach somewhere else. If you have a question on sexuality or sexual health I will gladly address it, if not, you should not even be lurking around here.
Dr Elna McIntosh

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

Our users say:
Posted by: Blue | 2003/01/11

Well said doc!! Keep up the good work.

Reply to Blue
Posted by: jaclin | 2003/01/11

Graffitti sounds like an intelligent person and I fully endorse what he or she says. However, the doc enjoys a position of authority and although she is human and I am not denying her humanity. those 2 remarks, especially the epilepsy remark is not acceptable. The consequences that could follow from that remark, to a young person or a traumatised individual that is asking a question of a doctor, could be serious.
The lurking remark, I agree, although out of order, possibly could be understood if the person is indeed, lurking in the shadows. I dont believe that Sad, was lurking (rather a strong word) but was merely voicing an opinion, which has a religious slant. Well, at the end of the day, all of us have some sort of slant to what is being said and are merely voicing our opinions.
Sad, should not be singled out and slated for that.
But I do accept Graffitti,s intelligent summary.
What should happen here is that the Doctor should intervene and substantiate why she said what she said. She is however, also a participant in this forum and should not put a cat amongst the pigeons, then stand back and watch the proceedings, which I may add is a technic adopted by many in this proffession. Although effective, there comes a point when order should be restored in order to move on.

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Posted by: graffitti | 2003/01/10

the issue of sex is a sensitive one as is the issue of religion neither should ever be brought up in anger. If you are religious then discuss religoion with others of your faith. if you have a sex problem or question then putting your question on a public forum is going to attract public remarks. be prepared for input from absolutely anybody. much of it will not be productive especially if your probem or question is of a contraversial nature but hopefully you will be able to separate wise words from rantings.
For all of you participating in the above argument, anger is an emotion to be discussed with a psychologist or spouse or even on a forum dedicated to discussing anger. a forum on sexual issues should discuss anger only in so far as it pertains to sexual functioning and sexual issues.
As for the comment on epilepsy, doc is only human.

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Posted by: zacks | 2003/01/10


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Posted by: Sad | 2003/01/10

"Please go away from this forum and preach somewhere else. If you have a question on sexuality or sexual health I will gladly address it, if not, you should not even be lurking around here"

"Unfortunately everything gets turned into religious issues"


Everything is about religious issues, the existence of the world is an religious issue, so how can we avoid it?
You speak very harshly for a doc, im sorry, did i ofend you with something i said or is it just guilt inside you, did i hit a nerve doc elna???

Im sorry my "lurking" in the shadows must be bothering you, i think ill drink some cat blood and then maby ill fit in!!!!!!!!

To God Be The Glory, not to the Doc

Reply to Sad
Posted by: Vetrix | 2003/01/10

Well Well Well i did not say it, but i should have, Sad dont worrie cause im sad with you and to Brad, where have you been hiding? i agree with you how can someone who claims to be a doc say something like that to that kid?
Brad you have show'n more character toady that any of these people could hope to in year!!!!

Reply to Vetrix
Posted by: Brad | 2003/01/10

And I DON'T have religious beliefs and nor do I agree with what these Christians are saying but to HONE IN on them and to make fun of what they believe is NOT ON. They, like the numerous perverts on this forum should be able to give their point of view.
YOU ! DOCTOR, should know that and should not single them out, nor should you make IRRESPONSIBLE REMARKS.
Do all these people, who say "Well said DOC" speaking on your behalf ?
I don't see you, remarking about that !

Reply to Brad
Posted by: R | 2003/01/10

Well said, Doc

Oh, and Sad... check your spelling and punctuation

Reply to R
Posted by: Brad | 2003/01/10

Although I agree with the fact that this should not be for religious beliefs and it is a sex forum. BUT to tell this person with CERTAIN BELIEFS "TO GO AWAY AND LURK ELSEWHERE" IS RIDICULOUS, MAY I SUGGEST TO YOU THAT THERE ARE FAR MORE SINISTER REMARKS AND RIDICULOUS ADVICE, BEING MADE, AND GIVEN, ON THIS FORUM.
In addition your REMARK to a PATIENT, who asks if his girlfriend is having an orgasm when she shakes, spasms and becomes exceptionally wet that she is having an Epileptic Fit is not funny at all and quite irresponsible, coming from a Doctor.
What exactly are your Medical qualifications ? and are you getting tired of this forum ? Your outbursts would suggest it.
EPILEPSY ! How ridiculous and IRRESPONSIBLE !!!

Reply to Brad
Posted by: Lady | 2003/01/10


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Posted by: Toy-Boy | 2003/01/10

Very well spoken Doc.

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