Posted by: Buffs | 2006/10/30

Dog Questions

hi guys

as you know i have a few cats.. we just moved into a new house where my hubby would like to get a dog.. My parents have toldme that i must take my childhood dog she may have some fox terrier in her and maybe some chiuaha (im not sure what breed she is as shes a something X something, my hubby swears she is part guinea pig lol) shes very small, about the size of a cat and very timid, her name is K.T(pronounced Katey).

my questions:
1) how will my cats handle this?
2) (dont laugh) the dog is afraid of cats, how can we change this?
3) she (the dog) is a little over weight, what is the best thing i can feed her?
4) the dog doesnt play and i would love to play with her (bought her toys already) how can i get her to play with me?
5) the dog is terrfied of water, we have a pond which she wont even walk past, can this behaviour be chaged as i dont want her to spend her life terrified of the pond?
6) the dog is white with brown patches, her ears are white, do i need to put sunscreen on her ears to protect from skin cancer (may sound like a stupid question but i remember her ears getting sunburnt when i was little and used to put sunscreen on her)
7) the dog doesnt really move around a lot and spends most of its time sleeping, for her to loose weight id love to take her jogging with me how do i train her to walk on a leash and how far/fast can i jog so as to not cause her any harm?
8) she looses a lot of hair, can we give her something for this (maybe her diet is wrong or she needs bob martins)?

sorry there are lots of questions, but i dont want to treat her badly unintentionally and only want the best for her.

oh sorry the dog is about 8 years old and has not yet come to live with us, i would love to have every thing perfect before i go get her.

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Expert ImageCyberVet

1 they may take a while to get used to the dog.
2 Introduce them slowly. Cats can cause dogs severe damage
3 ask your vet to help you. Initially it will be necessary to feed a weight reduction diet and then mainatin on a light diet. Also exercise the dog.
4 Patience will be necessary. You need to win her confidence.
5 Introduce her slowly sounds as if there is such a lot going on the poor dig will be stressed.
6 Yes use a high factor to protect her ears.
7 How old is she. Try getting her used to wearing the collar an dthen let her drag the lead around under supervision and then slowly pick the lead up and follow her. She may not run too fast so initially a wlk would probably be best
8 Groom her daily. You may consider having her clipped i fthe caot is very long as the summer is getting warm already.

Good luck!

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Posted by: Kate | 2006/11/01

Eventually everything settles down.
I dewormed all my animals this morning.
Jinx my cat who believes she is an only child put up such a fight and eventually ran off hissing and spitting and I am very sure she swore at me too.
She will sulk for a few days guaranteed but then all goes back to normal.

Rather think of all the positive things you can do for your dog and the negatives will fade away.

Good luck and keep me updated.

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Posted by: Buffs | 2006/11/01

I think she will be happy with us, but i dont want her to spend her life petrified of the ctas indoors and petrified of the pond out doors, and i dont want the cts to hate the dog.

I dont want her to be lonley being a doggy all by herself.

dunno.. maybe cos its been so long since i had a dog just cant remember what they are like lol

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Posted by: Kate | 2006/11/01

Morning Buffs.

You could try telling your cats that KT is just another cat LOL.

Buffs, I kinda get the feeling you are not 100% sure taking KT will be the best thing.
Maybe write down all you feelings and then make your decision.
If you believe in your heart it is the right thing go for it.

Good luck


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Posted by: Buffs | 2006/10/30

its not patches and she gets frontlined so no ticks or fleas. she just sheds constantly... and of course bathing is not much of an option as shes terrfied of water.

I plan on telling the cats that she is just a funny looking breed of feline, think they will buy it?

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Posted by: Kate (Basher's Mom) | 2006/10/30

Hi Buffs.

1) Your cats will hate you when you bring home the intruder LOL
2) Ignore them all when they misbehave - reward positive behaviour.
3) Check with your vet, she is small so a slightly more expensive light dog food will be best option - with no tidbits!!
4) Your idea of fun and hers might be different, my older dogs think Basher is mad because he loves tennis balls but they never had tennis balls when they were younger.
5) Ignore the behaviour you do not want and praise the behaviour you want - I would pretend the pond does not even exist - do not make it an issue.
6) Yes you can put sunscreen on - you can get this from the vet and I did hear that baby sunscreen is okay but just double check on this.
7) Gosh I would say you would be better off taking her for walks as at 8years old, being overweight, changing home life could be a little stressfull for her.
8) The same answer as No 3, is the hair loss noticable on her as in patches? Could be a flea problem? Or maybe she is just shedding her winter coat - my Jacks are shedding a lot.

Good luck with KT, and just let things be everyone eventually settles down.

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