Posted by: Hurt | 2013/01/24

Does it ever get better

If only it was possible I would do anything to see him again  to touch him  kiss him or even talk to him on the phone!!!!!!! Unfortunately he left me after promising to meet me in a day or two. All I remember is his voice saying bye my love and I didn''t know it was his last goodbye. All the memories I have for him right now makes my stomach runs and my heart pump as if it will stop at any time. I can''t talk or walk coz I'' loosing energy now because of crying and not eating properly. I wish I can understand why did he leave me like this, one minute we fine and happy the next he was gone forever. The fact that I will never ever see him alive again kills me and within a week I have lost so much weight its like I''m dying. Deep down my heart I''m actually dead without him
When I met him I never thought I will say goodbye so early but I''m forced and I refuse to say RIP my love rather I will say Good nite my love we will meet in the morning. I just wonder if this pain will ever go away.

Does it ver get better? Will I ever stop missing him? Will I ever think about him and smile instead of crying?

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Posted by: T | 2013/01/24

My deepest condolences, Hurt. I hope you find healing soon. *Hugs*

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Posted by: Tete | 2013/01/24

Im deeply sorry dear, life is not fair but God is forever faithful,

May u find solace in the fact that God is close to the broken hearteD and those who are crushed in spirit, psalm 34:18.

Let Him comfort you and know that THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!!!

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Posted by: Chomi | 2013/01/24

I have no idea what you are going through and i will be lying if i tell you i understand and know your pain. However I can gurantee you that it gets better and yes one good day the thought of him will result in you smilling instead of crying. Nothing lasts forever not even pain, the only thing that remain is memories. I am sure he is in a better place and would love to see your smile again. Sorry about your loss and all the best in your healing process. God be with you

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Posted by: Lile | 2013/01/24

Yes it does get better but forget...NO. Some days will be better than others but never go away. I''ve been married for 8 years now, before my husband i hav a boyfriend whom i loved very much, he was practically a part of me and i was a part of him but unfortunately he passe on and now its been 15 years since he died. I still miss himm soooo much like it was yesterday sometimes i cry missing him. The only thing that gets me by is Prayer. The Love of your life will forever live in your heart, mind and soul and will always be a part of you. We as people will tell you all sorts of things according to our personal experiences but believe me, God is the only one who will help you get through this hurt ad pain. He is the source of life, the beginning an the end and the only one who knows what tommorrow holds for you. give it all to Him and He will make it better. God will be your comforter if you let Him. Give yourself time to greef and cry if you have to. Stay with people who love you and understand your pain. attend church services to uplift your spirit, read the word of God and give your hope and strenght to carry on. Avoid being alone and dont be too hard on yourself coz wherever your man is, he would want you to be happy and not miserable so do it for both of you. Good luck and God Bless.

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