Posted by: Curious | 2003/01/21

Does lack of sex cause Prostate Cancer

Hi there, my husband keeps telling me lack of sex causes Prostate Cancer, is this true? We don't have a healthy sex life, as I am not interested in having sex with him, thus we have sex on the very odd occasion. Is there a drug or herb that could entice my Libido other than Horny Goats Weed, as I have finished the whole bottle and it didn't work for me.

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Prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer in older men. It has a relatively high incidence in the United States. Increased risk factors include men with a family history or African American heritage. Many risk factors have been tested. Even smoking is not directly linked to prostate cancer as it is with lung and bladder cancer.
Increased or decreased frequency of ejaculation may affect prostate cancer rates, but this has not been determined. Currently, the American Urological Association has not issued guidlines on ejaculation to prevent onset of prostate cancer.

Your second part of the question: "I am not interested in having sex with him", so who can have sex with him then if you don't want too. Why don't you feel like sex, because you are angry with him, is it painful, are you orgasmic, or does sex just seem like to much work.

Woodt Alan said sex is like oxygen, only when we are not getting it, do we miss it. Beware before it is to late, when you realise that you are missing it too.

Good luck
Dr Elna McIntosh

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/08/05

Have any of you who complain about the sexless marriage with the spouse with no interest ever think about why that might be??? Sometimes the one complaining is the reason his/her partner has lost that lovin feeling. Denial, they call it, eh?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/08/27

My husband was treated via surgery for prostate cancer successfully 10 years ago. Since then, we have not had any sex. When asked, he just says there is no desire. I enjoy sex very much but would never think of being unfaithful so I just masturebate. I have tried hugs and cozying up to him but he just pushes me away. All follow up exams say he's health and no sign of cancer. Has he just lost interest in me or is there something wrong with him?

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Posted by: Mike | 2016/01/16

I have the same problem, but reversed. I am a man by all means, trucker, mechanic, roofer, plumber, carpenter, etc. But I also cook, clean, do laundry, etc also. I am also the "lover" as you seem to be with the cuddling and the need for closeness...and even when making yourself very clear...blunt even, I get a sorry but nothing changes. Like you, masturbation only handles the physical while emotionally we are dying inside. So you nad I have the same question: WTF does you not being in the mood have to do with affection and love? It doesn't. And so we, like so many others, are caught in a trap of sexless marriages while the spouses deprive us of something important to a marriage...its like having a car with three wheels, it will drive but its going to be a rough and unpleasant ride. And we go nuts because we want the intimacy but the boundaries of marriage(gotta have morals) forces us to live without...that is just plain fucking selfish. If my wife wanted the big O and I was not interested, I'd still do what I need to do...that marriage. Its about your spouse, not you. I feel for you...I really do. Man or woman...unless your mouth, hands and privates are all missing, you have NO excuse. I can't speak for you, but did you notice how it seems to be all about you wanting sex to them instead of the truth....I want to be intimate with YOU dummy! Good luck dear...

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/09/28

I read somewhere that women should not wait to feel like having sex. They should just get started and they will get into it once they begin. Women may also try gels that stimulate their private parts, and/or Chinese herbs like ginseng to increase libido. Holy basil and ashwaganda may also help in combination with libido herbs. Women not wanting sex seems to be a huge problem. Gents... stay fit, remember your spouse is not your mommy or your maid and remember to be romantic. Sex is part of marriage. If your wife is no longer interested, leave them and find a wife who will enjoy making love to you. If not, you basically have a roommate. Treat them like roommates. 50/50 on all shared expenses plus they can pay for their personal expenses. Change yourselves gentlemen. Don't try to change your wives. Increasing your knowledge and self worth is the only way to get through this. It is humiliating for men to beg for sex. Women use this as a tool to control or a passive aggressive way to destroy a marriage. Work less hour, don't cheat out of anger, respectfully speak your mind and do more for yourselves not your wives. Find a sport, hobby etc. Read "THE OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION IS IN MY REFLECTION" and "NO MORE MR. NICE GUY". Good luck.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/01/16

Spot on! got to be womans reply to her own shitty marriage or man. I cook, clean, work, mechanic, carpenter, it all. And I still can't get any without begging. What is true here is that we need to stop this or have no right to control the others life by withholding sex or even ,merely just because you don't want to...its selfish and if its the case, you never should have married....I will NOT go looking for it ( mid 40s) but with a strong sex drive and only being intimate twice in the last year??? Well, if it presents itself I will NOT say no. And this is NOT a refection on is a situation caused by the other's unwillingness to fix a problem because its easier to do nothing and ignore the elephant in the room. If you do, do NOT tell will make you feel better but they will beat it to death!

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/11/26


Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/09/07

The Asian culture, which has heavy smoking and Sex workers in their lifestyle, enjoys less prostate problems than than their American Cousins. WHY? Maybe we should retain the Cry of the 60's youths. ' Make Love, Not War! America forget making bombs for the masses around the World. Older male citizens with theirs prostate problems need 'Love' might actually save them pain and suffering in the hospital, having their prostate cut out!

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Posted by: p martin | 2014/08/01

I wonder what the responses would be if the husband had no interest sexually in the wife although she desired it.

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Posted by: Paul Stone | 2013/12/19

Several of these women say "I do not want to have" or "I am not interested in having", "sex with HIM". Sounds like they ARE interested in having sex with SOMEONE. Beyond that, it is HIS job, not just to be a nice guy, but to be INTERESTING and ALLURING as a MAN, such that she will DESIRE HIM, NOT simply demand sex because he's in rut like any other beast. There's ALWAYS a way. If she doesn't desire you,Mister18, it's YOUR FAULT, not hers.

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Posted by: Random Guy | 2014/07/25

Hey but hang on! Isn't it always 2 people ... Oh, sarcasm! I see what you did there...

Posted by: Toy-Boy | 2003/01/22

He might as well get a blow-up doll.

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Posted by: Curious | 2003/01/22

Sorry Dr Moe, wrong answer - you definately must be male to say something silly like that!

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Posted by: Dr moe | 2003/01/22

Yes. Lack of sex does cause prostate cancer as it prevent mature sperm being secreted of your penis. When your husband asks for sex, give it to him as you will be helping him prevent this desease. Even if you not turned on or don't want to have sex. Just lie down and let him do the rest it will do good for the both of you.

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Posted by: Curious | 2003/01/22

In reply to question from "Does Lack of Sex cause Prostate Cancer" - I love my husband dearly. But am not sexually attracted to him. He is a good looking guy, and a very good father and friend. But sexually I am not interested. I could live with him till the day we die and not have sex, but unfortunately he cannot. We stay together for the sake of the children. Our main arguments are over the sex issue, but we don't make it our children's problem and they very rarely see us arguing. So they are living in a "happy family" environment. That is why I was wondering, if there is something that one can take to increase Libido to make me want to have sex with him as he seems to need it (like most men). I don't have a problem with sex in the sense that it is not sore etc. I am just not physically/sexually interested in him.

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Posted by: Salome | 2013/03/31

You are fooling only yourselfs, your lack of sex in your marriage will affect them now and in their future relationships. You do not do your kids any favour by staying together for their sake. Do it for your sake, change your own mind with regards to sex with your husband, Change your heart, change your life is a book written by Dr Gary Smalley, buy it read it and apply it. You will truely do it for your kids sake.

Posted by: Health24 | 2003/01/21

Dear Curious
You may be interested in our comprehensive Prostate Centre condition centre. Go to Conditions in the top navigation bar.
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