Posted by: Matthew | 2004/11/11

Does the media affect our minds?

There have been so many debates on whether TV games and violent movies and profanities in music affect people, but are they really a bother?
Surely a person who partakes in what the singer is promoting, believes in it before hand? Or is it just in a way, pressure to fit in. Example: The popularity of Eminem might make an adolescent want to dress like him or act like him to be accepted.
communal reinforcement
Communal reinforcement is the process by which a claim becomes a strong belief through repeated assertion by members of a community. The process is independent of whether the claim has been properly researched or is supported by empirical data significant enough to warrant belief by reasonable people. Often, the mass media contribute to the process by uncritically supporting the claims. More often, however, the mass media provide tacit support for untested and unsupported claims by saying nothing skeptical about even the most outlandish of claims.

Communal reinforcement explains how entire nations can pass on ineffable gibberish from generation to generation. It also explains how testimonials reinforced by other testimonials within the community of therapists, sociologists, psychologists, theologians, politicians, talk show hosts, etc., can supplant and be more powerful than scientific studies or accurate gathering of data by disinterested parties.

South African youth's new advice to be cool would possibly be the boringly repetitive eMpTyV. Surely a person with half a brain would think for themselves and decidewhether whatever is shown on TV is actually the correct way behave. But then where do we draw the line on what should be shown and what shouldn't?
The band Slayer, were on trial, due to lyrics that apparently made a teenager take part in a planned murder. After six years, the case was closed.
But who said it's all the band's fault or the TV's fault or even Oprah's fault for that matter. People have the right to decide to watch a program or turn the page and if they are offended by something why don't they just change channel.
My understanding, is that for the very young, their mind's aren't able to compute what's right or wrong yet and this age is a good time for any parent to give guidance and advice (parental guidance). I completely agree with guidance stickers on CD's and SVLN details for TV.

Slayer - Serenity in Murder
Let me take you down without a sound
Dead before you hit the ground
Blood washes my hand can't understand
Sterilizing my pain

Washed away with crimson tide
By my hand I keep testing time
Quench the fire that drives my soul
Soothing me as death takes hold

Peaceful and serene slowly bleeding
Eyes once bright are now fading
Pallid ashen face against my skin
Staring blindly at some place

Washed away by crimson tide
By my hand I keep testing time
Straight flesh lace adorns your neck
Spilling your blood all over my flesh

Quench the fire that drives my soul
Soothing me as death takes hold
Divine godsend enveloping me
Spiritual ecstasy sets me free

Dark lyrics, but it doesn't tell anyone to go out and do it does it. And even if a song does tell us to go out and kill people, we have the choice to use that thing between our ears and decide for ourselves don't we?
I personally don't want the PMRC to ban music before it is even released, I'll decide for myself if I want to buy it, thanks. I want to have that choice. I don't "officials" to be my mommy and daddy and act like they know what is right for me to hear or see. It is up to us, not up to them.
Cybershrink, surely a person will murder if they want to do it deep inside, rather than just because they got "inspired" by a song for example?
This is an interesting topic me thinks.

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Expert ImageCyberShrink

I guess maybe that "communal reinforcement" theory might help to explain the re-election of George Bush !
But isn't the concern that some significant proportion of young people, especially when younger than you, are never taught to or encouraged to make wise decisions like you do, but go with the crowd ?
I don't believe anybody ever decided to murder someone just because they heard about it in a song --- but that's hardly the question. What if you were a terribly disturbed geek, solitary and seething with some imagined grievance against someone else --- THEn is it possible that a song with a lyric that implies it's OK, maybe even good, to go ahead and do something violent, might tip you over the edge ?
I think the difference that could at times be significance is this. Look at Shakespeare --- he dealt with murder and many bloody and ugly acts within his plays. But nobody every imitated these acts --- partly because of the quality of his work compared with the trash of today's pop writers ( they work in a factory to churn out stuff designed for commercial success, with specific ingredients, rather than being artistically independent ) , because he addressed these acts and moticves within a complex context, and because he never made them seem superficial and cool.

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Posted by: Mom | 2004/11/11

Young minds are impressionable. So if the person they think is cool, sings that murder is cool, then what do you do to be cool...? It's very subjective, but because parents are sometimes too overloaded to be proper role models, the role models now exist in celebrities mostly.
Although, for others it's the perfect excuse to 'blame it on the lyrics because I cannot take responsibility for my own actions' syndrome.
Yes, interesting to say the least.
My personal opinion is that you have a choice about what YOU do, and no song can make you do anything. It'll give you ideas, but the ideas you CHOOSE to take action on is YOUR choice.
People nowwdays blame anything but themselves.

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